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Your Favorite Couple

Posted by Media Outrage on August 5, 2008

Jay and Beyonce were spotted out in Manhattan on Monday afternoon looking luvey duvey (excuse the spellings lol). Beyonce had her Barack gear in full effect. Always good to see the married couple enjoying each other.

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Some Real Talent

Posted by Media Outrage on August 5, 2008

Talented chanteuse Keri Hilson covers Trace Magazine looking her regular beautiful self. One thing that is a breath of fresh air about Keri is that she is a talented songwriter and can actually really sing. We hope she shoots through the stratosphere. Peep Keri’s tremendous talent in action with this video.

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Is Rocsi sleeping with Lisa Raye’s husband???

Posted by Media Outrage on August 5, 2008

There are reports out that Rocsi from 106 & Park was seen “canoodling” with Michael Misick who is actress Lisa Raye’s husband. Damn Rocsi from one drama stint to another.

Via Eurweb:

*A rep for actress LisaRaye released a statement over the weekend suggesting that her husband, Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick, is creepin’ with BET’s Rocsi of “106 & Park.”

According to publicity firm Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates, the two were seen “canoodling” during the T&C Music Festival over the weekend while LisaRaye was in New York.

“Sources have even reported that Rocsi stayed at the Misick home and hosted guests as if she was the lady of the house,” the release stated.

In March, Rocsi’s name was floated around as the unnamed “American friend of LisaRaye’s” who accused Michael Misick of rape, but those reports were never confirmed to be true. The alleged victim was said to have reported the crime to local police before returning to her home in the U.S. and reporting it to the FBI.

Mediaoutrage– Dang Rocsi whats good? Is what 50 said true? Is she getting it in with Lisa Raye’s husband? What do you think?

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A Birthday Party For Queen Bee

Posted by Media Outrage on August 5, 2008

Lil Kim aka Surgical Addiction celebrated her birthday with yet another party on Sunday night at Spotlight Live in NY. Angel Lola Luv and Lisa Raye were both attached to her side as they threw back shots, laughed, danced, and almost damn near made love lol in the club. Peep the thumbnails of Kim and Lisa Raye, we’re not saying anything extra was going on but just peep the facial expressions and accompanying body language oh and we can’t forget the near kiss lol. We must say that Lil’ Kim looked fantastic and it seems that maybe she’s decided to leave Dr. Knife-A-Grill Piece, alone for a while, which can only be a good thing.

To see more pics from Kim’s B-Day party Read the rest of this entry »

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Coupled Up

Posted by Media Outrage on August 5, 2008

The cute kids Rihanna and Chris Breezy were spotted having lots of fun while doing some shopping on Melrose Boulevard. It’s great to see them really enjoying each other and not just when the camera’s are on but then again the camera’s are always present but oh well.

To peep a few pics of RiRi and Chris getting their hot tub luvin on Read the rest of this entry »

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Future First Lady

Posted by Media Outrage on August 5, 2008

Michelle Obama covers the latest issue of Ebony Magazine and speaks about her role as a mother and relationship with Barack.

Michelle’s words:

On her style…
“I do think what you wear is a reflection of who you are. I love to look glamorous when there’s a wonderful, purposeful event that is appropriate. But when I’m in Iowa campaigning with the girls, I am in Gap shorts and a T- shirt.”

On being a mom…
“My first job in all honesty is going to continue to be mom-in-chief,” she says, “making sure that in this transition, which will be even more of a transition for the girls…that they are settled and that they know they will continue to be the center of our universe.”

On being married to Barack…
“Barack and I—as partners, as friends and as lovers—we accessorize each other in many ways,” she said. “The best thing I love having on me is Barack on my arm and vice versa, whether it’s having him standing there smiling at me, or watching him mesmerize a crowd or talk to some seniors in a senior center.”

Mediaoutrage– Michelle Obama definitely exudes nothing but class.

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More White House Cover Up

Posted by Media Outrage on August 5, 2008

Yet another person has come forward to shed a little light on the corrupt and dark politics of the White House and devious Bush Administration. Yea you know the same administration that left thousands of black and white folk to die in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. Yea them. Well peep this…

Via Yahoo:

A new book by the author Ron Suskind claims that the White House ordered the CIA to forge a back-dated, handwritten letter from the head of Iraqi intelligence to Saddam Hussein.

Suskind writes in “The Way of the World,” to be published Tuesday, that the alleged forgery – adamantly denied by the White House – was designed to portray a false link between Hussein’s regime and al Qaeda as a justification for the Iraq war. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Birthday Party For Vanessa

Posted by Media Outrage on August 5, 2008

Vanessa Simmons celebrated her birthday on Sunday night in NY at Corio. Angela and a few of their girlfriends all helped her get the party poppin. Do you still watch their family’s reality show “Run’s House”?

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