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Celebs hit up designer’s launch party

Posted by Media Outrage on June 16, 2008

Raven-Symone, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Amerie, Chris Brown, Keisha Whitaker, and Keith Robinson all attended designer Kira Plastina’s U.S. launch party on Saturday in LA. Look at Raven trying to be different, and we’re feeling it. Ladies do you feel Keith Robinson???

To see more pics from this event

6 Responses to “Celebs hit up designer’s launch party”

  1. Ms. E said

    Somebody please Help…Keisha needs a Big Mac and Large fries Right NOW!!!

  2. w2m said

    I love Keith Robinson. If you go to his MySpace page he has some of his music on there. Remember him from the Power Rangers (Green Lightspeed Ranger) He has a great voice and is cute, on the thin side, but cute.

    Thats a cute look on Raven.

  3. Ms. E said

    He was the green power ranger..Oh I didn’t know! I use to watch that corny show!

  4. w2m said

    Yep he was. Here is his MySpace page The song “Simple Hello” is beautiful.

  5. 1coolazzchic said

    Damn the big mac, and fries. someone place bring keisha to south carolina and ill hook her up wit some smothered chicken mac and cheese rice and gravy collards butter beans and cornbread. i mean its for her own good. i aint feeling that look on raven. i have seen her looking so much bettr than that. but i tell u what…i am feeling chris browns lil young ass. the way he is working it in that video. his lil young ass would be like ri ri ri hanna who???

  6. beach chick said

    lol @ coolazzchic….

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