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What’s wrong with this list???

Posted by Media Outrage on August 30, 2008

Cable giant Comcast released it’s list of the 50 Greatest TV Characters, onto their website, But there’s something very strange about this list. Hmmm, maybe it’s the fact that there are only 3 black characters on the entire list out of 50 possible slots. Legendary actor Redd Foxx, MIranda Bailey of “Grey’s Anatomy”, and Bill Cosby are the only 3 African Americans on the list. Maybe Comcast forgot that there were other Black shows on TV. The wild thing is that Bill Cosby lands in at #48. Are you serious? Redd Foxx is #15, and Miranda Bailey is #25. Which other TV characters do you feel should have been included? Well if you had a list who else would you include?

45 Responses to “What’s wrong with this list???”

  1. ucanb2 said

    Wow!! I am so stunned, my memory won’t even work. Damn Comcast that says a whole lot 3 of 50……SMDH

  2. Yasmine T. said

    Whoever compiled that list for Comcast, has my racism “radar” ringing pretty loud. Cosby #48!?!?! 3 out of 50???

  3. Mrs. TCJ said

    This is messed up. Miranda beat out Bill for real. Somebody need a whoopin for that one. “George Jefferon”, Phylicia Rashad,Good times cast(The cast of west wing was on there),I mean if they gone have the guy from friends on the list, why not the Fresh Prince. Mama from what’s happening? Heck mama from the mama’s family, she was straight hood. The golden girl lady wasn’t even on there. Dey trippin

    So I looked at this list and there are people on it from recent shows…what? Who ever made this list did not take their time. And just really doesn’t have a clue.

  4. claudette4heisman said

    Damn this is not racism…please don’t play the race card on this, because if they were racist there wouldn’t be ANY black folks on this list. Please quit using that excuse.

    Anyway I do agree that they are missing a couple. Like JJ from Good Times, Carlton from Fresh Prince….especially,and the whole cast of Martin. It is messed up that Bill Cosby was number #48, he should of been in the top 5.

  5. STEVEN E said

    Ron Glass
    Role: Det. Ron Harris

  6. Yasmine T. said

    @ Claudette4heisman- Whether you have 1 or 3 blacks on a list, it can still be racist. They could have just included the three as sort of a “token” thing because they knew most viewers would question a list of 50 Great TV Characters, in which none were black. I’m not saying that this is what they did or whoever wrote the list, because it is really just a matter of that person or persons opinions on who they thought were great, but, it just strikes me as odd that there are only 3 black characters on that entire list, when there’s like a million great characters that have graced the TV screen.

    So yes I will chalk it up as their opinion but something can still be racist even when you include 1 or 3 black faces. Just look back at Jim Crow era.

  7. Lai'Lani said

    I’m with Yasmine T. on this one. I don’t feel the list is racist or anything (it could be who knows) but I feel whoever compiled it, didn’t delve deep enough into the history of television shows for more characters that are African American, or any other race for that matter. What about George Lopez? But the list is their opinion but “George Jefferson”, “JJ Evans”, “Raj” (from what’s happening), “Dwayne Wayne” (A Different World), “Arnold” (Diff’rent Strokes), “Claire Huxtable” and many more should have been on that list. Oh yes “Martin” should have definitely been on that list lol.

  8. 2020VIZN said

    I have given up being suprised when it comes to stuff like this. I actualy have come to expect this type of fuckery. But Like YasmineT said, it could be that persons opinion. But most peoples opinions are biased. Small minded people cant give true unbiased outlooks on things. This is the American way, But they will tell you that its just in your mind and Ameica has passed this phase.

  9. 2020VIZN said

    @ Lai’Lani Says: You damn right Martin should have been on this list. Chuuuuch!!!!!

  10. Udamnright said

    Yo this is racist as HELL! I’m not mad or anything but the shit is racist. Come on yall you put America’s favorite dad Bill Cosby at #48?!?!?! The man had one of the highest rated TV shows in television history. Where’s Phylicia Rashad? Where’s folk from “A Different World”? Where’s the cast from “The Wire”? The Jeffersons? What’s Happening? Diff’rent Strokes? Family Matters? 227? Good Times??? Martin?!?!?! Are you serious Comcast??? I’m bout to tell everybody black in my family to cancel yall damn service lol for this shit. I know it’s a list but I’m outraged for real. I know it’s a matter of opinion but damn whoever wrote it would have done better to not even include 3 of our actors on the damn list. Yasmine T. is right yet AGAIN. Stuff can be racist and still have some token blacks on it. Yea Lai’Lani where the hell is George Lopez? All i can do is shake my head on this one.

