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Who’s the bigger celebrity???

Posted by Media Outrage on September 22, 2008

In continuing with a regular theme on M.O. we want to know who you think is the bigger celebrity between Will Smith and Tom Cruise. Yep who’s more famous throughout the globe. So let us know between these 2 big blockbuster actor who you believe is the bigger celebrity. For those who have missed our other celebrity comparisons click here to answer our other questions.

30 Responses to “Who’s the bigger celebrity???”

  1. Random said

    Tom Cruise without a doubt!

  2. Ryan said

    Thats a hard one. I’m going to have to go with Tom Cruise.

  3. Lai'Lani said

    Will Smith for sure!

  4. Helen said

    I say Will Smith

  5. Helen said

    But they are kind of neck and neck. CLose one

  6. Smurfette said

    Will Smith. I only said that because he has the white audience and the black too. Cruise has the white audience.

  7. Random said

    In the 1980s Smith was still playing the little Philly Kid out in LA in Fresh Prince while Tom Cruise was starring in LEADING roles in MAJOR films like “Risky Business” and “Top Gun” to name a few..there’s really no comparison..

  8. Yea I Said It said

    Neither, ask if who’s the bigger celebrity between Samual L Jackson and Denzel Washington. Or Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce, Or AL Pachino and Robert Deniro. Or me and all of these people….. (ME)

  9. Yasmine T. said

    I say Will Smith without a doubt!

  10. Yasmine T. said

    Hey Random you forget that Will Smith has been in 8 consecutive blockbuster movies that all grossed over $100million which NO OTHER ACTOR HAS EVER DONE. SO YOU’RE RIGHT THERE IS NO COMPARISON BETWEEN THAT CRAZY COUCH JUMPING TOM CRUISE AND WILL SMITH. SMITH DEFINITELY WAY BIGGER. CRUISE HAS TO CATCH UP

  11. Yasmine T. said

    oh and I forgot to mention that Will Smith had a few rap albums one of which sold over 10million copies so are you serious? He has conquered movies and music. No comparison. Good question though M.O.

  12. Hovy's home said

    will smith is the bigger celeb.

  13. Timothy said

    Tom Cruise all day! But Big Willy is almost as famous

  14. Random said

    Yasmine darlin’ chill your need for the CAPS’s only a matter of opinion..and really are you serious about Will’s music career? So He had a few hits..I don’t think Will Smith is the first name that pops to anyone’s mind when they think of rap/great rappers there goes that..He’s had a few blockbuster hits..I will give him that..but when you compare their Careers..Willy’s got a lot of catching up to 1986 “TOP GUN” (which Cruise starred in)..This particular film became the highest grossing film of the YEAR taking in $354 million (don’t think many people knew of Mr. Smith at this time..other than his little rapping or his role in Fresh Prince)…I can go on and on…but really there’s no point..

  15. Random said

    Oh and not to mention the fact that in 2006 he ranked No. 1 on the Forbes Power 100 (Despite the little couch incident)…umm Will Who? Give me a break…

  16. Yasmine T. said

    @ Random- check this year and last year’s forbes power ranking honey. Will killed Tom Cruise. Smith made $80million this year. Oh and your point still is not valid. I just told you that Will Smith did something that no other actor (which would include Tom Cruise) did which is acted in 8 str8t films that all grossed over $100million. Oh yea just looked in Forbes Random and Tom Cruise made $13million last year lol come on now compared to $80million lol. Top Gun was a pretty big movie but are you serious? None of Tom Cruises films have been bigger than

    1. Independence Day
    2. Men In Black
    3. Hancock
    4. I Robot
    5. I Am Legend

    Shouldn’t even mention the fact that the creators of the “Matrix” asked Will Smith to play Neo and when he turned them down they went and got Keanu Reeves.

    Yes while Smith is a wack rapper lol still it’s impressive to sell more than 10million records as a rapper. Only other rap group to do that was the Fugees. Like i said no comparison.
    4. Bad Boys

  17. beach chick said

    Tom Cruise is definitely a bigger celebrity!

