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2008 BMI Urban Awards

Posted by Media Outrage on September 5, 2008

Janet Jackson, T.I., Tiny, T-Pain, Christina Milian, Vanessa & Angela Simmons, Keri Hilson, and a host of other artist attended the awards show. Rick Ross the Boss was in the house so you know this event was safe. Who was best dressed?

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13 Responses to “2008 BMI Urban Awards”

  1. Random said

    Teairra Mari looks the best!

  2. Random said

    What’s with the Simmons duo this time around…they look terrible!

  3. Random said

    Tiny looks like a typical hoodrat…T.I. and his colorful shirt is blah..I do like Keri Hilson’s dress, I’m not so fond of her jewelry selection or her shoes..Nicole looks classy (as always)..Toccara looks like a man in drag..everyone else looks decent..with the exception of that obese midget!

  4. Random said

    Oh and NO words for T-Pain and that disastrous get-up!

  5. 1coolazzchic said

    flex and shanice look nice.but i think tocarra looks best

  6. yea i said it said

    Nobody was best dressed, Christinia had on a sheet, and the others had on Wal-mart knock offs. Now ask me who was the finest hands down it was my second baby daddy T. FINE ASS I. tiny looks like a mud-duck.

  7. ucanb2 said

    Tocarra looks good as always…..

  8. Udamnright said

    Keri Hilson- could get it

    Janet Jackson- still beautiful as hell

    christina- needs to fill out an app somewhere

    tatyana ali- looks like she smokes cigs

    toccara- could get the jizzom sprayed between them two punching bags

  9. DMaxx said

    Janet Jackson looks good, as always, and Toccara looks nice too, though I liked her better a bit heavier.

  10. du66s said

    I think angela simmons has been watching to many flintstones cartoon.. she must have pop in a ecstasy pill & start hullicinating that she was pebbles

  11. Smurfette said

    Okay, lets see, hmmmm. TI you lookin good baby! Tiny, I will keep it to myself what I got to say about yo ass. Tocarra, bitch get a job. Gnarls, you need to go back to being CEE Lo and maybe I will cop that next album. Rick big ass Ross need to go make sure the prisoners are in the cells, as its almost lights off. Hmmm who I miss? Oh Janet J is more beautiful than ever, and Yung Berg, yo neck lookin a bit nekkid! Catch my drift!? Lol

  12. lboogie said

    why is nicole murphy at the bmi awards?? she aint got a dam thing to do with music – she is startin to look like a groupie! go home and take care of your ten kids

  13. hazel said

    Angela and Vanessa Simmons look really pretty and there sneaker line is really cool

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