  11. Paul said

    wow I’m very surprised that their isn’t more diversity on this list. I’m very shocked that they placed Bill Cosby at #48. He did have one of the most successful sitcoms in TV history.

  12. Udamnright said

    It’s cool I guess when and if they compile a list for the best 10 talk show host, Oprah will fall somewhere around #9, behind Jerry Springer, Phil Donahue, Regis and Kelly, Barbara Walters, Geraldo, Ellen Degeneres, Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, Tyra Banks. Oprah would be # 9 and Arsenio Hall would fall in at # 3. Yep that would give Comcast their “token” 3 individuals, with the most influential being at the bottom. I still don’t care what anyone says that shit is racist as hell.

  13. terrance said

    This list is racially biased and anyone who can not see that is naive or racist. If it’s not biased how could you name Archie Bunker without George Jefferson, Tony Saprano without any cast member of The Wire,and Carrie from Sex and the City without Joan from Girlfriends? This is why BET and the BET Awards were created because blacks were excluded and continue to be. To be honest I’m not a fan of BET, because it’s not a true representation of black people and rarely shows anything of intelligent substance. That’s ok Comcast, we’re going to do what we’ve always done, create our own list. M.O. show those bigots who they intentionally neglected to mention!

  14. 1coolazzchic said


  15. First off its a list from fucking comcast. Us even discussing this is like me discussing what condom Im going to use on Gabrielle Union…Ill never fuck so how pointless is the conversation? Comcast cant even give me proper service 24/7 so why are we discussing who is on this list?!?!?!? Let’s come up with our own list and say the funniest dad was James Evans…Shit, he threaten them kids every fucking episode on Good times and that was funny. Dickwell Thrust will be funny and considered the greatest character on television when he puts nudity on Prime time television…just watch!

  16. Genevieve said

    MO thanks for pointing this out because I actually have Comcast cable and never visit I read all of the comments and must say that everyone was extremely articulate in their disgust with this blatantly biased list. Yasmine I completely agree with you. Terrence your response is definitely something that the staff of MO should consider (compiling your own list). Comcast know they are wrong for that.

  17. mzvirgo said

    What about Charles Dutton (“Roc”)? I would put anyone from “A Different World” on the list. What about “Living Single”?

  18. claudette4heisman said

    maybe it was maybe it wasn’t, but you just can’t assume something is racist just because it isn’t the way we want it to be. It just irritates me that so many black use the race card as an excuse for everything. Especially if in the process we are being just as racist. (not saying in this instance,but in general).

  19. Yasmine T. said

    @ Claudette4heisman…I feel what you are saying and I think that it is possible that those 47 other TV characters are who the writer genuinely holds in high esteem. But then there is also that possibility given that there have been so many excellent African American television characters, that the person who generated the list might have a problem with people of color. I’m just speaking the truth not trying to run for office so really refuse to censor anything i say.

    Oh and MzVirgo I completely forgot about the cast of Roc and Living Single. Those were really good shows. Roc was especially great because of the strong positive message and issues they often confronted on the show.

  20. Yasmine T. said

    Udamnright this is classic lol “It’s cool I guess when and if they compile a list for the best 10 talk show host, Oprah will fall somewhere around #9, behind Jerry Springer, Phil Donahue, Regis and Kelly, Barbara Walters, Geraldo, Ellen Degeneres, Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, Tyra Banks. Oprah would be # 9 and Arsenio Hall would fall in at # 3. Yep that would give Comcast their “token” 3 individuals, with the most influential being at the bottom. I still don’t care what anyone says that shit is racist as hell.”

  21. MrGantri said

    Why don’t you persistent-victim nigga’s get your own shit and stop crying about what the establishment didn’t do for you. Did you ever think that out of the millions of TV viewers the majority did not like the same programs you did?

    We’ve got multi-million dollar artists telling our women to suck it and get the fck out, and a host of other wealthy blacks not doing a damn thing to collaborate on building our own thing. Yet instead of looking at “yourselves” and fixing the problem, you poor-me niggas cry about what someone didn’t do for your un-participating asses.

