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Fashion Votes

Posted by Media Outrage on June 17, 2008

Kerry Washington and designer Nanette Lepore hosted “Fashion Votes” yesterday in LA. TIchina Arnold, Niecy Nash, Amerie who we must say looked terrific, actor Rockmond Dunbar, and actress Alfre Woodard all attended the event. Kerry Washington is definitely what you would classify as a dynamite actress. All agree?

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19 Responses to “Fashion Votes”

  1. Ms. E said

    I love them all esp. Kerry Washington’s performance in The Last King of Scotland! Alfre is a veteran actress she plays emotionally disturbed characters the best (crack heads, drunks, etc.) and Tichina is so funny!

  2. Yasmine T. said

    Kerry is the bomb actress! She really turns into the characters that she plays. You have to love her. Alfre Woodard is a good actress also. THey all look nice in those photos. Amerie even looks nice.

  3. Udamnright said

    Goodmorning all….I want to say everyone take a minute to look at this pic of Tichina Kerry and Niecy Nash. Look at how beautiful black people are. like the complexion mixed with the colors of the dresses. We the ish! lol

  4. cupcake stl said




  5. Ms. E said

    LOL @ Cupcake Stl – I was gonna say that “BUT ALFRE COULD HAVE BOOSTED THAT HAIR COLOR BEFORE THE EVENT”…but you said before I did!

  6. w2m said

    Beautiful black folk. I agree with Udamnright.

    M.O. you are so right about Kerry Washington, the lady is a supreme actress.

  7. sweetthang06 said

    Morning everyone. I love Kerry, she is a very talented actress and a little under-rated as well.

    Rockmond is one sexy mf! lol Everyone looks nice

  8. Why is Tachina face so GREASY? look like she took 4 laps in a pool of WESSON! and if I see another clown wear one of those gay ass hats….why do some fruit booty brothas think wearing a detective hat built for your little brother is sexy?

    And why do some suga booty brothas think showing off the nappy chest hairs is sexy too?. Shirt look like he robbed a gangbanger doo rag before he attended a FASHION show! FUCKING REDICULOUS

  9. This is talent here.. These are real women that actualy bring more than a thong and a wet cooch to the table….

    I bet these chicks get it in heavy too once the job is done…


  10. Monie said

    What Kerry is thinking as the pic is being taken….”Who are these two women and why am I, an accomplished thesbian, taking a picture with them?”

  11. Ms. E said

    @ DT…LMAO…I noticed Tichina’s face too, but I ain’t wanna go on the Ladies!!!

  12. Ms. E said

    Hey M O bring on some more Neyo pictures, with missing buttons and ish!!

  13. HAHAHAHAH loloLOLOOLOL @ my girl ms E.

  14. w2m said

    LMBO@DT, I was with Ms. E. I didn’t want say nuffin’ about Tichina’s greazy face.

  15. BitterSweetBelizean said

    Pam oops I mean Tichina has a bad weave job on top of a greasy a$$ face. SMH

    I think its about time Ms. Nash retired that flower.

  16. BitterSweetBelizean said

    Kerry looks beautiful as always. Superb actress.

  17. beach chick said

    I love the colors on them all…

  18. joneblaze said

    Niecy Nash is a MILF those DSL’s WOW

  19. 2020VIZN said

    For all of you that are fans of Kerry Washigton and her skills. I want yall to know that I am a fan of hers also. No doubt she is a great actress. And if you have not seen a movie by Spike Lee called “She hate me” You will be even more impressed when you see that movie. If you dont watch that movie you are depriving your self of seeing her best performance. You should know its good just because its a spike Lee joint. But throw kerry into the equasion, That alone maks it a must have film. If you already saw the movie, you know Im not stretching the truth. And th Plot Is off the chain, pure genius. Good Evening.

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