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Gabrielle Union and Romeo hit up American Eagle store

Posted by Media Outrage on May 23, 2008

Gabrielle Union and Romeo hit up the American Eagle store in Palihouse LA yesterday. They were unveiling exclusive Hollywood T-Shirts designed by celebs. Gabrielle the black blog hater was looking her normal beautiful self. How many of you ladies would holla at Romeo???

19 Responses to “Gabrielle Union and Romeo hit up American Eagle store”

  1. w2m said

    Yeah Gabby don’t like the black blogsphere, but she will be alright.

    Romeo is the cutie. He to young for me though. I’m glad he cut his hair.

  2. damn a ROMEO how many ladies would holla at GABBY…shit, even if I was a woman I would holla at that!…DAMNNNNNNN

  3. beach chick said

    Wow, I never knew Ms. Union was a black blog hater until now….

  4. Morning W2m!! Gabby’s hair looks nice. yeah she’ll be aight!

    Romeo could NOT get it, LOL, he’s got a little boy face, I’d feel like a pedophile

  5. @ Beach Chick. She was downing blogs in an Essence interview with her, Sanaa Lathan, and Nia Long. she’s clearly not a fan!

  6. beach chick said

    Maybe she shouldn’t have become an actress because it comes with the territory. It amazes me how they want us to support them in their movies and what not but they do not want us to give our opinions….that is not how it goes…she might as well get over it!

  7. it sure does come with the business, if she dont like, she don’t have to read to it, dumb broad, it’s not that serious anyway, laugh at yourself, Tichina Arnold was talking about how she laughs if somebody talks about her outfit on a blog and she’ll be like you know what, I did look a hot mess!! LOL now that’s what i’m talkin about, LAUGH, it’s not that serious

  8. Lai'Lani said

    Goodmorning all! i read that before about what she said about some of the blogs. I think she has a valid point because of the hate that does proliferate on some of these sites lol. MEdiatakeout is the worse! lol thats probably who she was talking about. But she;s off about Perezhilton cause his faggot ass hates too

  9. beach chick said

    The truth is in that business you gotta take the good with the bad. They can’t have it all!

  10. Yasmine T. said

    Girl i agree. Shoot they’re earning millions and living the life that a lot of people would cut they right foot off for and still complaining. If i was a celeb i just wouldnt read the garbage and keep; it moving as long as nothing someone said messed with my money. cuase then it would be lawsuit time.

  11. w2m said

    Hey ya’ll. Happy Memorial Day weekend to ya.

    Gabby needs to get over it, because as many folk that are fans/stans that can find no wrong with these stars there are just that many and more who will. As a celebrity you are under the microscope at all times, so your moves are watched. Let a hair be out of place and you are talked about. The white folk do it all the time. Shoot Joan Rivers made a living out of tearing you a new one if you wore the wrong thing.

  12. w2m said

    Yasmine, girl I need my right foot, but I might have to cut somebody else’s off to live that life, LOL. You are right just don’t read some of that mess.

  13. Yasmine T. said

    LOL yea exactly. Im sure that Beyonce nor Jay z read the tabloids and any of the sites that talk greasy bout them. i mean you got everyone and they momma dissin Beyonce and her mommas clothing line lol they dont want to read that stuff lol

  14. w2m said

    You got that right. Because as much as I like Bey, that clothing line is NOT the business. I’m listening to her sing the Star Spangled Banner now.

  15. Lai'Lani said

    She killed it!!

  16. beach chick said

    Although we think the clothing line sucks there must be a lot of people wearing her line because the heffa made 30 million dollars from 2006-2007 from House of Dereon alone. She made the Forbe’s List of Female Singers and she was 1 of the top 5. She could care less how we feel. She often says that she does not read the blogs. If she did hear how hated she and the whole Knowles gang is she would probably crawl under a rock. Gabrielle does not get it nearly as much as Beyonce so she can chill because as long as she puts herself out there she will be blogged…it’s never going to end.

  17. I can’t even see how she made 30 mil off that unless it’s a bunch of little kids wearing that crap. If you ever go to the website, everything is marked down like 30-50% because nobody is buying that OVER PRICED CRAP at regular price! and like W2m and Yasmine said, you’re in a business where people are going to constantly watch your every move, it’s how you play it, dissing blogs is whack, that means you clearly take yourself too seriously

  18. Monie said

    Wow, Gabby is EVERYWHERE! (Lol) There must be Gabby clones around because I see her on different blogs doing 2 or 3 different things everyday.

  19. beach chick said

    I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend! M.O. staff, enjoy your weekend!

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