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Archive for September 2nd, 2008

Grabbing some Micky Dee’s

Posted by Media Outrage on September 2, 2008

Rihanna, who seems to do everything but what made her famous, which is get in somebody’s studio and record a song, that the engineer probably has to spend 3 weeks mixing down in order to remove all of the way-the-hell off notes, was seen taking a stroll this morning through uptown Manhattan to throw down on some Micky Dee’s (McDonalds’ people). Maybe her next album is already complete and she is blessed with the gift of being prescient and therefore knows the her cd is going to do what Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” did and sell more than 20million copies, and thus all the ballin’, popin’ tags, and every waking minute away. Yea that’s probably it….

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the last days

Posted by Media Outrage on September 2, 2008

There are no words….we spotted this here.

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Look at those basketballs

Posted by Media Outrage on September 2, 2008

These are some snap shots of butt model Vida Guerra last month at a concert for Akon. Ok, yes, she’s going no where faster than the speed of sound, but, you have to give it to her she’s one sexy broad. Then again her career stagnation isn’t anything a straight-to-dvd movie, or role in an up-coming Tyler Perry flick couldn’t solve. But either way the fellas still love Vida for what she does best, which is poke out those assets she was born with.

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Who’s the bigger celebrity???

Posted by Media Outrage on September 2, 2008

We must say we’re loving your input in the Who’s the bigger celebrity? category. Today our question is between two of music’s biggest acts and husband and wife teams, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Who would you say is the bigger celebrity (more famous)? And why? Let us know!

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Who’s the latest rapper to get robbed and jacked for his jewels?

Posted by Media Outrage on September 2, 2008

We know this sort of thing happens all of the time. Sheesh…rap is a dangerous business. To find out who the latest victim of “Yo dog i got robbed!” CLICK HERE.

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The PoPo don’t be f**king around

Posted by Media Outrage on September 2, 2008

All we can say is don’t f*ckin’ play with the PoPo, 5-0, Pigs, Police or whatever you call them in your part of the world or town. To see a video of the PoPo in action CLICK HERE!

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So many women wanna “A”-Town stomp that ass

Posted by Media Outrage on September 2, 2008

Damn Rocsi how did it come to this? You got that job on 106 and Park, a position that most would kill for just for the perks (interviewing celebrities, free concerts, event invites) alone. The rift with 50 Cent wasn’t really that big of a deal but then came news from Lisa Raye that you were smutting it up with her husband, and now there’s a lot of women who don’t like you and would lose a week’s worth of pay if given the chance to do to you what them Detroit nuccas did to Yung Berg. SMH. To find out who else would like to “A”-Town stomp Rocsi’s ass CLICK HERE.

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Tearing Rodeo Drive Up

Posted by Media Outrage on September 2, 2008

Rihanna who seems to have become the equivalent of the cure for AIDS to the paparazzi was spotted shopping over this Labor Day weekend. RiRi hit up the Gucci Store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills looking pretty fly if we must say. One thing that is undeniable is that the girl knows how to dress point blank.

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Are you feeling this outfit???

Posted by Media Outrage on September 2, 2008

Thandie Newton hit the red carpet rocking a rather interesting number. Are you feeling her outfit? Idris Elba, the man whom ladies completely adore and lust for, also attended the premiere for “RocknRolla” in London. Ladies for those of you who never answered our question contribute your input.

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diddy’s trippin’ wit no luggage

Posted by Media Outrage on September 2, 2008

This guy is out of control lol.

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