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Enuff to make a dying priest say Gotdizzzaaayuuum!

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

Tennis star Serena Williams who is one of the sexiest athletes in the world attended the Luca Luca spring 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benze fashion week at the Promenade. Serena is wearing that dress. She doesn’t just have backyard, she’s pulling an entire gated community back there.That’s one sexy woman.

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Movie Premiere

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

Tyler Perry, Sanaa Lathan, Taraji Henson, Alfre Woodard, Sebastian Siegel and others all attended the premiere of Tyler Perry’s “The Family That Preys” at Lowe’s Lincoln Square in NYC last night. “The Family That Preys” hits theaters this Friday Sept. 12. How many of you are going to check it out? Everyone looked nice last night. We think Tyler Perry is brilliant and really a true testament of what hard work, perseverance, talent, and unwavering faith in GOD will do for your life. Tyler covers the October issue of Ebony Magazine. We’ve read the article on him and it’s definitely something that everyone should pick up and read. They delve deep into his past of pain, and chronicle his at times bleak road to success. Perry earned $125million last year. He has created a film empire worth more than a $billion. If you’ve ever heard the man speak, you know that he is one of the most positive people in the industry. What really speaks volumes for Tyler Perry’s character is that in an industry where African Americans have been neglected by, Perry has become a funnel for which opportunities and second chances flow. And that says something about you, when you will reach down and give your own people a chance to rise with you. Beautiful thing. Thanks to Wendy over at Ebony for the Magazine Cover!

To see more pics Read the rest of this entry »

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I know you hear my footsteps

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

Much to the delight of her millions of stans, Beyonce will drop her 3rd solo album on November 18th. Soon they’re going to name a holiday after this talented chick. We can hear the haters cringing inside. Let’s just keep it real this sista is the most talented chick in the game period.

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Something For The Ladies

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

Blair Underwood is as good an actor as he is goodlooking. Blair hit up the complete first season dvd launch event for Dirty Sexy Money last night in LA. Blair was definitely looking dapper. Where do you rank Blair’s acting skills? Ladies what would you do if he just showed up at your house unannounced?

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A banger for this planet and the one Superman’s parents blew up and died on

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

Halle Berry and her family were spotted in NYC doing some shopping yesterday afternoon. Nahla is definitely an adorable little girl. She’s going to be a heart breaker, and have men jumping out of buildings and in front of busses to just get a date with her. Always good to see a strong family. Halle looks like she’s just going to be bangin’ until they discover a way to shuttle bus tourist to the sun.

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On Location

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

Chris Brown was on location in Los Angeles yesterday for his upcoming film “Bone Deep”. Also in this movie is Idris Elba, T.I. and Matt Dillon. Chris had the serious face on which is cool because it shows he’s really concentrating on work. For marketable artist there’s always a career after music by jumping onto the big screen.

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Happy Birthday Mediaoutrage!

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

Yes today September 9th, 2008 is a very special day for the staff of celebrates it’s 1 year anniversary of existence. Mediaoutrage or M.O. as many of you refer to it, hit the net running a year ago today on September 9th, 2007 it was actually a Sunday. That is when we began this extremely enjoyable journey. M.O.’s purpose was to deliver celebrity gossip and news (on whatever we thought was newsworthy) to our readers with a slant of humor. We wanted this to be a place where readers would feel comfortable coming everyday to learn about the happenings of the world and be able to let their hair down at the same time. With anything M.O. is constantly evolving as our readership and supporters grows. But we do say thank you to everyone who has typed into their web browsers since last Sept. 9th 2007! We appreciate it and you!

It wouldn’t be a special anniversary without having a roll call for some of our most ardent supporters! These are some of the people who have held M.O. down from day one and some of the many that joined the movement after. These are many of the readers that take the precious time out of their days while at work, some at baby mommas houses, in school, some jobless, some homeless (they just build a damn computer and hooked that ish up to the atmosphere pretty ingenuis so why are you homeless?), some writers of other great sites and so on. Let’s start this ish!

