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Bookman from Goodtimes defends Jesse Jackson

Posted by Media Outrage on July 30, 2008

Rev. Al Sharpton has injected his opinion and perception into the debacle that Jackson caused because of his harsh hater statements against Obama, in which he said he wanted to cut Barack’s nuts off. LOL that still gives us a rib cracking laugh. Well here’s what Sharpton had to say about the situation….

Via Yahoo:

“We have all made mistakes. We have all erred, and we ought not try to sugar coat when we err,” Sharpton told a gathering of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in this New Orleans suburb.

“But we should not throw away everything when we err, and to say that Rev. Jackson made a mistake is correct, but to act like Rev. Jesse Jackson is not pivotal to our movement, our history … is wrong.”

“Jesse Jackson,” he added, “is somebody.”

In a fiery speech that was part political rally and part big tent revival, Sharpton applauded Obama’s success and promised to do what he could to get him elected.

But he also said there is room for more than one leader in the ongoing fight for civil rights.

He called the Illinois senator a product of the civil rights movement — not the end to it.

“The bias in the media is they try to act like we can’t have multiple strategists,” Sharpton said. “We have never had a one-man movement.”

Sharpton urged the group not to forget the history of their movement and to stay involved.

Even the election of Obama would not constitute “achievement of the dream,” Sharpton said, because inequality would remain in health care, education and criminal justice.

He said a long fight was waged to get blacks the right to vote and now it is imperative to “protect this vote.”

“This vote is soaked in the blood of our martyrs,” he said.

Mediaoutrage– Very well spoken. What do you think about Rev. Sharpton’s statements?

4 Responses to “Bookman from Goodtimes defends Jesse Jackson”

  1. Bookman, I got you on tape with a good drug deal back in 1980. He had a long perm and a fur coat. He was negotiating a deal for 2 kilos of cocaine

  2. beach chick said

    Whatever…..Bookman ain’t nobody! NEXT!

  3. Ms. E said

    LMAO @ DT! Boy you got me cracking up already!

  4. ucanb2 said

    @ Beach Chick you must be psychic, are you reading my mind!!!!! EXACTLY!!!! LMAO

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