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Archive for June 22nd, 2008

R. Kelly witness speaks

Posted by Media Outrage on June 22, 2008

The prosecution’s star witness in the R. Kelly child pornography trial, Lisa Van Allen, who testified against him spoke candidly with Essence about her relationship with Kellz. It’s a long but very juicy read. What are your feelings about the verdict?

Lisa Van Allen: I’m not surprised. The evidence against him was there, but the case seemed to be going in the defense’s favor. I never thought he would actually go to jail, just based on what I’ve seen happen with celebrities when they get in trouble. I thought he’d get a slap on the wrist, like, “Don’t do it again.” But I at least wanted him to be held responsible for what he had done. How did you meet R. Kelly?

Van Allen: I met him in Alpharetta, Georgia, at the “Home Alone” video shoot, probably in ’98. I was 17, and he was 31. I was fresh out of high school. My friend’s girlfriend was going to the video shoot, and he didn’t want her to go by herself. I just tagged along with her and ended up being an extra in it. So how did you go from being an extra to meeting him personally? Read the rest of this entry »

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Ne-Yo A Millie Freestyle

Posted by Media Outrage on June 22, 2008

Ne-Yo has decided to become the 2millionth artist to remix Weezy’s “A Millie” song. In this edition Ne-Yo aka PCGL (Pork Chop Grease Lips) displays his rapping skills. We must say it’s pretty hot. He was definitely creative and catchy and speaking truth.

To listen Click Here.

To hear Jada Kiss’s A Millie freestyle Click Here.

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Thelma from Good Times

Posted by Media Outrage on June 22, 2008

Bern Nadette better known to the masses of TV fans, as Thelma that played on Good Times, recently sat down for a candid interview with Essence and traveled back into time as she recollected her experiences on the iconic show. Afterwards were you able to bring a lot of yourself to the character?

B.S.: Well, they didn’t know how to develop Thelma at first so they used to just have me in the bathroom all the time. For six months I would come and say, “Hi Mom. Hi Dad.” and then go to the bathroom. So one day I said to Esther Rolle [my on-screen mother Florida Evans], whom I was very close to and called “Mom,” and said, “I would like more to say. I feel like I can act and they’re only giving me these one or two lines.” She said, “You are a pretty good actress, you could do more. Let me handle it.” That Friday we went to rehearsal and of course I had one or two lines and then I’m in the bathroom. At the end of the whole reading she asked them, “Is my daughter retarded?” And I’m like, Please say no (laughs). So they looked at her and told her no. Then she said, “Well you gave my sons JJ and Michael pages and pages of dialogue, but for my daughter you don’t give my daughter anything. I would like her to have something to say.” After that, Thelma was on the run. I thank Esther for that. Read the rest of this entry »

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