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A Night For Patti

Posted by Media Outrage on September 15, 2008

Patti LaBelle was treated to a night of tribute at the Kodak Theatre this weekend. A ton of stars came out for the event. Patti is 64 and is aging gracefully. Home girl is in excellent shape and still a beautiful diva. Vivica has stepped her game up tremendously. Raven Symone…umm yea… ok we were just wondering what football camp she’s headed to because those shoulders are looking mighty broad out this mutha.

To see more pics of Patti and others

8 Responses to “A Night For Patti”

  1. w2m said

    Chrisette Michelle looks so beautiful. I know y’all ragging on Raven’s shoulders, but can somebody please help Fantasia, PLEASE!!

    Holly Robinson looks great. I love Flex and Shanice together. They are still going strong.

    Now my question is has everybody heard about JHUD and Punk getting engaged. That tripped me out when I heard that. Now I liked Punk on I Love NY, but hmmm I hope he all there for her. I’m just sayin’.

  2. cupcakestl said

    Patti got Rocks for days.

    Aint nothing like a women with a hand full of rocks.

  3. beach chick said

    Everyone looks amazing…but what crawled on Fantasia’s head and died?!

  4. Sweetthang said

    hey W2m!!! That was hilarious!! Fantasia just look like another ghetto bird, really the purple hair, is that how you do it Fanny!!!! really!!!! but hold up, who gets long junk nails anymore, with the middle finger a different color, now come on, if that aint hood!!!

    yes, I did hear that about them, I thought he was going to come out of the closet after that fiasco called a show! I’m sorry but he is GAY, don’t he look just like Terry McMillan’s ex husband

  5. Smurfette said

    When jhud was comin out she was still goin strong wit her longtime boyfriend. Now all of a sudden she on the come up and she got this new man. Sounds fishy. Word of advice jhud, unless u wanna end up like Star Jones, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ms. E said

    Vivica looks a mess..what is up with her hairline..ladies back away from the hair implants….step away!

  7. Sade said

    Fantasia look a damn fool with that hair but she sung her ass off. So did J.Hud and Letoya Luckett as well as Mario. I’m proud of all of them. But yeah i have to agree about the punk thing. I think he gay and does look like Terry McMillian’s ex-husband. Get it together. Jennifer. R.I.P (MAMA HUDSON, BROTHER HUDSON, AND HER NEPHEW)

  8. […] Hudson sang at a tribute to Patti Labelle that was actually taped back in September before tragedy struck her family. The show aired this past […]

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