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Things get heated on the View

Posted by Media Outrage on July 18, 2008

Things became extremely heated in yesterday’s episode of The View in which the panel of ladies discussed the use of the N word. Sherri Sheppard told Elisabeth Hassleback not to tell her that she can’t use the word. Sherri also told Barbara she didn’t want to hear that word ever come out of her mouth. Elisabeth tried to argue that the word shouldn’t be used by anyone but Whoopi shut her down and made her cry. We must say we don’t like Elisabeth at all. Something about her screams racist in our opinion and she’s a whiner we just wish someone would have said to her “b*tch stop that useless crying before we smack your hair follicles dark gray!” We really do dislike that broad.

Whoopi and Sherri told her correctly that the use of the word has a different meaning to Blacks than it does to any other race and people know why. People kill us when they act as if they grew up under a rock. Come on you know the deal and you also know that things aren’t equal in this country or the world for that matter so take that we are the world sh*t else where. Elisabeth there’s just certain words that you don’t use unless you’re ready to get your entire top row (teeth) removed street style. What do you guys think?

30 Responses to “Things get heated on the View”

  1. Ms. E said

    This dumb a$$ show is still on? WTH do they talk about besides news and politics?! I’d rather watch Sponge Bob with my god kids then this ish anyday of the week!

  2. yeah, Although Sherri has titties bigger than civil war canons I cant get down with the conservative/liberal thinking these chickenheads are speaking.

  3. Yasmine T. said

    Thank you MO, i feel the same way about Elisabeth Hassleback. I think she is a f*cking racist. I have never liked her since they picked up her little skinny tail on that show. Yep she doesn’t uderstand that we kind of do live in two different worlds so forget all them crocodile tears. They should have smacked that ho. Ilike how Sherri got gangsta lol.

  4. Ms. E said

    I’ve never watched the show, it has never appealed to me! A bunch of women sitting around talking about ish! Cancel this show or get some non-racist folks on there that will not cry and act all sensitive on tv!

  5. Udamnright said

    Damn we must all get the same vibe i never watch the show but the few times i have seen it the chick Elisabeth annoys me something awful.

    But Whoopi and Sherri represented and told that skinny blond broad right. If you aint black then dont use it point blank. I dont care if you white and was adopted by a family who’s father’s name was Hakeem, mother’s name Krenisha, sister’s name Hennesy, brother’s name kwasire, and they nicknamed you my’nigga just don’t ever repeat ya nickname lol u dont got that pass st8t up

  6. Media Outrage said

    LOL LOL @ “If you aint black then dont use it point blank. I dont care if you white and was adopted by a family who’s father’s name was Hakeem, mother’s name Krenisha, sister’s name Hennesy, brother’s name kwasire, and they nicknamed you my’nigga just don’t ever repeat ya nickname lol u dont got that pass st8t up”


  7. As much as I hate this show.. Thank God for Woopie and the other chick for bringing balance to this off balnced world of television..

    Their points are needed @ times to confront the STUPID.

    The point that the skinny lil chick tries to make goes absolutley no where once Woopi G. speaks.. But as stupid as lil stupid sounds; her point is held by the majority of white America(that we live i 1 America)..

    That’s a beautifaul perception but a FALSE REALITY….

    As much as I hate this lil show I’m glad they took the gloves off and had this conversation..

  8. beach chick said

    Elisabeth comes across as one of those women who really wasn’t exposed to alot of things because her perception of the world when it comes to race and gender is way out there. She can’t possibly believe that this world is balanced, maybe she does because she is out of touch with reality! Poor thing, but Whoopi broke it down for her a$$, MO I hink she did grow up under a rock.

  9. Mrs. TCJ said

    I watch The View daily at least the hot topic part anyway. I don’t think Elizabeth is Racist though I truly believe she was sheltered as heck. Some would say that is would have been a blessing to be in an environment where you never heard nor saw racist things.

