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Foxy speaks about Jay-Z

Posted by Media Outrage on July 25, 2008

Foxy covers the September issue of XXL Magazine in which she bares her soul regarding her relationship with Jay-Z. Here are a few excerpts…..

Via NecoleBitchie:

“A lot of things have happened over the years between Jay and I,” she says of the man who signed her to a multimillion-dollar deal at Def Jam in 2005, nine years after their classic duet “Ain’t No N*gga” gave him his first radio hit.

“But there’s an unbreakable bond that will never die. 50 wanted me to be part of his team so bad. He was like, ‘Look, I’ll do it with Jay, half and half.’ And, of course, Jay said no. At one point, 50 asked, ‘Why do you have so much loyalty to this N*gga?’ Jay and I have history. There are things that he could have done better, as far as his loyalty to me, and I’m sure I’ve made mistakes that he felt he could’ve prevented.” Foxy chokes up. “When I lost my hearing, Jay gave me the respect to go heal myself. He stuck with me along the way. But there are times when I just really needed him, and it wasn’t even about Foxy Brown and Jay-Z. It was just like, ‘I need you to help me save my life,’ and he just wasn’t there.”

The tears are streaming down her cheeks. “I would never denounce him in public. That’s just how I feel. But I’ve been incarcerated for eight months, and Jay’s been everywhere, and he hasn’t mentioned one thing about, ‘Tell her I love her. Tell her to be strong.’ That broke my heart more than anything. When they sent me to jail, I just knew he would be there-everyone came. But he never showed up… My mother always says,jay also said this,in the tru life freestyle ‘Inga, when a person shows you who they are, believe them. Been showing me all through the years and you just don’t wanna believe it.’”

Mediaoutrage– It seems that everyone has tried to paint Jay out as a pretty shiesty character. Do you think Hov stepped on a lot of loyal people to get where he is? Or do you think these people just have their own issues and are trying to blame their lack of success on Jiggaman?

10 Responses to “Foxy speaks about Jay-Z”

  1. Ms. E said

    I personally think..Jay Camel was stuck in the dessert introducing Beyogurt to his family!

    No..seriously, Inga has some serious issues. That is so sad that Jay was not there for her in her hour of need…but this bamma was busy with how many businesses (a B-Ball team, 40/40 Club, Roc-a-Cam Wear, Def Jam, and let’s not forget busy hiding his relationship with B)! It would have taken only 1 or 2 hours out of his day just to visit her while she was in lockdown or send some flowers and a card!

  2. Funny Ms E,

    But Jay is a busy man and since he’s not stabbing the guts and has a
    new broad he cant go see this chick like that. Plus, even if he stepped on a lot of people to get where he is he makes good music and really thats all that matters. We tend to care about these people too much we need to concentrate on what they are producing not this corny shit.

  3. cupcake stl said

    I what Hell Ever i’m not fallen for this bull shit. He dont owe her shit she about to drop an album and need some support to get sales. He gave her a million dollar deal now what she want him to do.

    i dont like people that want you to feel sorry for them NOPE!!! She should have been rapping instead of smacking people with cell phones UGLY ASS!!!


    sounds like a lover scorned…she prob feel that she was there bf beyonce and yet he chose beyonce over her….she in love…been there done that wrote a book about it….THE DEVIL IS A LIE/THE WAY HE USED HER….ADVISE ALL U CAN DO IS LEARN…BUT I SEE RIGHT THROUGH THE WORDS…SHE WANTED TO BE WIFEY…PROB EVEN THOUGHT SHE WAS GONE BE WIFEY….

  5. Kesha said

    I guess it really depends on the dynamics of the relationship. I mean I thought they had fell out long before she went to prision. If that is the case then why would he come? If we aren’t cool, & you go to prision yes I may think of you from time to time but that’s the best I can do. I have family that I love that is locked down & it is hard for me to find things to say to them so imagine if it was someone I don’t kick it with on a regular.

  6. beach chick said

    First of all, Camelface is a married man now and Beynaste’ is his best friend. He would be dead wrong to be giving his ex a shout out….talking bout he didn’t come see her in jail…..Beyonce would have killed him! She hasn’t let go of their past but he has and she has to acceopt that. Jay Z is madly in love with Beyonce…Foxy and Beyonce are like opposites! Poor thing! Once a man marries….it’s a wrap! I understand they have a lot of history but…it’s just that…history! Although we dog Camelface and wishes him back to the Sahara desert….he got a good thing going and he ain’t messing that up! Foxy was fun…Beyonce is the business!

  7. Random said

    he could’ve taken 5 min out of his ‘hectic’ schedule to at least send her a card…a simple phone call would’ve worked too..but doesn’t really concern me.

  8. 1coolazzchic said

    y should he have taken 5 minutes out her day. she did that shit. it wasnt like she was sick and in the hospital. she was in jail for doing something wrong. she is tryin to make herself out to be the victim. come on he put her on the map. it was business. when he signed on as president, the first thing he did was give her ugly ass a deal. aint his fault she russell crowe’ing bitches.

  9. du66's said

    she need pimple control

  10. Random said

    @1coolazzchic…I don’t really know their ‘history’ nor do I care to know it for that matter..I’m just saying if they were indeed close at one point..the least he could’ve done was call her and show some kind of ‘support’ as a friend…regardless of the situation!

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