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Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden Debate Pt.1

Posted by Media Outrage on October 3, 2008

Last night was an interesting and colorful debate. In our opinion this debate was way more entertaining than Barack vs McCain. Both candidates were very articulate, charismatic, and stepped up to the plate, but we must say Biden got her azz. Who won in your opinion?

15 Responses to “Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden Debate Pt.1”

  1. Random said

    Biden without a doubt..He’s obviously an expert on foreign policy..she tried to hold on…and she somehow managed…but she’s no match for Biden..The part where he spoke about his son in Iraq was very touching (yes, I shed a tear)..oh and it’s NUCLEAR…not NOOKilar(Bush’s pronounciation of the term)..Johnny Boy I’m disappointed in you for picking this chic as your VP!!

  2. Ms. E said

    She held down her own…but yeah Biden sold me! I don’t even know why she agreed to come on tv and do that debate…she obviously knew that Biden was going to wipe the floor with her and he did!!

  3. Sweetthang said

    Clearly, Biden won. I watched this from beginning to end. My whole beef with this situation is, she got prepped really hard, it’s like school, you cram hard for a test, you might ace it, but ask me what the test was about the next day, probably won’t have much of a clue. They told her what to say, she avoided all the questions and answered them the way she wanted to, nothing was specific! it was whack! So of course she was going to do better than her crazy interviews with Katie Couric, she had a whole team of people telling her which questions would be asked and how to answer them.

  4. w2m said

    Biden won. I agree with Sweethang, Palin didn’t answer many of the questions. She kept going back to Energy.

    My folk kept calling me asking me do I see her cheat sheet!! LMAO!!

  5. beach chick said

    Obama-Biden ’08

  6. beach chick said

    Is it me or did she sound well rehearsed and as if she was competing for the Ms. Alaskan Snow Crab Queen title!

  7. Smurfette said

    Obama-Biden ’08!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ClassyChick said

    LOL@ Beach Chick….Biden won hands, Palin went around answering many of the questions the way they were supposed to be answered. And If I had to hear the words ALASKA or HOCKEY MOM come out of her mouth one more time I was gonna SCREAM…I was just laughing at her ass the ENTIRE Debate!

    “OBAMA 08”

  9. w2m said

    Naw, if I heard MAVERICK one more time …..!!

  10. Ms. E said

    Honestly, I only watched 10 minutes of it..then I switched the channel it was a good movie on Disney channel (lol)!

  11. Fonzerelli said

    biden all day he beat her azz.

    obama 08!!!!!

    vote or get fucked up!

  12. Fonzerelli said

    reasons why no one should vote for mccain:

    1. he’s 72 fuckin years old are you kiddin me?

    2. they just went somewhere and scooped sarah palin up and she dont no what the hell she’s talkin bout on any subject.

    3. he’s 72 fuckin years old….

    4. he’s a wealthy republican only lookin to get richer and make his constituents filthy rich.

    5. did i mention he’s 72 fuckin years old????

    6. he voted wit bush %90 of the time….

    7 and last but not least HE’S 72 FUCKIN YEARS OLD!

    OBAMA O8!!!!!

  13. Palin won for herself. Biden won for Obama.

    But the more important issue remains unaddressed. I have not yet heard anyone from any side express any concern about the most dangerous possibility if Governor Palin is elected to national office.

  14. MDsista said

    First of all, when she said she hadn’t made any promises to the American people because she had only “been at this” for 5 weeks and gave that annoying awkward tick that the media is calling a wink, she was automatically disqualified.

    If I hear one more so-called pundit call her charming and “folksy” (is it 1831?) for saying “gosh darn it ya know” I’m going to throw up

    Did anyone catch the condescending remark about how Joe biden’s wife’s reward is in heaven for being a teacher? Wtf? I guess that’s true for the republicans since they won’t be rewarding teachers with higher wages or actually funding no child left behind in this lifetime

    51% of debate watchers thought biden won

    I was watching CNN and thought forme Clinton supporter Hillary rosen made:
    Imagine palin in the situation room after a terror attack. Scary thought.

  15. great view!!! I agree

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