    Even within your own race, as Elizabeth said her experience was. I think she is naive in her thoughts but again I think it is due to her sheltered experience. I love that Whoopi and Sherry stood up for the cause. And when Whoopi put her foot down and said that we live in two different worlds I said “yes”. Some people would have not gone there, but this convo was getting real. And I think it was needed for more than Elizabeth. Because a lot of people just don’t understand. They think we are just complaining.

    As a black woman I am sick of being placed in stereotypes. I am a mother of 4, all my children have the same father. Hold up, I am sorry not only is he their father but he is my husband of 11 years and my oldest child is 9. I am tired of people thinking I am things that I am not because of my race. I live in a gated community but all people saw when my family moved in was a “black” family was moving in. We just can’t be the new neighbors. No one but a teenager welcomed us to the community and it’s been 6 months. When my kids are at the playground I see mother distraught that they child is playing with mine. And these times try my patience cuz that’s when they sista they thought I was is ready to come out full force.

    These are things the Mrs. Elizabeth will never have to deal with. And until other people walk in our shoes it will never be understood. I did send an e-mail to the view a while back during the Rev. Wright situation and stated that I thought maybe they should dress Elizabeth as a black female for a day so she could get a bit of a clearer picture but I never heard back from them.

  10. Media Outrage said

    Amen Mrs. TCJ

  11. I think Don “DC” Curry said it best – “Membership has it advantages”. I work with a lot of Elizabeth’s but I’m not buying it. Nobody can be raised in the U.S. and be that naive! I’ll never know what its like to be a white woman so it’s not for me to say “you should” as a white woman because I’m not member! And when it comes to dealing with everyday issues as a woman of color, I’m sorry but you don’t get a vote because you’re not a member!!! No, I’m not gonna waste my life pondering mistreatment, but don’t tell me to ignore it because it makes you uncomfortable.

    Great Idea – The View should put Elizabeth in character. (more than once)

  12. ucanb2 said

    Exactly you can’t understand what you haven’t been through.Maybe Elizabeth
    has been sheltered, but don’t speak on what you don’t know about.
    As for me personally, I choose not to use the “n” word at all my main purpose is that noone can ever say that I used the word and they felt comfortable enough to use it in my prescence. Then I am going off!!!

  13. cupcake stl said

    I liked every body’s view on the word.

    I am a person that doesnt use it and i think no way else should.

    No matter who are what u r!!!

  14. Lio said

    ..and that why I love and respect Whoopi…She just Shut down that republican biatch in 2 phrases..She didn’t even try…and that other black girl is ignorant.

  15. mikecookie said

    TO WHOOPie
    I am a white man and I am not racists
    And if whoppie Goldberg wants a segregated language; as she spoke about yesterday .. that only black people are allowed to use certain words.. then we all should be able to go back to segregation – seperate but equal – seprate but equal… this is what she really wants … To me she wants segregation and if she says its ok to segargate a language or words, the why stop there??? lets bring back segration.. we all should be able to do it
    I may never vote for a black person now because of her …
    I am not a racist – I am a white man … but if thats the way she wants it then so be it – I am following the lead of whoppie Goldberg and the Rev of god… Master Jackson and master Sharpton
    You want polarized society well now you got it – I will start from this day on
    Thanx for bringing me to lite

  16. Reg said

    “Whoopi and Sherri told her correctly that the use of the word has a different meaning to Blacks than it does to any other race and people know why.”

    People that use the word are IGNORANT regardless of their race. it has no magical “different” meaning depending upon your race. that’s a cop out to say it’s ok to use it.