    You are Americans (who HAPPEN to be black) with every advantage at your disposal. What the fck r u angry about . . .

    – MrGantri

  22. Why not be angry that the shows mention above by our intelligent bloggers? Why would you say that they were BITTER over that? This must be a touchy subject for you MrGantri I see that it is because you got bullied by the basketball team in high school? Or was it big long Dicks like myself were powerfucking little Brigette in the bathroom while you were writing love poems and carrying her purse? Whats all the hostility from that 40 million people cant get the same advantages that 200 million plus can’t? I understand your frustration and its really all a jealous misunderstanding. Im sorry that those big-dicked black guys fucked your woman in college. I apologize for you getting car jacked by those gang bangers when u were scoring drugs in the black neighborhood. I can understand your hate. Iand From the bottom of my heart you cowardless, racist dickwipe, IM SORRY!

  23. 2020VIZN said

    Sinse I agree with DT, I have to reply the same way that the character that Dwayne Wayne played on School Daze would Reply, and say “thats right fucking bitch”

  24. 2020VIZN said

    oops, since

  25. terrance said

    Well MrGantri, it took a lot of balls to call people niggas via blog. I would stoop to your level, but for what? We’re just blogging and it wouldn’t accomplish anything. Let me enlighten you. John H. Johnson created two of the most successful and informative black magazines today. Bob Johnson created BET, one of the most widely watched networks that showcased some intelligent programs before it was sold. He also is the first black majority owner of a professional sports team. Stanley O’neal was CEO and Chairman of the Board at Merrill Lynch. I won’t name all of the black CEOs and owners within the record and entertainment industry. Why did I say all of this? I just wanted you to know that African Americans have always been survivors and trailblazers in a country that perpetuates socioeconomic and psychological enslavement.

  26. Ms. E said

    You know what that’s why I don’t even use Comcast’s service…not only are they a dam rip off for their cable bill!

    Their customer service sucks more than Kim K did in the Ray J sex tape…so I ain’t listening to these bamma’s attempt to create a list of the top Black Actors on tv..cause they don’t know ish!!!

  27. w2m said

    All I have to say is Wow@MrGantri…you want all the way there.

  28. Lai'Lani said

    Is Mr. Gantri black?

  29. don said

    its comcast right to select whichever characters they decide. why must everyone pull the race card on everything? cosby wasnt that great of a show to me. not funny at all. martin wasnt funny either. a different world was boring. if anything people should be upset at the writers of martin for allowing such a minstrel show to exist. now girlfriends is a funny show. but its just a matter opinion thats all not race

  30. don said

    oh and by the way i forgot to say Terrence, Udamnright, Dickwell Thrust (your name is stupid and ridiculous), Yasmine T., you all sound like idiots and are using reverse racism in your points.

  31. terrance said

    Don there isn’t a such thing as “reverse racism”. Only racism exists. If I hate a person of another race just because they’re another race I’m a racist, not a reverse racist. If you believe it’s just a matter of Comcast’s opinion that they only selected 3 African Americans, then you fall under one of the categories that I mentioned earlier. I might sound like an idiot to you, but that’s only because you are intentionally ignorant.

  32. terrance,

    You dont have to respond to this sophomoric ignorance. He and Mr. Gantri are probably one of the same type of Butt Pirates who sit at home and are racist on a PC but get smacked around at work by Blacks or other Ethnic minorities who have advanced past them because of their ignorance and queer bitterness. Anyone knows 80’s television that The Cosby show SINGLE handily saved NBC from bankruptcy. Not Cheers, Miami Vice, Or Fucking ALF did that. So that show should be Number 1. Thats not reverse racism addressing that cockwipe DON!

  33. Don said

    Let me correct you Dickwell Thrust. The list was not about the 50 greatest TV shows but 50 greatest TV characters, so who gives a rats ass that the cosby show (which was not that funny) saved NBC? Yao-Ming will probably get voted a starter in ever All-Star game because China has the highest population. Does that mean he’s the best ball player? No d-i-c-k-h-e-a-d! So look that was there opinion at comcast. And hey there are great characters from great shows that didn’t get mentioned like Gilligans Island. Do you see Marian and Ginger throwing up their hands in protest? Or the professor making a potion to wipe out all of the workers at comcast? no so get over yourself with this entitlement complex. how about you and Terrence do something like start a nationwide movement to stop all of the black on black genocide going on? Wait let me guess…that’s f*cking comcast’s fault! give a freegin break

  34. terrance said

    Wait a minute let me digress Don. You must be gay because you have no issue with addressing DT by his full name. It just comes easy to you.

