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Sexiest Tennis Star Alive

Posted by Media Outrage on August 12, 2008

Tennis sensation Serena Williams graces the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine that will hit stands on August 18th. We must say she is throwing the sexy out hard in this issue. As far as her sport is concerned she and her sister Venus have been wreaking nonstop havoc and leaving destruction in their path on their road to complete domination of women’s tennis. Here’s a few excerpts of Serena’s interview in Men’s Fitness:

Via Concreteloop:

“I have large boobs and a sizable a**, so I guess the title comes with the territory. But I just play tennis. I always try to look my best, even though it’s hard to look your best when you’re sweating, grunting, and making faces. I never look my best when playing.”

On finding guys who can keep up with her fitness level…
“I’m attracted to guys who are really athletic, so it’s never a problem. To be honest, I absolutely hate working out, I hate going to the gym. I do it only ’cause it’s my job, and I think about it like, OK, other people’s jobs are to go to the office nine to five, and my job is to go the gym and look sexy. That’s the only thing that gets me through it.”

On her favorite physical part of her body…
“I love my smile. My smile and my cleavage. [Laughs] I think they go really well together.” [Laughs]

On guys being intimidated to date her because of her athletic status…
“It definitely makes it harder, which is not really cool because I”m like the girl next door. My attitude is so relaxed and so chill, and what you see is what you get. I guess sometimes people get intimidated, not by my being Serena Williams, but just more or less by the things that I’ve accomplished and the things that I might have in my life. I think for any woman who is strong and supports herself, that tends to be a problem.”

On what she looks for in a guy…
“I’m a sucker for gentlemen, I’m old fashioned. I’m a girl who believes that a guy should take the lead. They should open doors, close doors. I also look for someone who has a good relationship with their mom. My mom always said, ‘Look for someone whom you can laugh with, ’cause it means you can have fun with that person.’ ”

On major turnoffs…
“Guys should never grab me. I hate when guys grab girls. I think it’s so rude. I’ve been grabbed numerous times. Don’t touch. I”m not your property. I absolutely hate that.”

Mediaoutrage– She’s definitely a real lady who possesses an extreme amount of sexy, dignity, self respect, and class. That’s what’s up Serena and the fact that she has more back than a spinal cord makes her even more interesting and appealing.

24 Responses to “Sexiest Tennis Star Alive”

  1. beach chick said

    Looks like a dude in a dress to me….

  2. Udamnright said

    Not me Beach Chick lol she looks like a real woman who could get that azz drilled like an Iraqi oil rich country. I would definitely give her the “footlong” and let her ride me backwards straight into a coma. That’s a sexy lady to me. That body is beautiful love em thick. Her face is pretty to me also

  3. Rocksee said

    @ Udamnright —

    The minutes she stops training is the minute MAJOR changes start taking place…

    You know the saying “One cheeseburger away…”

    Anywho…after the “burgermeister” goes down will she still be your kind of girl?

    Just curious…

  4. veronica said

    she looks real nice in these photos. her thickness is solid. go serena!

  5. Udamnright said

    LOL check this Rocksee I love some thick sistas. Like Veronica just said she’s solid thick. In my opinion Beyonce, Ashanti, and a few other female celebs are all a few big macs away if they don’t stay in contact with their personal trainers. But even if she got a little thicker yep she would still be my type of woman.

  6. cupcakestl said

    For the first time she looks like a lady


  7. Jeffery said

    I’m with Udamnright on this one…Serena is a sexy woman and very pretty in the face. And on the court she’s one bad mf’a

  8. She is bad. Definitely would have to give her the DNA pastry studel

  9. Rocksee said


    @Udamnright —

    Would you ever give consideration to any of us “Slim Goodies”? I happen to be one…

    Just curious…

    Oh and @ Jeffery —

    Hi…good to know you…


    I love this…

    “Serena is a sexy woman and very pretty in the face. And on the court she’s one bad mf’a…”

    I love the MoFo part! LOL

    That’s like topping an ice cream sundae with a turd, instead of a cherry!!


  10. ucanb2 said

    I like the “pics” Serena looks gorgeous. I think the photo shoot was very tasteful. She is the most attractive of the Williams girls. You go girl!

  11. Udamnright said

    oh heck yea Rocksee don’t get me wrong I serve slim sexy pretty females the “footlong” also lol I definitely don’t discriminate but me being from the South I’m just naturally attracted thicker women but definitely don’t discriminate. lol So you a slim Rocksee?

  12. Random said

    Major PHOTOSHOP…She still looks like a tranny to me.

  13. 1coolazzchic said

    that’s a good look for her.

  14. 2020VIZN said

    WHAT EVER!!!!!!!! Im with the rest of the Dudes in this bish. She is stacking like a quarter horse. I better not catch her coming out the shower, I better not catch her coming down my block and I better not catch her on pay day. Thats right I would throw so much johnson her way, she would have to change sports. Im the QB and she is the WR. Guess what, we are on the way to every bowl invented. The Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, Media Outrage Bowl, Toilet Bowl it don’t even matter. I will ride my horse to every one of them. Baleeeee dat.

  15. Sweetthang05 said

    LOL @ Beach CHick! you took the words right out my mouth!! I must say though, at least she finally got with the arched eye brows program, chick always looked like she had a grimlin on her forehead, and can we say thank you for Dark and Lovely relaxer for that kitchen and them edges, much better Serena!

    LMAO @ 2020, dude, that was hilarious!!

  16. f*ckU said

    she doesnt look like a man thats a sexy thick sista give me 3pumps and im done

  17. Ms. E said

    Love her tennis skills and she has definetly matured into a beautiful sister!

  18. Rocksee said

    @ Udamnright

    5′ 8″ ; 134 ; 4 – 6…

    Can it work for you?

  19. Smurfette said

    She is gorgeous in these pics! I love it! I’m a thick sista as well so I can feel her looks! Im from the south where they love some thick sistas!

  20. joneblaze said

    She’s sexy but they airbrushed out her “real” curves

  21. DMaxx said

    Serena looks gorgeous! I’d like to see her featured in a lot more non-tennis related magazines that emphasize her feminine side in addition to her tennis skills. Serena Williams video clips and headlines

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  24. Paul said

    More like: sexiest she-male with a butt that has its own zip code alive. FTFY

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