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Making History

Posted by Media Outrage on October 6, 2008

Tyler Perry made history Saturday night as he became the first African American to launch his own major TV and film studio. We keep telling folks that this is one super talented man. We love the way home skillet is branching out and conquering new territory without kissing Hollywood’s @ss. Keep killin’ em Tyler!

To plenty more pics and read more details about the event and how Oprah was brought to tears

Via People:

Will Smith’s words:

“I admire most that he can be that tall and wear a white suit,” said Smith, 40, never to waste a punch line. “I usually have to avoid white. At this height, you don’t tend to look sexy in white suits, but he pulled it off.”

“This is an American first, and the first in the universe,” said the I Am Legend star. “There is something happening in America and in the world that’s powerful. He is not letting anyone get in his way.

“Those are the wonderfully naïve, arrogant, humble, powerfully American concepts that make things powerful in this country. It’s big.”

Sydney Poitier’s words:

“I spent 56 years making movies and this is the reward that I have that means the most to me,” said Poitier, 81, the first African-American to win a Best Actor Oscar, for 1963’s Lilies of the Field.

A New Orleans native with a troubled childhood, Perry, 39, credited all of his guests with inspiring his life. Of Winfrey, who attended the celebration with longtime beau Stedman Graham and best friend Gayle King, Perry said, “She owns her life. I am learning that. I never would have shown this to people a few years ago. I was embarrassed by the success.”

The evening:

As a large cast of attendants passed around champagne and tissues for the teary-eyed (who were many), Perry shared his rags-to-riches story over a large video screen that eventually gave way to a live singer and band delivering “The Impossible Dream,” followed by a fireworks display. Mary J. Blige, Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight also treated guests to separate performances.

At one point, Perry unveiled a special surprise for veteran trailblazers Poitier, Dee and Tyson: each now has a soundstage named after him and her.

“Is this my wall?” joked Poitier – as Winfrey dissolved into tears.

Mediaoutrage– Such a proud night for Tyler and his fans. Tyler has accomplished so much in so little time. He went from producing plays on the chitlin’ circuit to producing movies on the big screen. We’re definitely awaiting to see what Mr. Perry has in store for us in the future. Congrats Tyler!

30 Responses to “Making History”

  1. Much love and success to him. His picture out now is a definete must see for all.

  2. Smurfette said

    I love Tyler! Do it den!

  3. lio said

    Proud of this brotha , well done Mr.Perry

  4. JJ Evans said

    Proud day for African Americans. Get that paper.

  5. Yasmine T. said

    I have so much respect for this man. Love how he rescued and revived Black Hollywood. He started blowing up and didn’t change at all. Love him! Congrats Tyler!

  6. w2m said

    What Yasmine T. said.

  7. Jules said

    Yasmine T and W2m:

    Please keep ALL of the BLACK writers in your prayers that this man-girl fired simply because the writers were in talks to unionize. Congratulations are in order for his head “WHITE” writer that will bring a “genuine Black perspective” to his later films and television productions.

    Yet, I digress…

  8. Yvonne said

    I am just amazed at what this man has done. To think, not that long ago this man was homeless and living in his car.

    I am just totally amazed and awestruck. I would give anything to find out what turned him around to reach such amaziing heights as he has.

    Is there something I am missing…it must be because I have been trying to change my status for years and even though I am not worst than I was I am still trying to climb higher.

    I would give anything…..well not anything, but I would give a lot just to sit down and have a one-on-one with him about his beliefs.

  9. w2m said

    @Jules, I will definitely keep those writers in my prayers. Also know that there are two sides to every story. So while I’m praying, I won’t be passing judgement.

    @Yvonne, you will get there, just keep believing.

  10. Yasmine T. said

    @ Jules – you’re funny lol. Check this regardless of whether he fired writers or not. Do you have any idea why I and M.O. celebrate this man so much? Let me fill you in:

    When an all WHITE Hollywood would not give black actors and actresses roles in movies, Tyler Perry did.

    When your major TV networks got rid of ALL of the BLACK sitcoms Tyler Perry just went and created his own and hired an ALL BLACK CAST. Yes the show might not be as good as I would like it but I give the man an A + for what he is doing. If you just peruse through your TV channels during the week you won’t find ONE black sitcom. Is that terrible or what? This man is pumping life and money back into our black actors and actresses that haven’t been able to hold down jobs in RACIST ass HOLLYWOOD. So you really need to check your AUNT TOM ASS for always having something critical to say about someone who is doing everything he can for US. Then again I don’t know about you because are either not one of “us” or you are one of “us” that really hates “us”.