  18. w2m said

    I think Will Smith

  19. Random said

    @Yasmine..none of them have been bigger? you’ve gotta be shittin me…Again we go back to TOP GUN which grossed over $350million..which by the way NONE OF the films mentioned ABOVE have even come close.”Independence Day” came close at $306million..and this was 10 years later in 1996..In the 1980s Tom Cruise was starring in some of the top grossing films of that time..

    -Top Gun ’86
    -The Color of Money ’86
    -Rain Man ’88
    -Born on the Fourth of July ’89

    Where was Mr. Smith at this time..rapping with Jazzy Jeff? LOL..singing “summertime”…come on dude..

    Let’s move on to Mr.Cruise

    By the 1990s he was one of the highest paid actors in the WORLD earning an average 15 million dollars a picture in such blockbuster hits as Interview with the Vampire(1994), Mission:Impossible (1996) and Jerry Maguire (1996) – for which he received an Academy Award Nomination for best actor.

    Again where was Mr.Smith…oh yeah..starring in Fresh Princeo of Bel Air? It wasn’t till “Bad Boys” that he really got some recognition into the Film Industry…I’m not doubting his Acting skills..he’s a good actor and he’s been in a few major hits..but generally speaking..Tom Cruise has “been there/done that” already when Mr.Smith was a NOBODY..therefore leading me to believe that Tom Cruise is By far the bigger Celeb in this case. Of course this a matter of Opinion..and I respect yours as well as everyone else’s =]!!

  20. Random said

    Oh and in response to “The Matrix” Neo role…Nicholas Cage also turned down the same role..

  21. Me said

    @Yasmine T. & Random:

    Conclusion…Tom was bigger back then, Will catched up… Now he’s on top!

  22. Random said


    Mr.Smith hasn’t caught up yet..he’s getting there..but not quite..

  23. cupcakestl said

    Wow y’all got it cracking today

    but i will say Tom and Will is the shit.

    don’t bite my head off for my choice either.


  24. 2020VIZN said

    Question is, who IS, IS, IS, IS, IS, IS, IS the biggest star. Tom Cruise, WAS, WAS, WAS, WAS, WAS, WAS, WAS, WAS the biggest star.

    No disrespect Random but all af the movies that you listed are all almost 20 years old. Mr. Smith is killing the game right now. And although he is not a gangster rapper (which might get him put into the wack rapper catagory) which I dont agree with. He has recorded albums in the 80’s, 90’s, and in 2000.

  25. Rocksee said

    So nice to be on the outside for a change…

  26. Random said

    Tom Cruise WAS/IS/and WILL ALWAYS be a well known ACTOR worldwide..wayyy bigger than Will Smith…What diff. does it make whether those movies are 10/20 or even 30 yrs old..point is that they’re BLOCKBUSTER hits…and since everyone seems to be mentioning the hits Will’s been in..I felt the need to throw in a couple of Cruise’s Hits..Just because he’s “killing the game” right now..doesn’t make him a BIGGER celeb than someone who’s been around for YEARS and has Already “killed the game”..When Speaking in general..Tom’s the bigger Celeb no Question about that!

  27. Smurfette said

    I still say its Will and Will is there even when you don’t see him! He pullin down money on films like Lakeview Terrace this weekend. It did great at the box office, produced by Will Smith and is an Overbrook film. A film company he helped to create! ATL the movie, one of my faves is also an Overbrook! Take notice, Will knows all the money aint in front of that camera! What ol Tom up to these days besides runnin behind lil Katie? Lol

  28. Alek said

    Ok bigger celebrity you ask…I would say that Tom Cruise is just a little bit bigger. He doesn’t have Will beat by much though and that will probably shift any day now. I just think that Cruise is celebrated way more in the media and around the world.

    They are both veterans because smith has been doing it for a very long time and is far from a new comer.

  29. Brenda said

    Will Smith.

  30. NYC said

    Will Smith no doubt

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