  35. He is sweeter than Elton John in a sugar factory!

  36. Don said

    you’re the only person making the homo sexual jokes. what’s comical to me is that “some” of the readers on this site are so snarky, but, as soon as anyone disagrees with their distorted point of view they snap and turn their rather “weak” jokes into even “weaker” jokes full of acrimony. I know Dickwell Thrust you’re probably looking for the nearest dictionary providing that you can read above a 7th grade level douche bag.

  37. Don said

    i forgot you’re probably rummaging through whatever apartment in whatever ghetto that you live in with hopes of finding a dictionary. does your apartment look just like the one from the set of one of “your” favorite shows “Good Times”? lol

  38. Ahhh Don, I love an intellectual challenge and Im sorry that you feel racially motivated about this. I live in a 5000 sq ft home and I know that may be a little too big for you to calculate but that is about 3 trailer parks or 2 Meth Labs. Or I know that you probably live in some little village smoking dirt weed wearing tight jeans holding your lover Pedro’s hand through Central park. Once again I truely apologize for that Black guy in accounting who powerfucked you after work and now you have this fixation against blacks. I am sooo sorry…..DON

  39. mayfield1974 said

    First off, you have to consider who is voting,secondly, the age group. They were probably some college preppy’s who can’t think too far back or rarely watched black shows. Think about it, Grey’s Anatomy?????? Are you serious???? Miranda’s character is ranked higher than Cosby’s!!!! I think they just threw in Miranda because thats the only black person on and the current college voters didnt watch black shows.

  40. mayfield1974 said

    George Jefferson, JJ from Goodtimes, Arnold from different strokes Cosby, FreshPrince, Carlton from Fresh Prince. These were obvious superstar characters. Superstars meaning the average person should be able to imitate them. There are some obvious black characters that only black people would dig but the one’s just mentioned are tv icons. George Jefferson and Florence(too obvious to explain)

  41. Smurfette said

    Look, I read all the boring comments on here, and truth be told Im yawning. I am black but I am NOT outraged that the list only had 3 blacks! I got my own list of my 50 most memorable characters from tv back in the day. And I think there are only 3 white ppl on it. Hannibal, Face, And Murdock. That being said, you can only compile a list from the shows YOU watch. So if the writer of this list feels these were the ppl they most remember, I appreciate their opinion. And I hope they appreciate mine. We all have our faves and just like I stated before, don’t get angry just because someone else’s opinion does not mirrror yours. If we all thought alike, looked alike, and all watched the same thing, the world would be VERY boring! Marinate on that. And on another note, I DON’T have comcast and hopefully never will, so I really don’t give s#@$ what they do.

    *steppin off my soapbox

  42. 2020VIZN said

    Gilligan’s fucking Island??? Oh my Gawd *JoJo faint*. After that comment no one needed to say another word. What was good about any of the people on that show? The characters were wack, the show was wack, the plot was wack and the acting was so horrible that none of the cast members ever got jobs after that show.

    And what’s up with the elementary rants? I’m dying at the “d-i-c-k-h-e-a-d!” comment, why did you have to go there with? You are on here talking about the freedom to choose but when someone has an opinion you go off the deep end and start name calling and cursing. Look, it’s funny to talk about things and use curse words and have fun, but I have a little advice for you. When you are talking to people who are grown and not your children it would behoove you to refrain from name calling, it makes you seem a little……….ignorant. But my last question to is a repeat, but I have to ask. Gilligan’s fucking Island??

  43. mayfield1970 said

    To 2020VIZN:

    Yeah, you have a point. The list was made by someone who watched only certain kinds of shows. I guess he never watched Fresh Prince, Roc, BEnson, Jeffersons and other noted black shows. Again, you also have to take into thought the age of the person who made this “exceptional” list.

  44. Media Outrage said


  45. Udamnright said

    Everyone except Don made a great point. The list was definitely compiled by someone who probably didn’t watch those shows but it’s cool i just like the sharing of views

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