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Who’s the 2nd highest grossing movie star of all time???

Posted by Media Outrage on September 20, 2008

Let us ask the question this way. Which actor’s movies have the 2nd highest gross of all time? And can you guess which actor is #1? Once again not which actor has grossed the most money, but which actor’s movies have grossed the most money? To find out the answer

#2 Samuel Jackson

Yep Samuel Jackson’s movies have domestically grossed $4.34 billion making him the 2nd highest-grossing movie star of all time behind Harrison Ford. We know a few of you probably guessed Will Smith.

11 Responses to “Who’s the 2nd highest grossing movie star of all time???”

  1. Yvonne said

    Wow…I would have never guessed Samuel Jackson. The first name that came to my mind WAS Will Smith.

    Go Sam. LOL

  2. Lio said

    WOW..and Samuel is only asking 10 to 15 million per movie ..but willing to work for 5 millis …..

  3. cupcakestl said

    Yeah i thought it was Will or John Travolta.

  4. keke said

    i though will smith all da way

  5. ucanb2 said

    Good job Samuel!! Represent for the not so handsome/young actor.

  6. dan said

    It is not Harrison Ford, it is Christopher Lee. Quote from Christopher Lee’s imdb page

    “His films have made more money than any other actor’s in history. As of May 2006, five of his films (‘The Lord Of The Rings” trilogy and the two “Star Wars” films in which he played Count Dooku) had total grosses in excess of $4.4 billion. Even without considering Lee’s other appearances dating back to 1948, his totals considerably surpass the figures of #3 billion and #3.8 billion claimed by Harrison Ford and Samuel L. Jackson, respectively.”

  7. Mobius said

    I’m guessing by now Christopher Lee has surpassed them all once again. Mainstream sites like Box Office Mojo don’t even list him – at all. Anybody know?

  8. sobaka said

    i figured Harrison Ford, but after thinking about it the kid “Daniel Radcliff” from harry potter has gotta be up there soon. epecially since he”ll have 8 Potter films. 7 books 8 movies you gotta love the desire of the studio to milk the fans for as much money as possible. thats gotta be a 2billion dollar decision…

    come to think of it any of the older actors that appear in all 8 of the potter flicks have gotta make this list…

    cuz world wide
    sorcerers stone 968,657,891
    chamber 866,300,000
    azkaban 789,458,727
    goblet fire 892,194,397
    order of 937,000,866

    thats FOUR trillion, four hundred fifty three billion, seven hundred eleven million, eight hundred eighty one

    and 3 more movies to go

    • Ty said

      You must be in love with Harry Potter or his movies cause for one, you are trying to count books when they are talking about movies! That is for one. For two, You say 8 movies, huh? WoW!!! If you put the effort forth to look up Sam Jackson’s stats, then you will see that Potter’s eight movies have grossed alot for the eight, but it can’t go against Sam Jackson’s 68 movies!!!! ANd they said, “Domestically”!

    • drij said

      Uhhh, you skipped a place. That’s 4 *billion* not trillion.

  9. Rich said

    I would think a question like that would be you would get credit in this category if you are the star of the movie. The number one all time movie gross leader where the actor is the star of the movie is Eddie Murphy.

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