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Buckeey from Flavor of Love sex tape

Posted by Media Outrage on May 26, 2008

Buckeey from Flavor of Love allegedly has a sex tape circulating around the internet of her hitting some dude off proper. We forgot to mention that this is neither safe for your workplace or the ones 29 light years away. To check it out click here.

34 Responses to “Buckeey from Flavor of Love sex tape”

  1. cupcake said

    ok so what’s up with this is it before are after flavor of love????? She was doing a good job so go girl!!! Just dont put any more sex tapes out to boost your fame!!! (SHE PUT IT OUT) LOL

  2. Lio said

    ??? Who the fuck is she ???….

  3. Brown Eyez said

    She was on the second season of “Flavor Of Love”

  4. I seen the tape and it looks nothing like her

  5. Kristina said

    Fantastic. I’m traumatized.

  6. beach chick said

    Reality TV can spoil a person because once those 15 mins are up they start to DO ANYTHING to keep themselves out there or for publicity. She makes a calendar each year and does a lot of radio so maybe she just needs to stick to that. So sad because she is such a beautiful girl….this is not a good look for her!

  7. Ralphy J. said

    aren’t her 15 mins up…i’m SO tired of seeing beautiful black women acting like hoodrats…charm school obviously didn’t do anything 4 her…
    and i want 2 kno why she took dat WACK pic 4? PLAYBOY???

    nobody’s checkin 4 her who-iz-she-oh-some-chick-from-flavor-of-love-and-charm-school-who-think-she-da-ish-tryin-2-make-it-big-only-thing-big-r-her-silicone-chests…

    she is kinda famous 4…? WHAT? why doesn’t she do somethin worthwhile 2 catch my attention…i can see pics like the one above anywhere…man, JESUS take this Friggin wheel!!!

  8. not surprised.

  9. Chocolate said

    What a hoe… What do her parents think about her. I can honestly say that she make us black women look like nothing…And to think that i was a fan of this tramp

  10. Lio said

    it’ s funny how ppl will do anything for fame this days..I f i remember , the first celebrity sex tape was from Pamela Anderson, but someone broke in their house and stole the tape, nevertheless she became very popular. Then the same happen to Paris Hilton, she became VERY VERY POPULAR. But then I hear Eve, Ray-J and all those D-lister mofos have sex tapes too !!! I’m sorry black celebrities but it doesn’t work for you guys, cause no gives a fuck. Did Ray-J sold more album because of the tape!!! Nope. And Eve !! Eve!! who wants to see that bulldog naked !! Anywho, it seems today if your career is in the garbage you have three options:

    – get a mug shot
    – Go to rehab (..worked really well for Britney)
    – Release a sex tape.

    mmmmmm Very sad !! can’t wait to see who’s next, Irv gotti and Charlie Baltimore present…………

  11. beach chick said

    The sad thing is her dad is a Pastor!

  12. beach chick said

    UUUHHHH! I don’t wanna see Irv’s fat ass on G rated TV let alone having sex with someone! And Charlie Baltimore…HELL NAW!

  13. Truthfully I feel as though she sucked the shit out of who ever the dude was and personally i dont give a fuck what she do she is just entertaining me when im smacked and yeah she maybe giving black females a bad name but i know that it dosent pertain to me so let her do her if thats how she feels

  14. 1coolazzchic said

    i guess she found the damn flavor of love, or at least the flavor of lust. that’s her ass, it looks just like her but it looks kinda old. i hope all our asses aint r kellying it up and looking at some child porn. lol but on the real, i thought she was the good one, now that other stupid hoe, boots id expect that from her.

  15. Eddie Munster said

    It’s her. Whoever says it’s not is in denial or an obvious embarrassed family member. That’s her face up close and personal showing her tremendous talent.

  16. 1coolazzchic said

    oh yeah her ass was off the hook. literally. she was bouncing just right. shit i guess u gotta have something to fall back on. too bad bishop don juan aint pimping anymore. that might be worth coming outta retirement for.

  17. Eddie Munster said


  18. […] on my wordpress dashboard under how you got to my blog. Ya’ll nasty get a life, I mean damn Buckeey got a sextape out, go watch that. Just leave me alone […]

  19. Jay said

    This tape is worthless, Buckeey is a nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Do you know what kind of struggle she’s having in this pic to keep her mouth closed… Them teeth are fightin hard to poke out..

  21. keepsitrealer said

    I have always thought that she looks like an orangutan with a banging body…maybe it’s just me

  22. whosyomomma said

    where do i go to see it

  23. Celebs said

    I dont know why I am more attracted to famouse people but you really have tons of the hot ones on your site. Post more pictures of the Kardashians!

  24. Lowridaz said


  25. MoneAlicia said

    Uh….the one with her getting raw~dogged??? No ma’am. Girl, you might wanna make an “appointment.”

    P.S…Shay, please get a new wig. That is just draggish!

  26. buddy joe said

    what these girls wont do for money, see for yourself if you want lol

  27. ali said

    a href

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  33. jeramiah said

    me any an Buckeey from love of love

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