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Damn baby that sh*t feel good

Posted by Media Outrage on June 17, 2008

Will Smith and Charlize Theron were in Paris yesterday for the premiere of “Hancock”. You know they’re great actors, because, they even make pictures believable. But for real you got to respect Charlize’s acting game, especially that role she played in whatever movies she has played in LOL. The movie Hancock looks like it could really be something to see.

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34 Responses to “Damn baby that sh*t feel good”

  1. Will look real happy home girl is kissen him in this pic.. Damn Jada whats really good?

  2. Jada gonna handle biz and FK em up..

  3. She is S. African, im pretty sure she dreamed of a ZULU smashing that white ass like mashed potatoes!

  4. w2m said

    Not really because if anything was going on, Jada would have to agree. The couple live some sort of quasi-swing lifestyle. If they see someone that they are attracted to they have to let the other one know whats up. Now thats not to say thats whats going on in this pic, but…

    I am looking forward to seeing Hancock. Love me Will Smith.

  5. w2m said

    SMH@DT …a mess, lol.

  6. sweetthang06 said

    not like mashed potatoes!! haha

    @ W2m, morning girl. I didn’t know if that true about them being swingers.

  7. @ w2m for real U serious?

    Not Jada n Will… They don’t seem the type to switch to the hollywood life…

  8. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ DT “She is S. African, im pretty sure she dreamed of a ZULU smashing that white ass like mashed potatoes!” funny ish

  9. Ms. E said

    Who really knows what these married couples do behind closed doors! Look, I know a married couple with three kids, and the husband has smashed the wife’s cousin and he’s been hooking up with her own friend since 2003! He use to flirt with me all the time..I had to put that p@ssy-addicted freak in his place!

    I spoke to the wife and she was like, she knew what was going on (her husband loves cheating on her) but she pretends like nothing is going on! I said, “Oh hell to the NO…if I know my man is smashing everyone ain’t no way he’ll still be breathing!

  10. See, thats wrong. I would have turned my wife out and not left her out of the festivities…

    Shit, 56% of all women surveyed said they have had thoughts of being with another woman anyway. So there is no reason to cheat…BRING IT ON HOME!!!LOL

  11. Damn ms. E lol..

  12. Ms. E said

    @ DT oh hell no…I only like one thing stroking me and that is a D!CK! I could never imagine letting a woman…it’s just not me!!!

  13. Ms. E said

    @ Beatbanga77 – I got plenty more stories…but I am saving it for my book. Which I hope to write some time next year (I already have a few interested publishers)!

  14. LOL!!!

    Nah couldn’t do that..

    The home would be circus.. There would be no peace… Once the beef starts the happy home would become a war zone…

  15. cupcake stl said

    MS E



  16. oo thats wsup ms E.

  17. w2m said

    He did an interview in a magazine about, and then later I saw an interview on TV where he was asked about the article and the rumors that he and Jada are swingers and he said they have an understanding and that a marriage can’t survive with out that. He said that we are all human and that Jada or he may see somebody that they are attracted to. Rather than add the element of deception, the remove it and let each other know when that urge comes about. Now rather or not they have exercised that option, who knows.

    I have friends that are in the swing lifestyle and I just trip off of them. I couldn’t do it. I’m to selfish when it comes my man. I didn’t learn to share in kindergarten.

  18. I just can’t get past this pic @ the top… Will look like li birdie are singin around his Mr. potato head…

    I want to believe Jada really gonna Fk him up when he get home..

    THey not swingers..

    Come on..

  19. Ms. E said

    @ Cupcake STL – yes, they are still together! I went shopping with her a few weeks ago, he bought her a new Mercedes Benz!

    But then my lil’ sis saw them (the husband and the girlfriend) about a week ago in a cafe all over each other!

  20. sweetthang06 said

    wow, that’s some mess. I could never get down like that, and if he ever brought that up to me, it’d be CURTAINS!

  21. sweetthang06 said

    dang Ms. E, that’s a mess, some women just don’t care, as long as they being taken care of and got some money, and as long as he at least coming home at night. That’s a shame.

  22. Ms. E said

    Whatever…cause my friend’s brother caught this same cheating husband at a hotel with another women (on the weekend) and she still didn’t leave his STD infested A$$!

  23. cupcake stl said


  24. kpreid said

    Hey, I was reading your description on this photo and you said Charlize Theron was in the movie “The Others.” That was actually Nicole Kidman. Charlize was in the movie “Monster” where she played the role of a female serial killer.

  25. Media Outrage said

    Kpreid thanks for the correction appreciate it.

  26. Ms. E said

    @ Kpreid – that’s right..I got that movie “The Others” at home with that crazy and wild storyline!

  27. Paul said

    Yes the Others was another “the sixth sense”. Which one was better? I liked sixth sense better.

  28. beach chick said

    lol@DT….mashed potatos

  29. […] girl, listen we out here in London me and Charlize, and we were thinking about going with the same type theme that we went with the day before where we get a little lip action on the neck, how bout it?” […]

  30. […] of their familiar renditions of Hollywood boo luvin for the cameras. What does Jada think of this mess? Then again we know what she thinks. Will was spotted leaving TRL also with his normal above energy […]

  31. […] Interesting. So that completely explains this, and this, and this. Do any of you get down with that swinging […]

  32. […] the premiere of “Hancock” over in Japan. These two definitely seem to share a bit of on camera chemistry that transcends the “hey we’re only acting guys!” […]

  33. Smurfette said

    How tha hell I miss this whole discussion!? Somebody should’ve called me over! I love the swinging lifestyle! One man can’t satisfy me, so two is always better!! If one is tired, I can always jump on the other one!! Lol

    -A Freak

  34. Media Outrage said


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