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Back To Boston

Posted by Media Outrage on June 16, 2008

Sorry Ms. E put that champaign back on ice! It’s not over yet. The Lakers and Celtics will get back on a plane to Boston for game 6. The Lakers escaped with a must win victory in LA last night, in which we saw the games best player in Kobe Bryant kind of disappear offensively. Kobe definitely needs to step up his game if they are to have a chance to push this to a game 7.

19 Responses to “Back To Boston”

  1. Ms. E said

    Oh MO…just stop it! HA..Celtics let them have that one last night…because the truth is they want to win the finale in their hometown! So,Kobe betta get it together on Tuesday night or else he’ll probably start crying on tv..when the Celtics WAX his Whinny A$$!

  2. He might really “wet the bed”…

  3. Ms. E said

    Kobe – “Mommy..I need you to change my sheets, we just lost the finale…oh and bring me my teddy bear”

  4. Marisa said

    Even though i do NOT like KOBE and the LAKERS AT ALL i think it is going to game 7. The celtics should have took care of business last night! My boyfriend had on his boston jersey lol and we were all ready to celebrate being that we from Boston! and he was so so so upset. Now i think it is going to game 7

  5. Nah Tues night Kobe and everyone else can begin their long vacation.

    But they can watch the parade via satellite from their hotel rooms…

  6. yeah, it’s cute how LA is staying alive. that way Boston can get the real love on their home court!

  7. Ms. E said

    Oh hell to the NO…there ain’t gonna be a Game 6 the Lakers win (which I doubt) then I’m gonna run outside screaming at the top of my lungs…”Somebody pee-peed in the bed…Change Celtics Sheets!”

  8. Paul said

    I think its going to game 7 too. I hate the Boston Celts always have! Die hard Sixers fan! SO go Kobe!

  9. 6ers fan here 2.. But I hate Kobe…. Celts made us hurt many times but now the celts got players that I want to win more than Kobe…

    But I remember when paul pierce and Antwan stomped though our building laughin killin those 3’s..

    I was hurt..

  10. Ms. E said

    Beatbanga77 @ Oh stop crying…it’s just a freaking game!

  11. Ms. E said

    Paul @ Kobe….has no sportmanship for the other team! For real, I like the Celtics because they had one of the worst seasons last year with only 24 wins and this year they have risen from the ashes.
    Back to Kobe..He is a good player I will never deny that! But why in the hel!, does he carry on the way he did when the Celtics whipped them in Game 4! You see ish like that turns me off, when a man whines like a little b!tch! I lost the little respect I had for him! Do you see Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Steve Cassell, Rondo, or even Garnett whining like little byotches cause they lost…no they take like a real MEN!

  12. That;’s just what I was sayin las week…

    Kobe = Not Jordan…

  13. Paul said

    Yes Kobe is a cry baby i admit that. I just think it is going 7 games. Oh and Ms. E if that is the case when talking number of championship rings everyone should be routing against the celts being that they have 16 rings as a franchise you know?

  14. BitterSweetBelizean said

    Leave my Kobe alone.. :p

    I hope it goes to 7 games. That would be a sight to see.

  15. Ms. E said

    @ Paul..that’s fine! But Garnett, Allen, Cassell, and Pierce are not wearing those rings that the Celtics received decades ago!!!
    Some of those guys were little boys the last time the Celtics won…so I THINK IT’S THEIR TIME TO SHINE!

  16. Ms. E said

    Oh and just so you know Lamar Odom of the Lakers is a distant cousin of mine (his mama and his uncle are grand nieces and nephews of my paternal grandmother)!

  17. Tonight’s the night all the Kobe Koolaid drinkers can sober up…

    It’s a WRAP!!!!

  18. 4getu said

    Wait so Ms. E you and Odom are distant cousins and you cheering for Boston? I hate both teams lol. Im a Bulls fan till the end! But i am cheering for Kobe and the Lakers because he is the last Michael Jordan we got lol

  19. Kobe= not Mike.. NO Way…

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