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Another D-List Affair

Posted by Media Outrage on July 21, 2008

Deelishis, Trina, Buckeey yes all of the big butt chicks were in effect at yet another D-List event down in Miami. Actress Gabrielle Union who must be plugged into some super mainframe computer that generates everything from D-List event invites to Hollywood movie premieres was there all smiles enjoying the D-List atmosphere. She really seems determined to have her status demoted and be inducted into the D-List club. Trick daddy who still looks like someone took a heavy bag of nickels and quarters to his grill piece was in the spot looking more than a hot mess (another word definitely needed to appropriately describe this mess). Just check out the pics.

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18 Responses to “Another D-List Affair”

  1. beach chick said

    First of all I am mad at Gabby for being apart of this train wreck…

    Deelishis needs to tone up for real….she looks nasty..I mean we all got cellulite and stretch marks but she puts her ish on blast….she still trying to ride that a$$ wave but needs to give it up. She needs a stylist bad…..
    I’m glad she covered up her stomach this time cause her tummy was looking like a google map! Lines eeerrrewhere.

    Shay is another one that needs to sit her a$$ down somewhere! If she makes one more calendar I’m gonna scream!

    Everybody else is TOTALLY irrelevant!

  2. Lee Gill said

    Ms. Union needs to quit making a fool out of herself by showing up at every event where a camera might be. As an actress her credibility is up for grabs! Ms. Union keep your good, standing in front of the camera,ass at home!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Who is the big green mile mother fucka with peppa?…and wht event was this again?

  4. Lee Gill said

    To that super slut Deelishis! Sweetheart your fifteen minutes of fame were over a year ago. It’s only so much you can do with a big ass other than cover a toilet stool! You already established yourself as a Slut and community butt addict! Take up some training like CNA ! At least it would get you off the corner and away from the public!

  5. beach chick said

    Pepa gettin too old for this ish too…she need to be at home with her children!

  6. Udamnright said

    Yea Deelishis’s 15minutes might be up but i still enjoy catching glimpses of that hot air balloon she calls an ass. LOve Dee but looks like her teeth is big as hell lol.

  7. Yasmine T. said

    Deelishis looks like a ho. Buckeey’s make-up is a mess. This is just depressing. Gabby what are you doing to yourself hanging out with these 9th class losers?

  8. BitterSweetBelizean said

    Im mad @ Gabby for even showing up to this event..she is in another league. She needs to sit her ass on a side street somewhere and think about how fast she is taking her career down by associating with these D listers.

    Fabo—i luv me some Fabo. With his skinny self. Whoever his stylist a heck of a stylist..they always have him looking not and not to the point where its extreme.

    What event was this?? Auditions for Mrs. Beetlejuice..bc everyone is killing me with the makeup.

    Deelishis is jacked im sorry..she might have a nice shape but her head needs a paperbag for realz.

    Shah needs 2 sit her ass down 2. The fake hair, eye lashes, extreme make up, fake nails…got dayummm. LAdies we have to pick one and stick to it..if u wanna add extension to ur hait..leave it @ that. Operative word “extensions” not a lace front. that ish is tacky..only bey can rock that.

    Trina is thrown.

    Toccaro..honey..the make up looks ugly.

    Finally someone made PEPA looks small..bc the beiotch is always on swoll.

  9. What wack ass event was this again? Because these ho’s arent even worth talking about…

  10. beach chick said

    Deelishis is not physically prepared to compete in the music industry yet… she gotta go and take some time and get herself 2gether first. She cannot stand up against Ashanti, Beyonce, A Keys, or any of ’em…she gotta a ways to go! The only thing she may be good for is for is maybe doing some video appearances but until she tones it down and tighten it up…she will never be taken seriously.

  11. Lio said

    I’m starting to think that all of them put money in pool and organized their own little “soirée”. This is two event in the row with the same mofos. Fabulous look lost !!! Pathetic and sad. I feel like giving them money !!

  12. du66's said

    that’s not pepa fool, that’s toccarra. I tell you won thing you add kim kardashian and that sums up the biggest booties in hollywood we could hog tie them and put them freezer for storage then we’ll have a life time supply of hamhocks in storages

  13. 2020VIZN said

    I think the “D” in D list affair, stands for Deelishes. This trick is Busted, stuck and tore back. Im a brother so it pretty much goes without being said that I like junk in the trunk. But this hooker is a turn off. Good MFin Evening.

  14. Ms. E said

    I have no comment to leave because everyone (except Gabby) looks jacked up!

    How ol’ is Peppa (40 something), Trickie and Fabbie shouldn’t their tales be at home reading stories to their kids! Why are they even showing their faces at this Junior High School Reunion!

    Deelisham and Buckmess looks like they modeling for Hoes R Us!

    Trina’s makeup and hair looks like she just got done f*cking in the back of a Ford 250!

  15. cupcake stl said

    hot nasty greasy dirty smelly.

  16. Monica said

    First…the pic with Bryant and Pepa is Pepa, not Toccara.

    Second, everyone looks about like you expect them to look.

    Except for Toccara. Sh eis losing too much weight anf is looking “crack-headish”. Her head wayyyyy too big for he body, now and her top area is way too mch for her body and her back. She may need to think about the surgery, NOW!

  17. […] These D-List Affairs are becoming more and more prevalent. Elise Neal attended Mr. Rikk’s birthday celebration in Hollywood on Sunday. Vida Guerra, Dollicia Bryan, and a whole bunch of video jump-offs and reality tv chicks hit up the skank-fest. Fellas which one would you take? Dollicia Bryan or Vida Guerra? […]

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