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2008 Alma Awards

Posted by Media Outrage on August 18, 2008

Terrence Howard hit up the 2008 Alma Awards yesterday in Pasadena rocking the hell out of that signature Eddie Munster do. Somewhere the actor who played Eddie Munster is probably pissed and getting his papers together in order to file a copyright infringement lawsuit. Former “Girlfriends” actress Persia White attended the awards show looking OK. Mario and Karina Smirnoff were very photogenic on the carpet but help us out just fill in this blank for us. The top of Mario’s head looks just like a _ _ _ _ _ with hair on it.

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31 Responses to “2008 Alma Awards”

  1. Never mind Mario’s head – Terrence remind me of the man standing around the corner store all day drinking Thunder Bird! WTF?????

  2. kristina said

    ahahaha sweetscorpio! Terrance was wrong for coming out looking like buckwheat. Seriously.

  3. ucanb2 said

    Terrance is living in the world of “I believe I have a better grade of hair than I actually have…..” ! Mario looks like a “conehead with hair” LOL

  4. Kristina is right, you coming out looking like a sharecroppin stunt double in “The Color Purple” is not cool to an awards ceremony. An Mario looking like the emcee for a Latin Gay disco aint cool either.

  5. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ “An Mario looking like the emcee for a Latin Gay disco aint cool either.” LOL

  6. Udamnright said

    Yo Mario’s dome looks like a str8t up pen*s. Yo DT Mario is dressed like the dude that played on “What’s Happening” Disco Danny lol I don’t know if yall remember that episode that “Rerun” was entered in the dance contest lol

  7. Udamnright said

    Terrence Howard’s do looks like something out of the 50’s

  8. yo, i remember that episode….

  9. w2m said

    LOL@Udamnright. I was thinking the same thing, but thats maybe because my mind stay in the gutta.

    I’m digging the suit that Terrence got on, but the hair, lawd why the hair.

    Karina hopping from Mario to Mario needed to have stopped and got a BigMac on her way to the award ceremony. I got nothing against skinty girls, but dang that dress doing nothing for her.

    Persia is such a pretty girl, but those tats take away from the look when attending a classy event. Just my opinion.

  10. Smurfette said

    @ Udamnright, I SO remember that episode! Cuz John “pops” Witherspoon was the DJ! Lmao

  11. Udamnright said

    Yes yes!!! lol i have the dvd and the dude disco danny was just gliding across the floor for no reason with the two chicks on his arm lol just smiling with his big ass head and mouth. Loved that show yo i thought i took it back too far for some of you. See im 32 so i can go back way back lol.

  12. Smurfette said

    @Udamnright, im 32 too! And I got all three seasons on DVD! That’s how I remembered! Yea, buddy thought he was all that, gliding and slidin cross the flo!! That’s one of my favorite episodes!!!!! Oh yea, remember Rerun dance partner? The tall girl? That was Rerun’s wife!

  13. Udamnright said

    What up Smurfette nice to meet you. yea i remember the tall chick so are you saying that was Rerun’s wife in real life? I didn’t even know homie was married. I know he died like 4 years ago. Now that i think about it Shirley died and the mother died also. So now its just Rog Dee and Dwayne. That was one of my favorite shows of all time. So if you got down with that then i know you got down with the Jeffersons, Goodtimes (thelma was fine as hell), Diffrent Strokes, Cosby, Thats my momma (did i take it too far back for you? lol), Sanford son, the list just goes on. Me and my peeps at work talk about the old shows all the time.

  14. Yasmine T. said

    Udamnright you took it back…loved Whats happening. Gilligans Island, Knight Ryder, Punky Brewster, Jeffersons, Diffrent Strokes, Happy Days, I Dream of Jeanie, The Munsters, The 3 Stooges, Goodtimes, Sanford Son, Love Boat lol (i know i can name so many) Mr Belvedere, Who’s the boss, Maguiver, and so so many more lol im exhausted just thinking lol. Im 31.

  15. yeah im 31 too those were the shows….Who remembers “that’s my mama”

  16. Smurfette said

    See, I never watched that’s my momma! But I watched Different Strokes, Good Times, Sanford and Son, and of course, What’s Happening! Yea Rerun was married I think 5 times! One of his wives was Francesska Berry and she was in that episode with him! Its good to meet you too! What part of the country are you in? Im in New England! Oh yea, shout out to Yasmine! Lol

  17. Udamnright said

    Im in South Carolina reppin the south all day. Married 5 times?!?! Yea DT even though Thats my momma had like 6 episodes lol it was still that show. Clifton Davis back when he was black lol

  18. Udamnright said

    oh yea and Jr. from the Love Boat

  19. Smurfette said

    That’s funny! Yea, I guess we all up there if we remember all those shows. But that’s back when you could sit down and watch tv with yo kids and don’t have to cover their eyes! I have all of Good times on dvd, and What’s happening since there are no more black sitcoms on tv right now, where we aint actin just plain stupid! So I buy these shows and watch them with my daughter. She is 14 and you can’t tell her nothing bout Raj and Rerun! Lol

  20. Udamnright said

    Yep that was the best TV ever. I dont even watch tv now for real. Its funny to think that Whats Happening only lasted for 3 years thats short but i guess they was rerunning all the same shows over and over again lol. Did you used to watch Whats Happening now? the joint in the 80’s when Raj was married? That was my jawn too..

  21. yeah, thats was good tv…now we have MTV and BET fuckin it all up with this reality crap

  22. Smurfette said

    I wasn’t gone say nothin, but I got season one of What’s Happenin Now on dvd! Don’t tell nobody! Ssshhhh! Lol

  23. Udamnright said

    Nah thanks for telling me cause i didn’t even know they had that on dvd.

  24. 2020VIZN said

    Man I remember all of those shows and I have most of them on DVD Box sets. I had been debating about getting the seasons of whats happenig. But yall have done it for me with that Disco Danny story. I have been laughing so hard about Disco Danny I almost threw up.

  25. Smurfette said

    Yea, I can’t find season two though. I think season two is when Martin played on the show! And Rerun only did season one anyways so I really wasn’t lookin that hard for season two! Lol But lil Regina King was on season 1 tho! She lived wit Raj and his wife! I found the dvd at FYE in the mall! Oh I meant to tell you earlier, Im reppin the south still! I only been here 3 years, im really from GA!

  26. Udamnright said

    wow Smurfette you breaking it down because i forgot Regina King was on the show shoot i still don’t remember her lol. I remember Martin and his skinny self with the big head. Don’t remember that Rerun only played on season one. Im going to run to the mall like tomorrow to get it lol. Thanks see you done made me waste some money on this that could go in the gas tank but i need that lol. Yea 2020 remember Disco Danny just gliding for no reason every time he walked in the music started and he was mad arrogant and had the chicks on him lol looking like a long headed version of danny glover

  27. Smurfette said

    Lmao@ long headed version of danny glover!!! Yal done took me back today! Thanx for the laughs! Every time u mention him glidin cross the floor, in my head I can hear the song he danced to and everything!! LMAO!

  28. Udamnright said

    Yea Smurfette you took me back too. Loved that episode! Love that show man. Gonna def go buy the Whats Happening Now dvd. That music is in my head also lol.

  29. 1coolazzchic said

    i read all these comments and was laughing but i still can’t get over the fact that mario was wit a woman. that has to take the cake.

  30. Media Outrage said


  31. Ms. E said

    Terrence looks like someone dropped some poop in his head…WTH!

    Mario has a funny shaped an egg shape or something!

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