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Out and About

Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2008

Mariah and Nick were spotted out in NY last night painting the town red so to speak. Earlier in the day Mimi had stopped through 106 & Park and the day before hit up MTV’s “TRL”. Are the the publicity stunt All Stars starting to grow on you at all?

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Wax that ass

Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2008

A beautiful wax likeness of media mogul Tyra Banks was unveiled at Madame Tussauds in New York this afternoon. We must say that the likeness is very strong. She even was able to capture the 3inch pushed back hairline sheesh. What do you think? Is that Tyra or what?

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Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2008

With Destiny’s Child reunion rumors floating around we thought it only right to throw you an old video clip of when they performed their hit single “Cater To U” live in Atlanta and gave 3 lucky cats lap dances ok forget the fact that all 3 of them were praying hard “Dear God please let Beyonce choose me and let the others choose these other two negroes! Please God i know i havent been to church in like 5 years and been selling more crack than an overworked plumber but please Jesus! Please Jesus! if you let her choose me for this lap dance I will stop selling crack to my aunts and stop having 3somes and get a job and learn how to read and then get saved i promise.” What we really like about this group besides Beyonce lol is that their harmony is really dope as the heroin syringe in ya veins. Do you want to see DC reunite for another mega album? If they did would you cop it? Are they one of your favorite singing groups of all time? How do they stand up against other groups? To check the video Read the rest of this entry »

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A little bit of J-Hud

Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2008

Singing sensation Jennifer Hudson was spotted in NY yesterday afternoon getting her work on after performing on Regis & Kelly in the morning. She then hit up BET in Midtown. We’re definitely feeling J-hud’s outfit selection. Her album is scheduled to finally drop on September 30th. Will you be copping it? Where do you rank her vocally amongst the female singers of today?

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Jazmine Sullivan

Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2008

A new female singing sensation has hit the music scene and is ready to leave an indelible mark on all who give an ear to her soulful melodic voice. Jazmine Sullivan hails from Philly and is not only a talented singer but songwriter also. She has penned some very intriguing ballads for her album that is set to release on J Records and is not yet titled. The song that most of you will know her for is “Need U Bad which is the infectious reggae-tinged single written by Jazmine and produced by musical maven Missy Elliot. Oh by the way folks Jazmine’s only 21 so she has years to break ground and stomp down the charts with her unique soul sound. Upon hearing the song on the radio you might have at first mistaken Jazmine’s nice vocals for that of Lauryn Hill (we know we did LOL) but that’s only a compliment to Ms. Sullivan’s vocal talent. To peep the video for “Need U Bad” Read the rest of this entry »

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Continues To Break Records

Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2008

The Dark Knight is definitely exceeding expectations by breaking all mutha f**kin records up in this beyotch. In a mere 5 days The Dark Knight has earned a whopping $203.8 million which demolishes the old record for the fastest movie to reach $200million set by Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, which took eight days to achieve that mark.

The Dark Knight also broke records for box office money earned on a non holiday Monday by bringing in $24.5million and a non holiday Tuesday with 20.9million. Batman Begins earned a total of $205.3million in it’s entire time in theaters.

Very interesting. How many of you love the film?

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Bill Cosby responds to blacklisting allegations

Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2008

Bill Cosby has responded to these allegations made by actor Terrence Howard.

Via Eurweb:

Responding to an article first published by WENN and reprinted here at EURweb; Bill Cosby called our own Lee Bailey to set the record straight regarding allegations that he once tried to blackball/blacklist actor Terrence Howard.

“I don’t like something being out there that I know for sure isn’t true,” said Cosby, explaining his reason for contacting us yesterday afternoon.

As previously reported, Howard was quoted as saying he confronted Cosby to ask why his small guest role on “The Cosby Show” ended up on the editing room floor. Howard explained: “I told him, ‘I’m a man just like you.’ He didn’t like it, and the casting agent [Hughes Moss Casting] never took my calls again.” Howard said he didn’t get another Hollywood gig for the next four years. Read the rest of this entry »

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Judge Mathis covers JET

Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2008

Judge Mathis covers the latest issue of JET and had some interesting things to say about T.I.’s weapons troubles.

“T.I. did not need all those machine guns and silencers to defend himself, Mathis stated. Too many of our young Black men are succumbing to a subculture of self-destruction involving drugs and violence. Be tough in the real world. Empower yourself with real weapons of success, meaning an education.”

Mediaoutrage– Can’t argue with Judge Mathis on that one. Well spoken.

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You run for the border B*tch!

Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2008

The man who put D in Drama is at it again but this time with the people in corporate America. 50 Cent is suing Taco Bell for using his name in advertising without his permission and asking him to call himself 99cents.

Via AP:

50 Cent has sued Taco Bell, claiming the fast-food restaurant chain is using his name without permission in advertising that asks him to call himself 99 Cent.

The rapper says in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday that the Mexican-themed chain features him in a print ad asking him to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent. His real name is Curtis Jackson.

The rapper’s court papers say the ad is part of Taco Bell’s “Why Pay More?” campaign, which promotes items for under a dollar, including Cinnamon Twists for 79 cents, Crunchy Tacos for 89 cents and Bean Burritos for 99 cents. The papers say the Irvine, Calif.-based company sent a bogus letter requesting the name change to the news media but not to the rapper.

The rapper’s lawyer, Peter D. Raymond, said his client didn’t learn about the letter or that he was featured in the ad campaign until he saw a news report about it. Raymond said his client is seeking $4 million in damages.

Taco Bell Corp. spokesman Rob Poetsch issued a statement saying: “We made a good faith, charitable offer to 50 Cent to change his name to either 79, 89 or 99 Cent for one day by rapping his order at a Taco Bell, and we would have been very pleased to make the $10,000 donation to the charity of his choice.”

Mediaoutrage– Well we definitely can’t hate on 50 for making Taco Bell run for the border because if true that’s definitely some sneaky underhanded ish. Don’t use my name and image to try and sell a few more soft tacos to kids in love with hip-hop.

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Our Readers

Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2008

This is another one of our fabulous and very fly readers and all of you know her by Ms. E in the comments! Yes Ms. E has been holding M.O. down for a while now with her clever, colorful comments. We must say Ms E is a starch supporter of MO because she’s usually the FIRST person to leave comments and start breaking down the material we post every MORNING! Shout out to Ms. E who holds a few degrees so yes fellas and Ladies she’s a smart chick, and she’s representing Washington D.C.! Stand Up D.C.! This is a lovely pic of Ms E that she sent to us from when she was vacationing in Jamaica a little while back. We will have more of Ms. E in the next few days. We must make room for the other readers that have emailed in their pics also to let them get their MO shine on. We see you Jlaw4452. But Ms. E thanks for the Love the MO staff appreciates ya!

We here at are continuing the segment of Our Readers in which YOU the many readers and family of M.O. submit your pics any pics that you feel represent you. The pics do not have to be half naked pics please do not think that at all. Show yourself as you want now of course we will not post any nudity anyway so that is a waste of you pushing send on your email. This is for our readers to feel more apart thats all. You letting us know who You are. So once again send in pics or don’t its up to you this is not a solicitation but an invitation. Just a way to make things friendlier on the site while we all trip out and have  fun while getting that daily does of celebrity news.

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