    Go Tyler!

  11. Yasmine T. said

    @ Yvonne, Tyler Perry has professed his belief in Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

    I think his faith in GOD has EVERYTHING to do with his amazing SUCCESS.

  12. Udamnright said

    damn my girl Yasmine is getting at folks today lol. Nah I actually agree with you Yasmine. Jules no offense to you. I just appreciate what Tyler has done for black hollywood also.

  13. beach chick said

    I am so happy and proud of Mr. Perry. I remember when he started with those plays and I cannot believe how far he has come!

  14. Jules said

    Side one: Twyla Perry’s riches and wealth continuously climb.

    Side two: Black writers, whose gifts and talents, are the contributing factor to the increased riches and wealth of Twyla Perry would like their pay to be on par with someone of his calibre, thus they chose to unionize. Subsequently, they were fired.

    I guess I should “applaud” these Black “self-worshipping…self-loathing” Hollyweird people for taking such mediocre roles from a mediocre producer, mediocre actor (laughable), mediocre director, yadda, yadda, yadda…

    Now, all he has to do is inject some class into his movies and TV programs and I will be one supportive Black individual. The Family That Preys was a very good start as well as Why Did I Get Married (except that he had to show that face of his in both movies).

  15. positive thought said

    This is a very proud moment for black people. We have come a long way from being shackled to owning TV and movie studios. Beautiful thing.

  16. Rocksee said

    @MO —

    A little know, yet important historical fact:

    Did you know about the MBC Network based out of Atlanta, Georgia?

    Here’s what I’ve stored away…

    Initiated in the early 1990’s, this network was owned by attorney Willie E. Gray, Cecil Fielder, Evander Holifield, Marlon Jackson and Alvin D. James.

    The MBC Network was plugged into 15 million homes within its’ first 2 ½ years of service.

    Originally received a $450 million valuation from a Fortune 500 Investment Banking firm.

    In USA Today’s June 16, 1993, edition, Alvin D. James was credited with launching the first African-American Movie Network for basic cable, under the title: “MBC beats BET (Black Entertainment Television) to the punch by debuting its 12-hour block of A frican-American films via satellite”.

    Today, MBC has over 22 million subscribers.

    This info was validated as of May 2008.

    Tell us what you know…

  17. Ms. E said

    Happy for him…NOW he just needs to meet and marry me so I can help spend all that $$$!

  18. Rocksee said

    Guess you haven’t heard…

  19. Jules said

    MTO allowed a poster to call me what the poster thought was a derogatory name (Aunt Tom ass is what I was called). When I tried to enlighten the poster about Josiah Henson, I was not allowed to do so. This is not freedom of speech and expression nor the sharing of information/history.

    Thanks MTO for being insensitive.

  20. Yasmine T. said

    I have to laugh. Jules I want to know who is MTO? The last time I checked that was Media Take Out. This is M.O. Media outrage or maybe I’m wrong lol. Readers on here are so dag on sensitive. I don’t know the M.O. staff but I’m sure they’re laughing at all of this BITCHASSNESS lol. It was a conversation and I expressed my opinion of you and your negative comments about Tyler Perry. No one is stopping you from expressing yourself. I shouldn’t have called you an Aunt Tom but that was what came to my mind. People say way worse things on this site.

  21. Media Outrage said

    We rarely ever get involved in the debates that take place in the comments, but everyone please just play nice. You don’t have to express such acrimony when you disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, views, perceptions, and say so. Try not to insult each other. The mature approach is to agree to not agree.

  22. Jules said

    I did mean MO.

    Yasmine: I’m not being sensitive. As long as you acknowledge your immaturity then I am fine.


  23. Ms. E said

    Why can’t we all just get along!

  24. w2m said

    WOW!! Well I’m proud of Tyler and his accomplishments. I’m also proud of the MBC Network even though I don’t have it, I have heard about them.

  25. Tyler Perry and I used to smoke weed back in 1997 at the Fox Theater. He has come along way.

  26. Yasmine T. said

    I am not acknowledging my supposed immaturity. I will say what I want when I want how I want, because I am a grown woman. I was just being nice since I see that M.O. has some VERY sensitive readers that like to complain about every little thing. I bite my tongue for no one.

  27. Smurfette said

    Leave it to DT to come wit some funny shit after all these comments! Lol

  28. Jules said

    I try not to bite my tongue as well. The mouth ulcer is something awful.

  29. ucanb2 said

    Congratulations to Tyler Perry in all his endeavors. May God’s blessings continue to fall on him. We have been blessed to be a blessing to others….

  30. Solomon said

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    gr8 resrch bro?

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