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Singing her sexy little heart out

Posted by Media Outrage on July 9, 2008

The very sexy and equally talented Alicia Keys performed at the O2 Arena in London yesterday in her normal tight pants tour attire. You just have to love how she works a microphone. We can only imagine what the photographers were thinking….”Yo Craig I can’t wait to get this roll of film home and examine this because i just shot my entire load and not the one in this Samsung Camera either.” For you who have seen Ms. Keys performance in person, where do you rank it?

To see more pics of the sexy Ms. Keys

14 Responses to “Singing her sexy little heart out”

  1. Ms. E said

    I missed it!

  2. Ms. E said

    But I know one thing, Alicia give your kitty kat some air from the your 12 year ol’ cousin’s jeans…cause yeast infections are not fun to have while you are on tour!

  3. Media Outrage said


  4. 1coolazzchic said

    lol@ms e. i have never seen her performing in person but everytime ive seen her perform on tv i wasnt disappointed.

  5. cupcake stl said

    @MS.E: I also agree know it is hard for people to understand that they gain some pounds. But she got to let the CAT BREATH!!!!


  6. And I got the oxygen tank right over here for her…….

    But she is bad as hell performance and looks…..


  7. Ms. E said

    Oh time she comes to DC I’ll check her out!

  8. beach chick said

    I saw Alicia Keys for the first time in April when she kicked off her US Tour in Virginia…on a scale of 1-10 I would have to give Ms. A Keys a 25…she put it down….brough it back up…..ripped it…..stomped on it….just tore the house down and yes she can dance her a$$ off too. It was the bomb performance!

    I will definitely pay to see her live again….

  9. Cutiewitbigbooty said

    Camel toe

  10. beach chick said

    lol @ “Camel toe”


  12. Udamnright said

    Yo DT you me and any priest and crooked pastor you can find

  13. beach chick said

    Lawd…DT and Udamnright…seek professional help immediately! LOL

  14. JOJO said

    I have seen her perform and she is AMAZING!! She never disappoints..

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