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Got the beauty game on lock

Posted by Media Outrage on June 24, 2008

Sanaa Lathan, Taraji Henson, the beautiful Nia Long, Kelis and her new BFF Dania Ramirez, David Banner who looked rather dapper and cleaned up, Tyrese, Nas, Slim Thug, and Tia Mowry who was looking rather fine, Evan Ross who gave a quick glimpse of his cornball steez all hit up Jermaine Dupri’s event last night as he presented TAG Records. Fellas and some of you ladies who has more of the beauty game on lock? Sanaa Lathan or Nia Long???

To see more pics from this event

12 Responses to “Got the beauty game on lock”

  1. w2m said

    Tia looks gorgeous & happy. Jurnee has grown all the way up. I’m shocked that David Banner looks decent and not like his breath and azz stank. Why can’t Evan look like a man. Taraji looks cute. Kelis cleaned up nicely.

    I got to say that Sanaa got this one. I don’t know Nia just looking like she the average around the way girl in these pics. I don’t know if it is Sanaa, height but she looks like she was born on the red carpet.

  2. BitterSweetBelizean said

    AWWW WAY 2 GO!!!Everyone looks beautful, YAYY.

    Wait except for Slim Thug of course..the braids, the hat, the shirt, the chain..need I go on.

    Sanaa is a beautiful woman but her looks are never VA VA VOOM!! Its always just a VOOM. O well.

    Tyrese..i had a crush on him until i seen him in person in a velvet suit and noticed his hips were bigger than mine.

  3. Ms. E said

    Everyone looks pretty good except:

    Slim – why does he always look like he is ready to beat somebody up for stealing his chain or something?

    Evan – looks like he is using some of Neyo’s Pork Chop Balm on his chaps! He looks like he is in the 8th grade or something!

    And who is that fool in the tight shirt with the brown sunglasses on?!!

  4. sweetthang06 said

    You said it all W2m!!!! I love Sanaa, is it me or does Nia look super duper tanned, oh well.

  5. Udamnright said

    ALl of the ladies look wonderful. Ive never been a kelis fan.

    Sanaa is a pretty woman not the prettiest woman in Hollywood MO but definitely hot.

    Taraji could definitely get the footlong.

    NIa and Sanaa? Im going with Sanaa! Nia was in her prime in the movie Boyz In The Hood…i took it back

  6. du66's said

    sanaa lathan for sure what b*tch is cherokee or apache or something like that nia long is from new york no comparison to me.

  7. Lai'Lani said

    Everyone looks nice.

    Nia does look like an around the way chick.

    Tia Mowry looks Fab! The best looking one in these photos

  8. cupcake stl said


  9. w2m said

    Lai’Lani, you are right. Tia looks the best out of all the pics. She looks born on the red carpet here too.

  10. Monie said

    Did Sannaa borrow Tisha Campbell’s lipstick? Lol Tia is beautiful.

  11. Tony T said

    She is what’s happening!!!!!!

  12. beach chick said

    Nia and Sanaa are two of my fave actresses! They look stunning!

    Everyone here looks fab!

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