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Mashonda confronts the Alicia Keys rumors

Posted by Media Outrage on July 10, 2008

Mashonda who is Swizz Beatz ex wife spoke to VIBE about a few things.


Are you still on Swizz’s label?

Let me clear that up, Full Surface is our label.  And, yes I am still on the label, I don’t know if it’s going to change, but that’s what it is right now.

When I say Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz how do you feel?

No comment.


No comment says a lot, right? Yeah, no comment says a whole lot.

So you and Swizz were married, had a son, when did you find out it was a wrap?

For legal issues I can’t discuss, but eventually I will.  I just want people to understand that in January 2008 at my birthday party, in my eyes my husband and I seemed perfectly happy.  Hip-Hop Weekly did an exclusive, and things were fine. Whatever happened after that, I wasn’t aware. I didn’t know about anything, it was a rude awakening. I feel like I gave too much already, but just know I am in no way shape or form using what is going on to push my music. The media is creating a scandal, and I’m creating music, it’s not apart of each other.

Understood. What are you doing for your career so you’re not labeled just Swizz Beatz ex-wife?

There is no ex-wife situation yet, we’re not even legally separated yet. We are still in the beginning stages.

So it’s a break?

Maybe it’s a break, I don’t know. I don’t know if shit will ever be the same, and I don’t honestly see how it could.  Maybe this is God saying we need to do us for a minute, and I’m not pushing for anything but peace at this point. I’m not wanting him to crawl back and I’m not on his heals. All I want is peace and to be on decent terms for our son.

Was there a change in Swizz as he got deeper in the industry?

Oh girl, yes! But with Swizz it took time. There was definitely a slight change.


Let’s use the word-different, not really the same person I knew 10 years ago.

What hurt the relationship?

Swizz went from producer to rapper and that’s where the shift started. I was pregnant at the time. I didn’t even know about his song “It’s Me Bitches” until after I got out the hospital. I’m like, ‘Word, your doing a video and the baby is three weeks old?’ I was happy for him, it was just bad timing. I know he had to promote, but I had just had our son, and had to ask ‘Am I doing this alone?’

What song would describe you and your situation right now?

Definitely, Joss Stone’s “Bruised but Not Broken.” I stopped asking God for strength, but for patience. When you ask God for strength you are asking for a challenge, I don’t want to be challenged, I pray for patience. I put everything in God’s hands and give it back to him. This is not my fight.

So now, is it love or are you still in love?

No. It’s love.

How quick does “in love” go away in ten years? Do you resent anyone?

(Silence) That’s deep. No. I love him. He’s been a part of my life for ten years… I still don’t believe that this is really him.  He’s going through whatever he’s going through and that is fine.  But, it’s still a lot of love.  He’s the father of my child, you know… and he’s a human being; we’re both human beings.  And I don’t put fault on him entirely.  I’m sure we both had some parts to do with it.  In the beginning there was resentment, but not now. We are all under God, and so there’s no reason to resent anyone, there’s nothing that I can do or say to change this, we’ll all be well taken care of.

Mediaoutrage– Interesting…..

13 Responses to “Mashonda confronts the Alicia Keys rumors”

  1. w2m said

    Umph, well now. We will see how this plays out. Truth be known this woman is still hurt. She is putting it in God’s hands, but she is still human with human emotions. The fact that Swizz did whatever he did hurts her. And then she don’t want to comment when asked about Alicia Keys. Something in the milk ain’t fresh.

  2. TRUE, she should have known what she was getting into when she married him. A rich man is not going to stay faithful in the music industry. You have a better chance of a black man being head of the KKK. I know she is hurt but these hip-hop wives need some common sense schooling. Most of those guys were ugly nobodies and you throw money and fame up in there and now you have a serious problem. Just pray you don’t catch anything boo!


  3. cupcake stl said

    Umph that is what i said too!! Well i am sure that God will handle it.

    They get money and go crazy!!! (men)

  4. beach chick said

    W2m, I agree….I still believe that this a way to promote her new album by claiming that she is in the middle of getting divorced as well as finding out that her husband is cheating with one of the greatest R&B singers of our time Ms. Alicia Keys…..she put it out there and now when asked about it she has no comment….child please….sit your ass down! These up and coming artists kill me with trying to promote their albums with controversy and scandal instead of talent. SMDH!

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  6. 1coolazzchic said

    what career?? seriously what is she other than swizz beatz wife? or soon to be baby momma?

  7. Ms. E said

    All I have to say is if you are trully talented in music industry then you don’t need to use scandals, estranged husbands, or rumors of affairs as your jump off to double platinum status. For example, look at Weezy there’s no scandal surrounding his aSS, he just uses his unique, but irritating voice (which sounds like he is high from doing crack) and some hip hop beats!

  8. 1coolazzchic said

    no seriously what does she do?

  9. She is a singer….but she hasnt dropped jack shit yet….

  10. Ms. E said

    Then she needs to just sit the funk down!

  11. keke said

    this entire situation seems a little fishy to me ….. first she want to put it all out there how swizz is cheatin wit alicia keys and now u have no comment…. maybe because she is gettin divorced and you will just be seen as aan ex-wife you need publicity….this whole thing is jst a PUBLICITY STUNT

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  13. Gilberti said

    Great Post, Thank you for the info, it was much needed.

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