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F**k Kobe

Posted by Media Outrage on June 25, 2008

Wow it seems as though no one outside of Los Angeles likes Kobe Bryant these days. In the midst of the controversy that sparked from this video of shaq dissing Kobe in a freestyle that Shaq claims was just a joke, Nas co-signed for Shaq by saying “Shaq is my man, f*ck Kobe, Shaq is my man, biggup to Shaq.” Damn we guess Kobe coming into the league mad arrogant and being a Michael Jordan clone while patterning everything in his life after the greatest backfired on him as it pertains to his image and being liked. Oh well.

6 Responses to “F**k Kobe”

  1. cupcake stl said


  2. Nas lost points for getting into this gay beef anyway. Cupcake STL is right

  3. Ms. E said not Nas too!!

  4. beach chick said

    Nas can’t be for real…

  5. du66's said

    I have no words for them hating on kobe, they act like kobe never drop a rap verse in a video next time kobe should go into some gangsta shit

  6. 2020VIZN said

    Two days ago when the “How does my a$$s taste” tape hit MO, I named NAS as one of the main Rappers that would be waiting to chime in on this whole thing, and here we are. I also predicted that others would follow. I will stand by for further developments on “the taste od Shaq’s a$$. Good Evening.

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