The homie Lio– always offers intellilgent and witty commentary…Thanks dawg for holding us down in Canada! Mrs. TCJ– always has something intelligent and positive to say thanks for holding us down! Yea I said it– she definitely does the damn thing in the comments. And she’s a flight attendant so that’s something when you can hold down M.O. while you supposed to be doing something in the air LOL thanks homie! Smurfette– is a newcomer but she is already one of M.O.’s biggest supporters for real! Thanks homie! Random– tells it like it is and she sees it. Random don’t give a f**K if we like it, her boss like it, or Pope John the IIIIIIIIIVIVIIIIIIIIVIVIV like it she’s a huge M.O. supporter! thanks Random we appreciate ya!, Rocksee– Rocksee thanks for holding us down day in and day out with your interesting view points! appreciate ya!, 2020VIZN– homie keeps it real and does it in an intelligent manner. When he starts typing people pay attention to what comes onto the screen cause he holds knowledge. Thanks homie for holding us down!, W2m– is one of our favorites because she jumped on the M.O. gravy train early with grace, intelligence, wit, and lots of class. Thanks W2m! We appreciate you!, Sweethang05– Take that 05 off that name girl! LOL nah but Sweetthang is one of our most ardent supporters also! She has been around since day one and has held it down with classy witty comments and great humor. Love her genuineness. Thanks Sweetthang!!!! We appreciate you!, Lai’Lani- Got nothing but love for you Lai’Lani! She holds us down everyday and been an M.O. soldier for a while now!!! Appreicate ya!, Udamnright– This is the cat that introduced everyone to the “FootLong” he’s hilaroius lol. Thanks homie for telling us day in and day out which beautiful women celebs you would bang! thanks dawg!, Helen– Long reserved M.O. supporter! Thanks for holding us down!, Paul– Paul thanks for holdin M.O. down!, Yasmine T.– Is another one of our favorites! Yasmine has been riding with M.O. for a minute now and really became a popular name in the comments because of her disdain for everything Beyonce! We love it! But Yasmine offers intellectual commentary every day. Thanks Yasmine! Appreciate you!, Danielle– seems to think we’re associated with MediaTakeOut because of our jokes that she perceives as HATE. Well Danielle sorry to disappoint but we’re not affiliated with any other site. We hate all by ourselves LOL. We only do it the M.O. way. Oh and not hating just having fun while delivering funny news to our readers because if they wanted to be bored they could type in or Foxnews., RubHer– interesting name lol but thanks homie for holding us down, Ms.E– she is also one of our favorites and she has been holding us down for a minute and telling it like it is. What up Ms. E!, 1coolazzchic 1coolazzchic (we didn’t bold your name by mistake the first time) – love her funny commentary and she’s a real soldier seriously! between her and BeachChick- they might be on the site more than we are! LOL straight supporters loev it! they hold us down every day! appreciate ya!!, Ucanb2– wandered onto the scene a few months ago repping Houston hard which we love! Ucanb2 keeps it graceful and intelligent and classy. Appreciate ya!!, Terrence– appreciate you dawg!, Victoria Jay– What up!!! homie thanks for holding us down in NYC!!! BitterSweetBelizian– thanks for holding us down on Thursdays homie! LOL, Kristina– Congrats again on the graduation from college now get that money!, Jlaw– caused quite a stir from the ladies when we posted his pics thanks for holding us down in VA homie!, ClassyChick– thanks for holding us down!, Cupcakestl– one of our regulars who has been around since day one we really really appreciate you! thanks!, Claudette4heisman– love the avatar with the red hair and thanks for your daily commentary! appreciate ya!, Joneblace-Thanks homie!, Du66’s-Thanks for holding M.O. down!, Kim– we appreciate ya!, Anon– thanks homie!, SweetScorpio– gets down every day in the comments section too! thanks!, Monica-homie we appreciate ya you been ridin’ for a minute now! thanks, Jodi– appreciate ya!, Nikki- appreciate ya thanks!, 2thick4u– she’s been an M.O. rider since day one for real and we thank you for that appreciate ya girl!, JAD616-thanks for holding us down!, Krist– thanks!, Lisa– appreciate ya!, Monae– Appreciate ya girl!!!, Kesha– thanks for holding M.O. down!, Destinii– thanks and good to see you again lol, Ralphy J– appreciate ya!, Jan– is the new kid on the block and was killing it in the political debate over McCain and Obama and that ho Sarah Palin (LOL). Thanks homie!, Bonnie– thanks for holding M.O. down!, DT aka Dickwell Thrust– Thanks for keeping us and the rest of the readers entertained with your straight up hilariuos comments! He should definitely be doing comedy somewhere on somebody’s stage, It’s been a year folks and there will be many more to come as we continue to grow with you and you with us. Thanks thanks thanks and HAPPY B-DAY Medioutrage! M.O.! Ok now back to the news lol still singing the birth day song…..

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Weezy goes before the judge

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

Lil’ Wayne headed to court in NY yesterday to answer for a 2007 arrest on his tour bus in which an officer says she found a loaded gun. To find out what happened yesterday in court and how many years Weezy is facing if convicted CLICK HERE.

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A win for 50

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

The man with more drama than any of the movies that run on the network TNT, headed to court yesterday in NY, and exited a happy man. Long Island Judge David Freundlich ruled that 50 can see his 11 year old son Marquise every other weekend until an October 22 custody trial in family court. 50’s reaction to his victory?

Via AllHipHop:

“I’m going to hang out with some women,” 50 Cent quipped. “Make some music, make some movies, and continue to kick it.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Will Bristol Palin’s real baby father please stand up!

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

Bottom line homie says he was getting it in with VP candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin, and is the real father, and not the curly headed white dude she’s been plastered around the media with. Judge for yourself.

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