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BET Awards Arrivals

Posted by Media Outrage on June 25, 2008

The BET Awards popped off last night. Everyone and they great grandmom was in the place for the festivities. In our opinion everyone who strolled the red carpet was up to par fashion wise maybe with the exception of a very few. We’ll let you dish out the names of those who deserved to be written fashion tickets for violating the fashion laws and doing they own ish. We must say that MC Lyte did the bomb job as the MC of the night.

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23 Responses to “BET Awards Arrivals”

  1. Did any of you see fer performance? Keys grew a lil figure.. She hides it which is real fly to me that she handles herself with class…

  2. In my 31 years of existence I have not seen a more wack awards show……

    First off, why are these clown rappers wearing these outfits to an awards show. Soulja Boy looks like a hippie fag wearing his 6’4 boyfriends shorts…..

    And why o why did that queer DREAM win best new artist for that song “falsetto”? that song sounds like him and his boyfriend was fucking in the booth…that song is probably the wackest form of audio garbage ever made…..

    Im writing my congressman to have BET fined for allowing my people to go onstage with that bullshit…..and tell LL COOL GAY he’s 40 and stop acting like he’s fucking the shit!

  3. Avalon said

    keyshia cole looks like big bird

  4. cupcake stl said

    Have Lilkim figured out which cat she wants to be??

    Trina knees look plastic.

    Necy could have done it better than that for the style guide.

    Jennifer finally got it right.

    Buckeey please can I Borrow a army boot to kick this bitch in the ass.

  5. Ms. E said

    Hey someone tell Trina to put on some underwear with her shirt!

    Porkie (Neyo) – rented a date!!!

    Soulja Boy – needs to return to his special ed class at Parkdale High, cause he forgot to take his medication again!

    Keisha – why is she dressed like a dam bumble bee?

    Lil Kim PLEASE burn the blonde lace front wig today…repeat after me YOU ARE NOT BEYONCE KNOWLES OR DONTELLA VERSACE!

  6. BitterSweetBelizean said

    LMAO @ Avalon…thats the same thing I thought. Someone got their inspiration from Sesame Street.

    A keys is flawless

    Derek Luke- please leave your wife @ home next time, Thanks. Jk πŸ˜›

    Jennifer Hud- Looked like a stuffed sausage

    Gaby- looks flawless as always

    Lil Kim- Im suprised that bytch didnt melt in the sun…plastic ass..literally.

    HAHA @ Neyo renting a date. Thats not right..but its not wrong either. πŸ˜›

    Big boi and his wife- make such a beautiful couple.

    I am now convinced that LL and Will Smith are gay or bisexual. Whomp Whomp Whomp

  7. Kristina said

    Ms. E is cracking me up this morning. I thought Lil Kim looked like Bey and Katie Lee Gifford though Donatella works better. That show was wack as hell okay! I felt like I wanted a refund to something I watched for free.

  8. du66's said

    angel lola luv must be selling watermelons, but question oh kay keyshia came to the red carpet and stole rihanna hair style but perform with head full of hair. another unsolved mystery

  9. beach chick said


    LMAO ROTFL @ everybody!

    I have nothing else to say…yall said it all!

  10. Udamnright said

    Yo Trina thighs is niiiice and thick! I would f*ck rice and gravy out that ass. Everybody kind of looked nice. Eric Benet’s chick is serious!

  11. sweetthang06 said

    ugh, can I please just peel off Lil Kim’s lace front off and make her eat it!!! HORRIBLE!! and please somebody tell me how she can have the flattest stomach in the world with a double chin, PLASTIC SURGERY WHORE! ok, i’m done

    Tocarra look mad skinnty but it looks nice on her. Let me find out Lisa Raye and Terrance H hooked up last night, especially when her man, oh excuse me, HUSBAND is R. Kellying (lol) young girls.

    I like Keyshia Cole but not that Chiquita Banana dress she rocking, not cute.

    I have NO WORDS for Soulja Boy, but one comment, is sagging still popular?? I mean come one, DT?? Udamnright??? do yall still sag all the way down to your knees!!

  12. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ Sweetthang LOL @ “tell me how she can have the flattest stomach in the world with a double chin, PLASTIC SURGERY WHORE!”

  13. To swwetthang hell no I would not sag my pants to my ankles. I am from up top, but im not sagging that far. but, onthe other hand, Soulja BOy is quite possibly the wackest african-american ever built so that’s probably why he did it.

  14. Ms. E said

    But for real, who in the hell named his a$$ Soulja Boy?

    There ain’t a ounce of soul in his uneducated-illiterate-busted-up-A$$!

  15. He’s is quite possibly the wackest black person on the planet…or at least this hemisphere!!

  16. sweetthang06 said

    LOL!! yeah, he is

  17. CoverGirl said

    Why does Jennifer Hudson keep stuffing herself in dresses that are too small! She needs to be in the “my stylist needs a stylist” section. She looks like a pig in a blanket! She needs to find dresses more flattering for her figure. Its nothing wrong with being a big girl, but she needs to represent!

  18. CoverGirl said

    I’m surprised Buckeey showed her face since her porn hit the web. Is this just a bad picture or did she have some facial work done?

  19. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ “She looks like a pig in a blanket!”

  20. BOSS said

    Lets be reminded that rihanna stole Kelis hair style and keyshia cole is wearing short wig

  21. 2020VIZN said

    Look at the picture with Derrick Lue and his wife. When he sees this picture he is going to go Antwan Fisher on Nelly. Nelly is looking at his wife’s a$$…….and he likes it

    Trina should needs a business suit. the carpet burns on her legs are so bad that her bones have perminant damage now. Some one tell her to get off the floor when she is ridin D!*K.

    Keisha Cole and solja boy need they a$$ whooped, do they have any real friends? Someone should have told them that they lloke like bigger Bamas than “Bruh man from thr fif flo”

    And Eric Benet proved all yall wrong. See cats that wear tight nutt crushers can still get fly pidgeons to land on ther roof. Yall need to get on the nutt crusher band wagon. Andre 3000 has been on it since 1998, and he been knockin down dimes for a minute now. Dont be scared to be different. Im going to buy me some right now and wear them to the Mint Condition Concert. It should a bunch of dimes there, the perfect place to test out the Nutt Crusher theory. Im about to come up yall!!!!!!!!

  22. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ 2020VIZN

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