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Movie Premiere

Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2008

Tyler Perry, Sanaa Lathan, Taraji Henson, Alfre Woodard, Sebastian Siegel and others all attended the premiere of Tyler Perry’s “The Family That Preys” at Lowe’s Lincoln Square in NYC last night. “The Family That Preys” hits theaters this Friday Sept. 12. How many of you are going to check it out? Everyone looked nice last night. We think Tyler Perry is brilliant and really a true testament of what hard work, perseverance, talent, and unwavering faith in GOD will do for your life. Tyler covers the October issue of Ebony Magazine. We’ve read the article on him and it’s definitely something that everyone should pick up and read. They delve deep into his past of pain, and chronicle his at times bleak road to success. Perry earned $125million last year. He has created a film empire worth more than a $billion. If you’ve ever heard the man speak, you know that he is one of the most positive people in the industry. What really speaks volumes for Tyler Perry’s character is that in an industry where African Americans have been neglected by, Perry has become a funnel for which opportunities and second chances flow. And that says something about you, when you will reach down and give your own people a chance to rise with you. Beautiful thing. Thanks to Wendy over at Ebony for the Magazine Cover!

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19 Responses to “Movie Premiere”

  1. Sanaa Lathan & Taraji Henson together make me want to go to the movies 10 times a week to see this flick. Im not even a fan of Tyler like that but with them in it he’s got my 100.00 bucks!

  2. w2m said

    Everyone looked wonderful. I will definitely see this film on opening weekend.

  3. Ms. E said

    Although I am sick of watching Tyler in another flick (his cameo in Meet the Browns was stupid and unneccessary) I am highly interested in seeing Ms. Sanaa play this dramatic role!!

  4. Smurfette said

    I love me some Tyler Perry! Ima need him to come out the closet though! And I mean soon! Lol

  5. Lai'Lani said

    LMAO!!!! @ Smurfette LMAO!!!!

    Girl you iz crazy!

    I will be at the movies this weekend with girls to see this. Looks real good.

  6. Udamnright said

    lol at DT. yea sanaa is fine fine fine. taraji is cute. i wanna see this. tyler is a real positive brotha got a lot of respect for what he has and is accomplishing and the way he helps black actors and actresses.

  7. ucanb2 said

    I really appreciate all that Tyler has done for the black actors and actresses… I can’t wait until this weekend…hoping that this storm doesn’t hit so I can see the movie!!!!!!! Continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others Tyler.

  8. sweet_tea said

    I can’t wait to check this movie out- I love what Tyler has done & I’m excited that he crossed into white world to make a REGULAR movie, not a black family reunion ghetto flick. I hate how typical black movies usually have ONLY black actors. The real money is in mainstream & it’s good to see Perry gettin that. Plus, I love Sanaa as a role model for beautiful, black girls. Too often it’s the light-skinned, long hair girls that get the spotlight and our kids grow up thinking that’s the only beautiful. I love to show her to my kids and remind them that we come in all shades & they’re all lovely.
    OK- *sigh* my Oprah moment is over…

  9. Yasmine T. said

    Love Tyler! I think Madea’s Family Reunion was the bomb movie! All his writing is good. Thats good that he throws all black cast out there. Think about how many damn movies at the Oscars have absolutely not one black person in them?! Not even a F ing extra. So Tyler needs to keep doing what he’s doing because if Hollywood doesn’t want to give our actors shine then Tyler can. Definitely not a shamed of the movies we call “ghetto” some families act like that so its just truth. looking forward to seeing this movie

  10. Yea I Said It said

    I will be checkin this Friday, I love tyler’s movies. And all the leading men in his movies are a good look.

  11. Smurfette said

    Mmm hmmm, I KNOW all the leading men in his films be fine than a mugg! Just Tyler’s type!! Lol

  12. lol…smurfette is right…he’s got cash and these 2 fine women between him and he dosent even go on dates? come on…sounds sweeter that little richard at Ru Paul’s house!

  13. DMaxx said

    I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. It looks like a really great cast, but I’m especially looking forward to seeing Sanaa Lathan play a role that will be totally different for her!
    Tyler Perry Headlines and Video Clips

  14. ClassyChick said

    I Definitely CANT wait to see this movie…I Love Tyler Perry!

  15. beach chick said

    Sanaa looks wonderful….her and Tyler would make a great couple!

    I can’t wait for the movie!

  16. Cyndy said

    I LOVE Tyler Perry! Thanks for rescuing Black Hollywood! Keep our movies coming!

  17. Smurfette said

    Lol @ DT!

  18. beatbanga77 said

    I heard Spike Lee bytch slapped Tyler and told him to man up at his own movie premeire…

  19. Lio said

    What a classy lady…I must say, that dress looks great on her. And Tyler and her would made a GREAAAT couple. Tyler Perry is the man. By locating his studio in Atlanta instead of Hollywood, he saying “FUCK YOU” to Hollywood. You want to be in my movie?, you fly and see me in Atlanta.By staying away from Hollywood, he’s less influence by their bullshit. I believe that why his movie not only appeal to black people but to people of all races. Finally a writer/director/producer who master the art of story telling. Each time I see his movie, I feel so inspired. I would like to thank him for putting positive role models in his movies, thank him for sending positive life lessons in his movies, thank him for putting GOOD actors, whether they’re black or white, on silver screen and thank him for giving Hollywood some dignity. THANK YOU MR. PERRY !!!

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