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The hottest couple in the game

Posted by Media Outrage on June 3, 2008

Denzel and Pauletta were in Harlem yesterday for the 4th Annual Apollo Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, where they were presented with The Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis Arts and Humanitarian Award. Legendary singer Smokey Robinson and his light eyes, were inducted into the Apollo Legends Hall of Fame. The talented India Arie performed for the crowd. Terrence Howard, Janet Jackson, and comedian Wanda Sykes all had words. Denzel’s still the greatest actor doing this period.

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7 Responses to “The hottest couple in the game”

  1. cupcake stl said


  2. Ms. E said

    Paula is poorly dressed..Denzel needs to hire a stylist for her butt!

  3. they are definitely a hot couple.

    India Arie looks nice, also looks like she picked up some weight and it looks good on her

  4. They are the best in the game. He stuck by a real woman instead of fucking all these skank muffins that he could have had!

  5. Udamnright said

    Yea you got two classy people here. Denzel stuck with his wife and she stuck with him even though he probably stuck more women than Wilt. You got to respect black love. Nothings perfect

  6. beach chick said

    Udamnright said it best……

    She has lost a lot of weight and her dress seems a little big on her but I think she is an amazing woman and a great example for Hollywood Wives….love her!

  7. Denzel and Pauletta both look great. Pauletta could stand a stylist but the outfit is kind of cute. How will they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Has the affair ended with Denzel and Sanaa? It looks as if he is with Pauletta to stay; hopefully, Sanaa has found her own man.

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