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Were you feeling their performance?

Posted by Media Outrage on June 25, 2008

Lil Kim and Keyshia did their thing last night but the real question is Where you feeling their performance? Was Keyshia’s vocals, which in the past have been a little suspect, on point?

30 Responses to “Were you feeling their performance?”

  1. cupcake stl said


  2. Al Green ripped it……Miss cole was ok but Kim’s time is over…..we seriously need to boycott BET

  3. Tony T said

    well i don’t have cable… but they do look good tho!

  4. tonybegood said

    Kim time is over!!!!!

  5. Ms. E said

    I ain’t watch this sh!t! From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like I ain’t miss jack!

    How ol’ is Kim anyway..ain’t she like 35 or something?

  6. du66's said

    the picture of them hugging is awesome

  7. BitterSweetBelizean said

    OMG! OMG!

    I agree with sm ones past comment that Keisha Cole sounds like a screeching cat. What the hell was all the screaming for?

    Lil Kim- HAM w her fake butt and hip she said in her song ln “Ol girl you need to stop it”

    Al Green tore it not even an old head but i sung every word of that song. Maxwell and Anthony Hamilton tore it up.

    Usher- is going thru dick withdrawals idk whats been up w his dancing skills lately.

  8. Avalon said

    keyshia cole: “damn girl you do look like michael jackson”

  9. beach chick said

    No, I wasn’t feeling that performance at all. Kim looks like she had a stroke and never fully recovered in the face.

  10. Kristina said

    Al, Alicia, Marvin Sapp and Neyo stood out performance wise and that was it.

    Usher lipped that shit, sweated buckets from one little dance, then jumped in Tameka’s purse and called it a night. He had to make it back home before curfew was up. If I was him, I would’ve looked at Neyo and Chris Brown with tears in my eyes.

    Keyshia was just bad. Period. And lil Kim’s right titty was itching to come out. As much as I wouldn’t have wanted to see that, it would’ve made that perfomance memorable aside from Keyshia yelling ‘daaaamn that’s hot.’ And for the dudes that were up dancing and singing along were patronizing her ass. They knew it sounded bad too.

    Rihanna should’ve stayed home. Trick even got booed and that had to suck. Chris Brown’s fangirls didn’t want to hear none of that shit and neither did I.

    And speaking of Chris Brown, did it kill her a little on the inside that Ciara shut that shit down with him? I bet she can’t bend her back like that.

    Nelly: At least he came out with no shirt on, now that was sexy. I don’t even remember what he did, I didn’t really care either.

    Could’ve cared less about that mess Young Jeezy came out with and Lil Wayne was just HORRIBLE. How are you going to be the main act and just sound like crap?

  11. Ms. E said

    @ Kristina – Lil’ Weed Head oh I mean Lil’ Weezy can “sound like crap” because he just dropped 1 million albums!

    But then again, he always sounds like a illiterate-retardit-special-ed-ninth grader-high school dropout when he raps!

  12. w2m said

    I had to go and watch some of the performances on My friend told me Ne-Yo showed out and I have to agree. I loved his whole performance. Now i was not feeling Ush lipsyncing. T-Pain “ringleader” was really good. I have to give him props and I don’t eve like rap. I’m listening to Alicia Keys introduce the girl groups of the 90s. Loved me some SWV, Envogue and TLC. I also liked the Chris Brown performance. Ciara danced the hell out of that. She almost raped young Chris.

  13. The performance of last night on a scale of 1-10 I would give it a -12. Al Green showed his ass though and I love the REV. for droppin soul on the place. SWV sounded like cats shitting on a trash can in an alley but W2M was right Ciara was grinding up hard on Chris ….5 Minutes of that she would have been pregnant.

  14. w2m said

    LOL@DT. You are right about SWV’s sound. I was gonna stay positive and not rag on them, but lawd. I forgot to add that Rev. Al Green was so off the hook. He took it all the way back.

    LMBO@”…5 Minutes of that she would have been pregnant.”

    I’m watching T-Pain now and when I’m so Hood came on it seems like those folk went crazy.

  15. I cant get over that DREAM singing falsetto shit…WHO LIKES THAT SONG??!?!?!?!?!?

  16. w2m said

    Wait I got to add this. Ne-Yo’s performance was to cool. The choreography had elements of great musical movies. I saw a little bit of West Side Story, Grease, School Daze & look like a little bit of Crush Groove and of course his signature Michael jackson. I’m probably missing some, but I was impressed. Then to add the some JabaWockeez in there.

  17. Ok, thats one person. Yes, he actually looked better than Usher. but the BET awards 08 performances were ass wack! We need to write congress to take that channel off the Air

  18. w2m said

    LOL, I have to agree, DT. Maybe somebody can revamp that station, but I doubt it now. Bob Johnson sold any rights black folk might of had to it when he sold his soul to the devil.

  19. True dat w2m….

    Now instead of Jodeci and Boyz 2 Men we have slow jams like falsetto and good lyrics from Soulja Boy and stupid ass Little Wayne sounding more backwoods country than Mint Julip on big momma’s porch!!!

  20. Kristina said

    Now that just made it worse Ms. E, a mili sold and sounding like shit. My grandma could’ve got up there and did a better job with the one p.diddy song she know.

  21. claudette4heisman said

    Thats the only performance I missed!!Damn Tomato sauce!!!! But I don’t think I would of liked it, I can’t stand her voice. However….Lil Kim is my chick!!! Even though she’s lookin like a lil Asian lady nowadays….
    Is it just me or did Keisha Cole’s mama and sister look like a bunch of crackheads?

  22. They are crack heads and alcoholics…(recovering) I think they realized the show was going to be wack and went out and got zooted….

  23. Ms. E said

    @ claudette4heisman – No it’s not you they always look like they been smoking some crack and other drugs!

  24. beach chick said

    What was up with Neffie and Frankie cohosting…they can’t read! They were struggling. Poor thing….Keyshia Cole screamed through the whole show.

    Frankie was tore the hell up as usual!

  25. Frankie looks like an extra herion addict on “The Wire”. Why would you bring your mom out like that and we all know she is back on the sauce again!

  26. beach chick said

    I know she on that ish again. With all that money Keyshia rolling in I know she got special delivery at her front doorstep. She ain’t gotta go nowhere….they bringing that ish to her a$$!

  27. w2m said

    ahahahahahah@Beach Chick “What was up with Neffie and Frankie cohosting…they can’t read!” Hilarious!!

  28. cupcake stl said

    They can read i will give them that much. but Neffie was about to lose her breast. like why couldnt they dress her better.

    I dont like that how the put her out there like that. and Frankie is the shit all day. because them bit*hes real.

  29. CoCo said

    I think all of the performance could have been better if the mics were properly operated. Something was really wrong.

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