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Tisha & Duane

Posted by Media Outrage on September 15, 2008

Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin got jiggy and stepped out to Patti’s tribute on Saturday night. They’ve kept it going for quite some time now on Hollywood’s time table. Bosomy actress Kym Whitley strapped them thangs in and threw on a nice dress appropriate for the occasion and took a few pics with bout it bout it Lisa Raye who looked stunning.

For more pics

9 Responses to “Tisha & Duane”

  1. cupcakestl said

    Lisa Raye looks tired and stressed out.

  2. Random said

    …and Ms.Campbell looks like she’s about to burst outta that dress..a size up couldn’t hurt…the dress itself is lovely…just not on her!

  3. beach chick said

    Lisa Raye can never get her hair quite right but I love the dress!

    Tisha Campbell’s face looks a little off! Did she get botox cause her face lookd tight! I don’t know maybe it’s that tight ass dress!

  4. Real Talk said

    Tisha Campbell is still fly. Lisa Raye is looking tired.

    Kym Whitley is packing some tig ol bitties

  5. Destinii said

    Tisha and Duane do look stunning. I’m lovin his tie. Lisa Raye looks she used mad concealer to cover up dem bags under her eyes.

  6. 2020VIZN said

    Lisa Raye looks tragic. I guess the bottom is falling out real fast. As a good gesture I hope she pulls out of her downward spiral. And I hope this experience humbles her but If it dosnt then she will end up in a crunch again

  7. joneblaze said

    Kym is a MILF

  8. Sweetthang said

    Kim looks great!!! I love me some Tisha and Duane, Lisa Raye, no comment

  9. Shea said

    Can somebody explain why all of these rumurs about celebs being gay( Duane Martin, Will Smith, Neo, Eddy Murphy, Jonny Gill) get started ? Is it just haters? If it is, whats in it for them? Can you guys stop doing this to these people its really horible. As a staight man I would hate to be labled gay. Although nothing is wrong with being gay I’m sure half the people who are wouldn’t have chose that life style if they had a choice. It comes with a whole lot of garbage.

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