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Insanely Sexy

Posted by Media Outrage on June 3, 2008

Ashanti did an interview for Mens Health Magazine. Her photos are insanely sexy. We know that photographer probably had to take a few bathroom breaks. Here fourth album “The Declaration” hit stores today. We grabbed these photos from here.

What does she crave the most? A deep connection. “If you’ve been with someone for a while, you should be able to know what that person is thinking,” says Ashanti. “If she says, ‘Oh, it’s cool,’ don’t think it’s really cool. Give it a little thought. If your gut tells you she might be holding back, then ask her.”

Such initiative would win her over, Ashanti says. “I like a very masculine man’s man,” she adds. “I like to hold hands. If I’m going somewhere, I like a man who leads the way.”

To read the rest of her likes, dislikes, and to see some more sexy pics of her

Ashanti’s 8 Laws of Attraction

1. Bring On the PDA “I’m an affectionate girl. I like a man who’s not afraid to show his love and grab me and give me a big hug and a kiss. I like when you pick me up. You can even mush me until I say, ‘Okay, get away from me.'”

2. Go for Effortless Cool “Don’t put on a show for me. That’s a turnoff. Your confidence and your swagger have to come from within.”

3. Don’t Judge “I have to feel like I can tell you anything. I wouldn’t want to worry about feeling embarrassed. I don’t think I can fall in love with someone I’m not friends with.”

4. Love Your Family “I’m a family girl. You have to have a soft spot for your kids, your mom, your dad. That has to be something that can really penetrate your heart.”

5. Look Good – But Not Better Than Me “I don’t like dirty shoes. If you have Timberlands, they have to be crispy. White sneakers need to be white. I don’t like tight jeans — your jeans shouldn’t be tighter than mine. I definitely don’t want my guy to be more groomed than me.”

6. Pass the Sniff Test “A man’s smell is so important. I like something masculine, not one of those old-fashioned scents. Nothing strong, but when your hoodie is on the bed, I want to be able to smell it. I don’t like nasty, cheap cologne. I like a natural, just-got-out-of-the-shower scent.”

7. Go Easy on Shiny “I like jewelry on guys — just not so much that it’s overbearing. I like a nice watch.”

8. Enjoy Cereal Monogamy “What’s sexy to me is being in pj’s all day, sitting around having fun — like I’m lounging on the couch and I’ve got my feet on you, and you’ve got your feet on me, and we’re flipping through the channels, eating Cap’n Crunch.”


19 Responses to “Insanely Sexy”

  1. yes, MO, U got this one right! Man, I could be a one legged white woman in Alaska w/ 3 kids and I would STILL beat that ass up like it owed me rent money!

  2. Leona said

    LOL you are funny. MediaOutrage i had to leave a comment on this one. This girl is sexy as hell and i dont even go that way strictly dickly but i want her body for real! My man is in love with her well not in love but lust.

  3. JJ Evans said

    Yo i would throw my mom in front of a moving train to fuck her. that girl is serious!

  4. Udamnright said

    All i can say is DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @ JJ!! boy you crazy!! I feel you Leona, I would kill for her body

  6. du66s said

    damn son wtf, she got a my space layout she got my mind spinning

  7. Ms. E said

    I ain’t gay or nothing..but she is gorgeous!

  8. Real Talk said

    yo whoever kickin it wit her if they mess that up they need to be injected with the last stages of the AIDS virus. She is so sexy!

  9. Lio said

    Man..the more picture M.O. post here the sexier she gets….WOW

  10. Hovy's home said

    Straight up her body puts Beyonce’s to shame. She got them THUNDA THIGHS. No disrespect to the ladies but look at that ASS.

  11. Kristinama021 said

    Lucky ass Nelly and yeah that sounded so lesbo but….

  12. beach chick said

    I really like these pics of her….she looks really pretty. The purple number is nice too…

  13. B.Price said

    Once again…it’s been a minute since i’ve been up in here and I see what i’ve been missing out on.

    Ok, first to Hovy Home — Are you serious man? Puts Beyonce’s body to shame? Have you ever seen a pic of Beyonce? Exclude her face for a second, and her amazing smile…Lets just focus on neck down. Beyonce coined the term “booylicious” for a reason, her booty is like that. Her hips, waist, legs, and the breastesis are with out question amazing. (easy Jasmine…I didn’t say anything about her personality love).

    Sure, Shanti looks OKAY in a dulled up photo shoot, but catch her on the street at one of those premiers, at a performance, or one of those unsuspecting random shots and the girl looks how she really is. Not-that-cute.

    Lets break her down real quick

    #1 Booty – It’s an illusion my brother, stop looking at the pic of her in the white shirt and look at the one of her in the purple….see the difference? Her back is arched and the bottom of the shirt is at just the perfect spot on her booty to make it look the way that you are thinking it actually is.

    #2 Her face – I’m not sure where you are from, but here in chocolate city she’d be not even on par with the standard….Literally, she’s a solid 4.5/10 at best. Not even going to go into all of why but the clearly obvious $20 weave, keloid on her arm, & pound and a half of make-up (red lipstick is not hot on her, someone needs to tell her that) really just kill it for her.

    Don’t get me wrong, is Ashanti decent looking….yes, can you should a match to Beyonce?
    No, absolutely not.

  14. Ever since she had the laser hair removal, she’s been fire…

  15. jp said

    i would tear dat pussy up

  16. marathon_man said

    i’d f&ck a bowl of chitlins out dat ass

  17. […] entitled Paradise, which has a happy go lucky vibe to it. One thing we will say is she is looking insanely sexy. We know a whole lot you male readers out there would happily play pelvic tag with Mya. Are you […]

  18. mike H said

    thats my wife and im the only one fuckin her and tering her ass and pussy up

    but its okay for you people to fantasize just dont touch

  19. itsurboi said

    No wonder Nelly fell off the face of the earth and came back like he was working out on the Cast Away Island with Clit the Ashanti ball

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