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The Worm

Posted by Media Outrage on July 21, 2008

Ex NBA player and bad boy Dennis Rodman who lives for attention attended the Ed Hardy Swimwear fashion show down in Miami at the Raleigh Hotel on Saturday looking his regular disgusting self. Besides the many tattoos, piercings, and natural unattractiveness, ladies is there anything like maybe Jupiter lining up with Mars and crashing into the moon that would persuade you to get it in so to speak, with Mr. Rodman?

13 Responses to “The Worm”

  1. Why are we celebrating his sugar bootyness?….

  2. 1coolazzchic said

    im light, and bright, and damn near white, but not white. he wouldnt even look at me twice.

  3. 2020VIZN said

    You got that right. He said growing up sistas always picked on him and clowned him. He said the only chicks that gave him the time of day before he was payed was white chicks. According to him, a sista never looked at him twice before he got into the NBA. So he just stays away from them now. He said that yall are Gold Diggers. He said Kanye wanted him on the song but he was busy that weekend, he had a freaky deaky F@^k fest going on, him and 8 white chicks. Kanye had to settle for Jamie Foxx. But he promised Kanye that he would not only jump on the Re-mix but he would produce it as well. Now Kanye and the worm are beefin. The song blew up and kanye feels that more exposure might take away from the songs historic appeal. But the worm is hot because he need that check to pay some bills, but it looks like Kanye will win this one.

  4. Ms. E said

    The worm needs to take his ugly, trifling, trannie, bisexual, nasty ol’ washed up NBA and fake A$$ back into the dirt where worms live!

  5. beach chick said

    Not even if he was the last man on earth and my life depended on it!

  6. Ms. E said

    I’d rather f&ck a miget!

  7. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ “I’d rather f&ck a miget!”

  8. Udamnright said

    Every woman on here know that if he pulled out like a brief case (like in the movies) full of big faces they would open they thighs quicker than liquor store in a black neighborhood.

  9. beach chick said

    Not all of us are hos and gold diggers Udamnright……..just some of us! lol

  10. Udamnright said

    LOL well just let me know which ones so when MO finally kicks off this Big MO party or get together i’ll already have names written down.

  11. Ms. E said

    I ain’t no gold digger…I ‘ve finished my Master’s and I am working on my Ph D!

    I make my own bread!

  12. ucanb2 said

    Dennis Rodman is “BUTT UGLY”!! Hell to the NO!!!

  13. subutai said

    The Rodman is nothing more than a different kind of “Uncle Tom” he is evidently self hating and like those kind of freaks go some length to mutilate themselves regardless of ethnicity.
    Too much cocaine and chicks licking his asshole obviously.
    Jeez guy, if you are excited by “white” girls and like to fuck them then so be it,but don’t bitch and moan about the “sisters” not wanting to have anything to do with him. Now that we have seen the type of person he chooses to be can we blame the “sisters” for having a feeling about being difficult with this clown!. There is no doubt that his betters are laughing about his wedding dress expo. After all it wasn’t so difficult to get this “example” of negro manhood to act like a true and tried fag.

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