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A little bit of Tracee

Posted by Media Outrage on June 12, 2008

Tracee Ellis Ross attended the St-Germain and Satine Trunk Show for designer Alexander Wang a few days ago. Below she’s photo’d with Jeannie Lee owner of Satine and Alexander Wang. Are you feeling Tracee’s outfit?

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Family Man

Posted by Media Outrage on June 12, 2008

Wesley Snipes was spotted taking his kids to the park for some chill time. Nothing like Fatherly bonding and being a steady parent and example. Wes is currently out on bail while a waiting an appeal to the 3 years the judge threw at him. We found these photos at everyone’s favorite place for Black Celebs and their families…if you don’t know then CLICK HERE so you can find the H out. Shout out to BlackCelebKids!

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Hard Headed Joker Murder Plot???

Posted by Media Outrage on June 12, 2008

Wow things just keep getting worse for Wendy Williams and her titanium headed husband Kevin Hunter, who obviously has seen New Jack City one too many times. Read the newest ish on this scandalous ass couple…

Via Nydailynews:

Shock jock Wendy Williams’ husband plotted to kill a Hot 97 rival deejay for bad-mouthing his wife on the air, an explosive federal lawsuit charges.

Kevin Hunter, who is married to Williams, sought out a male WBLS employee for help in finding a hit man to rub out Hot97 personality Tarsha Jones, according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday. Hunter “was apparently angry over some comments that Miss Jones made about his wife on the air,” the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court claims.

The blistering allegations are included in a federal sexual-harassment lawsuit filed by Nicole Spence.

Mediaoutrage– Damn. Where do we begin? First he’s accused of whipping Wendy’s 6’7 ass in the station in front of short Charlamagne. Then accused of harassing Nicole Spence. Then the alleged sex tape with a man who clearly resembles his ultra FAT OUT OF SHAPE ASS, and a chick who looks like her toit smells like the Atlantic Ocean. And now he’s accused of trying to Neno Brown it on Miss Jones? For talking slick about his big Tittied wife? Wow this hard headed joker must have more than a few fucking screws loose, cause this ain’t The Godfather part 1 or 2, and he ain’t Michael Corleone, you can get real time for that type of ish. SMH if these murder plot allegations are true. It seems like Karma has forgiven everyone else and is now playing tag team that ass on Wendy and our man right HERE.

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Who Rocked It Better???

Posted by Media Outrage on June 12, 2008

Keyshia Cole rocked a pretty print design dress last night to the Toyota and Essence “If Looks Could Kill” party. Kim Kardashian hit up a few events back in April wearing the same exact dress. We just want to know who you think rocked it best. To see a few pics of Keyshia performing at the party Read the rest of this entry »

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Stop The Smears B*tches

Posted by Media Outrage on June 12, 2008

President ooops not yet…Sen. Barack Obama has launched a website to avert false internet rumors (you know like the bull ish rumor that Barack was a Muslim that both Hillary and FoxNews were hand in hand helping to spread like hot STD) and strategic campaign smears. How smart is this guy lol (standing ovation).

Via AP:

The site at debunks false rumors doing the rounds of the Internet and right-wing media outlets — including one recent assertion that Obama’s wife Michelle has been caught on tape slurring white people.

“We created an interactive tool to allow our supporters to fight back against these smears in the same way that they received them — on the Internet,” campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor said.

“People can upload their address books and easily send fact-based emails to their friends and family,” he said. Read the rest of this entry »

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The ex’s

Posted by Media Outrage on June 12, 2008

Mashonda, Alexis Phifer, Keyshia Cole, and Rocsi all hit up the “If Looks Could Kill” party hosted by Toyota and Essence. We must say the ladies were looking flawless especially that damn Mashonda and Alexis Phifer. Somewhere Kanye might be thinking he F ed up by cutting things with this banger. Mashonda hinted to the possibility that Swizz Beatz might have been getting it in with Alicia Keys. Either way one mans lost is another ballers gain, because you can bet that they won’t be just kicking it with any ol joe from the block.

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Forbes: World’s Most Powerful Celebrities

Posted by Media Outrage on June 12, 2008

Forbes has released their annual celebrity power ranking. They compile this list by calculating a celebrity’s earnings and fame. So as you can tell by the pics above Oprah, Tiger Woods, Beyonce, and Jay-Z all made Forbes top 10. To check out who else made the top 10 this year Read the rest of this entry »

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Coupled Up

Posted by Media Outrage on June 12, 2008

Thomas Jones and Meagan Good stepped out last night to the LA premiere of “The Love Guru”. They look nice together. Ladies what do you think of Meagan’s fashion choice? Actress Telma Hopkins was also booed up with her man/actor Romany Malco. Ladies does Thomas Jones do it for you?

To see a few more pics Read the rest of this entry »

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Neyo Solange and Plies visit MTV’s “TRL”

Posted by Media Outrage on June 12, 2008

Ne-Yo, Solange, and Plies all hit up MTV’s “TRL” two days ago. Nice look Ne-yo was rocking his normal shades, while Solange hmmm let us get back to you on that one. Then again her dress is cute and the shoes are the business. We feel Solange because she dares to be different. Ladies would you rock her outfit? Would you rock the shoes?

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No Pun Intended

Posted by Media Outrage on June 12, 2008

This should make some of you laugh. CLICK HERE.

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