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Coupled up

Posted by Media Outrage on June 10, 2008

Eva Pigford and Lance Gross attended the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences- Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception in Burbank yesterday. They definitely make a cute couple. Ladies are you feeling Lance?

To see some pics of Michelle Williams and DJ. Jazzy Jeff at an event

16 Responses to “Coupled up”

  1. w2m said

    They make a cute couple. I can’t say Lance is my type of guy but he’s cute.

  2. Ms. E said

    He is al-rite

  3. cupcake stl said


  4. Monie said

    I thought Eva changed her (last) name and dropped the Pigford? Didn’t she pick another last name for herself?

  5. sweetthang06 said

    something about that Lance character strikes me as odd, I totally agree W2m. Eva looks nice

  6. w2m said

    @Monie, Eva is using her middle name Marcelle her alias. Good to see DJ Jazzy Jeff. I had been wondering where he was. Po Michelle her clothes are literally falling off of her.

    Sweetthang, how you be girl

  7. Want to give a shout out to MO for putting up all the Z list black actors who usually wouldn’t be allowed to sell t-shirts on a real movie or television set.

    This guy is probably one of the worst actors on the Tyler Perry show and this chicks 15 mins are up. (eva)

    Jeff is looking quite well, since his head looks like it belongs on Jerry’s kids! and Michelle is one fart away from collapsing a lung…EAT BITCH EAT!!!

  8. Ms. E said

    @ DT thank you I couldn’t had said it better myself. I have never watched that Tyler show…and for real I didn’t even know who he was!

    Yes Michelle, is on the same diet as Mariah! WTH..why does everyone want to be a size 0!

  9. sweetthang06 said

    hey W2m, I’m hangin in there girl, wedding planning is killing me!!! lol

    DT, you crazy!

  10. w2m said

    @Sweetthang, its a dosey from what I hear, but well worth it. Make sure you have fun and don’t let folk stress you out. Remember its YOUR & HIS day. You know how folk always trying to take ova.

  11. 2020VIZN said

    Damn I just saw that movie a week ago and still didnt know who that dude was was until DT said something. Hell I think both of their time is up. Eva is about to be on the next episode of “where are they now. She won that Tyra Banks competition and she has fallen off faster than that Fat Fabulous and Furious Cry Baby Chick. SAD, SAD SAD……………!

  12. Treese said

    @7 (DT)
    You hit the nail right on the head. Neither one of them can act to me. Lance is a cutie though. HOP sucks! Eva is gonna be on some Soap Opera which proves my point. Soap Stars can’t act their way out of a wet paperbag that’s already torn.

  13. beach chick said

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…@ DT! Boy you got me cracking up!

  14. Monie said

    Thanks W2M…..and on another note…what’s up with Lance’s suit? …I’ve seen those suits at Sears or maybe it was JC Penny. And thanks everyone for filling me in on who Lance is..I’ve never seen the Tyler Perry Show.

  15. beach chick said

    Why has Eva decided to use her middle name as an alias….she ain’t NOBODY anyways. I mean seriously. …yeah Monie, Lance’s suit does look a little on the cheap side LOL! Maybe he went to S&K LOL

  16. 1coolazzchic said

    Shoot i aint even know who that guy was until i read the comments. And lawd lawd lawd someone please call beyonce 911. can michelle get some of the old destinys child costumes or something. Damn she looks like a broke ass southern belle in the freaking 60s. what in the world??

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