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Heineken Red Star Soul Concert

Posted by Media Outrage on August 7, 2008

Meagan Good, Ashanti, Snoop’s wife Shante Broadus, Elise Neal, Jon B, and singer Saaphyr all attended the Heineken Red Star Soul Concert last night in Hollywood. Meagan didn’t look to bad last night finally.

To see a few more pics

18 Responses to “Heineken Red Star Soul Concert”

  1. BitterSweetBelizean said

    Happy Thursday everyone!!! Its almost Friday *sighs*

    N e who… Megan is such a baeutiful girl..but can never get it quite right.

    Snoops wife looks like Chrisette Michelle (spell check).

    Whose the white dude?

  2. BitterSweetBelizean said


  3. Whooo……the D listers are out tonight! the white guy is Jon B and Megan is looking ok…a step up from the L.A crack whore she has been looking! im impressed.

  4. Kristina said

    Lawd have mercy what happened to Jon B?!

  5. Ms. E said

    I see Megan posing like Kim K…a$$ out in every pic..

    The chic in the red hair needs some lotion and baby oil for her ashy knees..

    Jon B..I had no idea that was him. He looks like he just got out of jail last week..and he was up all night smoking all the weed that Smoky and Man-Man could hook him up with!

    The title of this should be the F*cked Up Star Soul Concert (..cause everyone (except Ashanti, Snoop’s wife, Megan, and Elise looks a hot MESS!)

  6. cupcake stl said

    Meagan shoes or wonderful and she is a pretty girl but the clothes just dont do right for her.

    Every body but Elise Neal look like Swamp Shit.

  7. Media Outrage said

    LOL Swamp shit

  8. Glad to see Jon B. out – hope he’s working on a new project! (LOL) He does look like he’s been up all night smoking.

  9. He does look like he’s been smoking all night… a shame to see out D listers out there like this. We got to buy his CD people so he wont go outside the house with that young ass knight rider jacket on.

    We have to support our D-list actresses and actors people!

  10. cupcake stl said

    That is why you name start with a D cause you D only one that will support there Dumb Ass!!!

    Just playing DT I love you!@!

  11. cupcake stl said

    Saaphyr looks like a fake ass Vivica.

  12. ucanb2 said

    DANG!! Chick with red hair, Meagan, Ughhhh!! Elise does look nice, but I didn’t recognize Saaphyr til the second look??!!

  13. beach chick said

    No matter how hard Saaphyr tries…it just doesn’t work!

  14. Ms. E said

    That’s Saaphyr..I thought it was RuPaul or trannie!

  15. Random said

    The hell’s up with those ashy knees (referring to the RedHead)..and those brows…terrible!!

  16. Media Outrage said

    LOL wow didn’t even notice the knees lol

  17. 1coolazzchic said

    shapphyr, that’s the chick off flavor of love, and the one who won charm school. wtf. and i see meg still couldnt cop a purse gratis from lv. also…..who is the chick wit the red hair? and jon b use to be so damn fine….what happened?

  18. Sweetthang05 said

    why does Jon B look like one of the Beatles! dang, I’ve been slow to all this news! and since when did Sapphry or how ever you spell her name, become a singer!!! Megan looks better than usual and Elise does as well

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