  17. 1coolazzchic said

    wow this topic is so heated i dont know where to begin. i use nigga sometimes, well hell a lot. but if i were to hear one of my white friends say it id probably pop em in the mouth. my dad who is in his 60’s can’t stand to hear it. if he says it i know he is talkin bout someone who is stereotypically “niggerish”, (no good, trifling, criminal type), but we grew up in different times. he grew up being called a boy by the white man, and in an era where ur momma worked hard in the white man’s homes and u were left to raise ur siblings. i grew up in an era where my generation embraced it and to hear me say that’s my nigga, was a compliment and that meant me and u were down like four flats.

    i havent liked elizabeth since she first came on the show. that bitch did survivor, what else has she done? i think she is ridiculously naive. she is a republican who only sees black and white and believes that everyone should think like her. often times i find her arguements off based and lack factual backing. but i dont think she is racist per se, i just think she thinks that everyone has their place. what our place is as black people, i dont know.

    as to the white man that posted, milkcookie, you will never get it. you will never understand. saying that you may never vote for a black person now means what?? did u ever intend to? again like i said, you will never get it. you will never know what its like to be a black woman in the south. in my town, the police and klan are legendary. my lil cousins arent allowed to drive here at night because of the racist ass cops and townspeople. u can never know what i have been through or continue to go through. i could give you examples and try to explain, but then again, you will never get it. cause u have never even walked a yard in my shoes. and if you want to come back and say ive never walked in yours, i would say bring it on, i need a vacation.

  18. ginger said

    Yes that Mikecookie needs to shut the hell up!! Always saying that”they” are not racist when in fact,they are.

  19. Lio said

    Everybody has a racist bone in their body…I don’t care who you are or where you live, you have that fucking bone. Count how many time you say these phrases today:

    “ga damn cracka”

    “fucking Spick”

    ” Fucking Terrorist”

    ” stinky Paki”



    it’s part of us , that’s what we are , it’s ugly, but we have to live with it.

  20. mikecookie said

    yes you are right .
    this is one of my points
    in the balck community the white man will never, ever, ever, understand anything about your life..
    reagrdell of what we say or do or anything you will always say “you do ot understand”
    as i said, to follow the lead of whoppie, Rev Jackson and others.. lets go back to two worlds.
    the black man has his and the white man has his
    we both live with our own kind and leave each other alone.
    seperate but euqal..
    then all will be happy and to blame noone other that there own kind???

  21. 1coolazzchic said

    umm hmm we had all that. it was called africa, and america. two diff worlds.

  22. beach chick said

    Preach…. 1 coolazzchic! You ain’t neva lied!

  23. mikecookie,

    I feel your pain. I understand the white confusion of segregation. I see it in your eyes when Im on top of you sister drilling her vagina
    like I’m looking for oil in Texas. Or your confusion when you commit a felony and go to prison, only to realize that JAMAAL and RAQUAN are in that shower ready to break ground on your asshole like its a Holiday INN…..

    Believe me mikecookie, I understand you want the segregation. Your tired of that and I know, If I were you I would be too….

    You want those separate worlds…

    But instead of crying like a homo at an Elton John concert, TRY to understand and reach out to another person from another race and research their pain and struggle instead of saying stupid comment like your posting. Thank you…..

  24. beach chick said

    lol @ DT….”I feel your pain. I understand the white confusion of segregation. I see it in your eyes when Im on top of you sister drilling her vagina
    like I’m looking for oil in Texas. Or your confusion when you commit a felony and go to prison, only to realize that JAMAAL and RAQUAN are in that shower ready to break ground on your asshole like its a Holiday INN…..”

  25. Lio said

    I think it’s fair to say that everybody tried to prove their point on this very touchy subject today. The debate will continue for decades, SO let close this thread and move on !!! All agree ???

