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She got the Rack game on Lock

Posted by Media Outrage on June 9, 2008

Halle Berry and her gorgeous ultra huge rack was spotted heading to the dentist for a teeth cleaning in Burbank. Nothing wrong with keeping the chompers nice and white for those movies. If her dentist is a man we’re sure he’s probably scheduling a good 12 cleanings a year when the norm is 1 or 2. Halle is doing all of the things to get herself back into shape mentally, physically, and emotionally for her next film “Frankie and Alice” in which she will tap into her inner crazy and portray a woman with multiple personalities. Sounds interesting.

4 Responses to “She got the Rack game on Lock”

  1. beach chick said

    I have to give it to her…she looks great!

  2. her titties are so big she could brest feed Kinder Care for a week!!

  3. cupcake stl said

    Nope i dont agree with you they are just big enough to feed twins for day! but they look good on her

  4. sweetthang06 said

    LOL @ DT, boy you crazy! go head halle

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