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Memorial Service For A Legend

Posted by Media Outrage on August 17, 2008

Yesterday thousands of people gathered and packed into the House of Hope church in Chicago to say goodbye to Bernie Mac a true legend. Jesse Jackson, Steve Harvey, Chris Rock, Cedric The Entertainer, comedian George Wallace, Bruce Bruce, Juwan Howard, and the cast from Bernie Mac’s TV show Kellita Smith (who played his wife), Camille Winbrush, and Jeremy Suarez were all present for the very emotional memorial service. Certain fans donned shirts with Bernie Mac’s face on them expressing their true sadness and admiration for him. We can say here that he will truly be missed and sometimes the kind of life you live is evident by the amount of people you touch in a deep way. Rest in peace Bernie Mac.

To see more pics from the memorial service

Via People:

Thousands of mourners came out for a Chicago memorial service honoring Bernie Mac Saturday.

Some fans slept outside overnight in hopes of securing a seat inside the House of Hope church on the city’s South Side, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and Rev. Jesse Jackson attended the emotional service, in which photos from the comedian’s career were shown on projectors and the White Sox organization presented Mac’s widow Rhonda with a No. 1 jersey bearing his name, the paper reports.

Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and Andy Garcia also sent condolences.

During the service, Mayor Richard Daley remembered Mac as someone with “a heart and passion.” Daley, who met with Mac a few weeks ago, added: “He knew the street, he knew the people, and that’s why he was a king of comedy. He wanted to do something personally to get children away from the life of violence. . . . He never lost his soul in Chicago.”

His wife’s accounts of his last moments…

Via People:

When Bernie Mac was admitted last month into a Chicago hospital with a fever and trouble breathing, his wife, Rhonda, thought he’d get treatment and would be home in a week. But after no signs of improvement, she faced her biggest fear.

“He didn’t look good to me and I knew this could be it,” Rhonda, his wife of 30 years, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

The couple had their last exchange a day before his death, as Rhonda stood vigil by his bedside. “I said, ‘Hey Bernard. How are you?’ and I kissed his forehead,” she recalls. “He shrugged his shoulders, like ‘I’m tired’ and I said, ‘I know you’re tired.’ Later on that night, it took a turn for the worse.”

Rhonda and the couple’s daughter, Je’Niece, 30, were ushered into a waiting room, where they received the grim news. “[The doctor] came in and I said, ‘He’s gone, isn’t he?’ and she said ‘yes,’ ” Rhonda recalls.

17 Responses to “Memorial Service For A Legend”

  1. Cynthia said

    may he rest in peace.

    for some reason, i haven’t been able to watch anything with him in it since he died. not his show, or any movie with him. i just can’t take it i guess.

  2. Comic genius. He will be missed here on earth and he was a funny dude!

  3. cupcakestl said

    Wow just a bit of reality we all have to go!!

    Where are you going????

  4. […] Yesterday thousands of people gathered and packed into the House of Hope church in Chicago to say goodbye to Bernie Mac, a true legend. The Kings of Comedy was laid to rest in comedic style ….Click here […]

  5. ucanb2 said

    @ Cupcakestl: Absolutely we all have to go, but where are you going? That is the most important question you can ever ask a person!! Do you know where you are going? Be blessed.

  6. Smurfette said

    RIP Bernie. I never knew you, and still I will miss you.


  7. Yasmine T. said

    This has bothered me really bad. Didn’t even know him personally and never even saw him in person at one of his shows but loved him as a comedian and actor and just felt like I knew him. Love you Bernie and rest in peace.

  8. Smurfette said

    I will miss you, Bernie

  9. beach chick said

    So sad!

  10. Rocksee said

    @MO …

    Thank you for keeping us connected…

    You skillfully make us feel like family.

  11. Media Outrage said

    Thanks Rocksee! Everyone that takes the time out of their busy schedule to type into their browser and check out the news that we are presenting is family. So thanks homie!

  12. 2020VIZN said

    Eventhough he was not a blood relative most people feel like they knew Bernie Mac personally, thats a sign of a person that is organicly connected to their craft and community. I sometimes have to remind myself that to mourn over some ones death is a selfish act because we are grieving as a personal loss. The real purpose of a funeral is to celebrate that persons life. Bernie’s work was done here, he carried out his mission but he was so good at it we all just wanted more.

    RIP Bernie, you are missed by all.
    We wish you family well in this difficult time.

  13. Joann said

    This is such a sad, sad time. I really liked Bernie Mac…such a great, great comedian and seemed like a nice person, even though I had never met him. but I used to watch the Bernie Mac show all the time and saw the Kings of Comedy on TV.

    My heavy heart goes out to his family. I know there are no words that I could say to his wife and daughter at this time as only time will heal their devastated hearts.

  14. joneblaze said

    Thanks for posting this im not sure if any other website has covered this the way MEDIAOUTRAGE has
    R.I.P Bernie

  15. Media Outrage said

    No problem at all Joneblaze. Thanks for reading and holding us down everyday.

  16. Sweetthang05 said

    so sad. My heart and prayers are definitely with his loved ones!

  17. sticcy said

    This guy was a role model to me since the 90s coming up as a little kid at first I was scared of him but than I learned to love this guy.DANM BERNIE

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