  26. 1coolazzchic said


  27. 2020VIZN said

    Milkcookie you found your chance to come to a place where mostly people of color share personal opinions and say what you have been wanting to say for soooo long. You want segregation back and you will never vote for a black person, that’s fine to feel that way. But the most offensive part of your statement is not what you said but the fact that you act like this was brought on all of a sudden by the recent comments about the use of the N word. Come on give us more credit than that. You have said how you feel just go ahead and admit that you are a racist and an extremist. You mean to tell me that no matter how incompetent a person is to do a job you choose race over good judgment, principle and policy? See you are the person that would rather the world end than be led by a bi-racial
    Person, you are a terrorist in your own right, to me that’s down right evil and close minded. You have proven that are incapable of making a good sound decision without race being a factor but how many racist are? You are probably more afraid right now than you have ever been in your life. There a millions of people like you out there that are terrified right now. You all sit around and make up stories and lies hoping that they put doubts in other people’s minds. See, your real fear is not that Obama could be Muslim, an elitist, terrorist, flip flopper or a politician with little experience in foreign policy. Your real fear is the fact that you know that he will not go down as the worst president in history. You fear is that that he will be one of best that has ever done it. You see a pattern. The pattern is this, everything that is or once was exclusive to the Milkcookies in the world is being done better by the “N” words of the world once the barriers of race are taken away and we are allowed to participate. And this is the last straw. Presidency is you alls last hope and strong hold. And Last but not least. You all are fearing something that is highly improbable but non the less the mere thought of it makes you want to find the tallest building you can find go to the top and jump down kill yourself and as many “N” words that you can take out in the process. You fear and loath the thought of a swing in the way that things are done. What if “N” words became the chosen people in this country? What if YOU were profiled? What if the O.J. case became an everyday occurrence with no chance of civil litigations to follow? What if you were refused service because of you color? What if your neighborhoods were a dumping ground for drugs and disease? What if there were news stations developed just to paint a negative view of your race to the rest of the world? What if you had to do 10 times the work and be 10 tomes more knowledgably than the other dude in the office just to be recognized as an equal? What if you lived among a whole race of people who were hating and conspiring against you for something that you have no control over, the color of your skin? Milkcookie, as hard as it is to live in the skin that I live in, I would commit suicide if I had to go through life as a descendant of your people, knowing what they did, Living with your warped sense of self and having to lie, steal, cheat and kill to hold onto everything you stole in the first place. One day you will wake up and realize that you are no better than us and that is the day that you will go looking for that tall building. You want two different worlds just keep in mind that the world sees you all as the glutton of the earth. The world knows the real story, or do you think that the whole world is dumb and will never figure you out. Yeah you probably do.

    And as far as that chick that claims to not know that state of the union. She is in the T.V. business. I guess thats a problem free industry. No one is that blind. I guess she didnt know what the discussion they had about the “Obama’s baby Mamma” comnment on that show had racial overtones. I guess she Didnt know that all of this talk of Sen. Obama being black had anything to do with a race problem in America. She is putting on a act but not a very good one. She sees more than you and me, trust me.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go home and put some water in Buc Nasty’s mamma’s dish, Good Evening

  28. Dottie said

    To Lio:
    Not only have I NOT used those words today, I have NEVER used them! It’s from generalizations and assumptions such as these that prejudice springs. So sad.

  29. Denise said

    When I was young roaming the streets of Watts, when a brother said, “Hey Nigga”
    There was not a negative connotation to his tone…His tone was one of “Righteous” Affinity
    Like..”Can I get With You.”

    In the hot era of Gentrification and this young movement – I am offended that my word “Nigga” could be so easily dismissed…Here is what the word means to me – I’ve been saying Nigga since 1963.


    Nigga is a word dear to me
    I been saying’ Nigga since 1963

    Ain’t running from my past…I was that Nigga to you
    While you were whistling Nigga…I was whistling Nigga too!

    Back in the day, it was “Nigga what’s up”
    Pumping fist in the air, saying, “Missing you much”

    Ain’t throwing away Nigga not from my past
    My word of understanding gonna make my Nigga last.

    I went to college you went to war
    Still my Nigga… couldn’t love my baby more

    It was 1968 we was black and we were proud
    Jerking wild saying Nigga, Brown was saying it out loud

    Don’t kill my Nigga ’til’ you know what Nigga means
    In the bed with that Nigga since I was just fifteen

    That Nigga you have been…since back in the day
    Loving you forever – still rolling to your way

    “Baby, five kids later we are both fifty three
    Will be Rollin with my Nigga until they bury me.” Word!

  30. Michiko said

    Halo! Hot picture alert! If Paris Hilton is your fave, then I have a website for you to see. Who wants it?

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