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Them girls were hateful

Posted by Media Outrage on October 12, 2008

Star Jones spoke to Essence about how she was treated during her departure from the View in 2006. Here’s what went down according to her:

Via People:

“Those girls were hateful,” Jones says of her former co-hosts.

Jones also opens up about “falling into a depression” after losing her self-titled Court TV show last year; her ongoing dispute with Barbara Walters (“Barbara set me up”); and her divorce from Al Reynolds, which was finalized in September.

Responding directly to Reynolds’s infamous YouTube videos, in which he stated he “still loves” Star, Jones responds bluntly: “I’m not in love with him.”

Jones, who laid low after the abrupt cancellation of her Court TV show, is currently in talks to make a non-scripted TV comeback. The reason she’s ready to start over? A sense of renewal she says she gained after spending an Under The Tuscan Sun-style summer at an Italian villa with girlfriends, including Natalie Cole.

While she doesn’t directly address her new relationship with executive chef Herb Wilson, whom she was photographed smooching in the stands at last month’s U.S. Open, she tells the magazine, “I want to fall in love again. I’m ready to love 24/7. I want happiness.”

Mediaoutrage– It should be an interesting read. We’d love to know the inside scoop on the immense hate that took place on the set. We wish she’d talk about that ‘white sheet’, ‘rope’, and ‘crosses’ that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is probably hiding.

14 Responses to “Them girls were hateful”

  1. Yes I Said It said

    Karm is a bitch I hear, just ask OJ. Star you sat your ass on the view and sometimes you though you were them. Hurts when they let you know you are still black don’t it? And you knew damn well Al may not have been all man. I only work weekends flying,cause I got classes during the week, but I can get you hooked up, just say the word Star.

  2. Rocksee said

    What’s that all about?

  3. Yes I Said It said

    Sorry Rocksee, I never liked Star, I promise you I see so called celebrities sometimes while flying on the weekends, I never had Star as a passenger, however some of my co-workers have and as we do when we are laying over in different cities, we talk about who was a jerk and who kept it real. To her credit she was not considered as big a bitch in person as Oprah was, but she is a bitch. Since she does not ahve a job now, I can hook her up with flying so she can at least fly. ( Now that’s a joke) If I said all the real ass-holes that smile in public and complete jack-asses when the camaras are off, I would type for four days.

  4. 1coolazzchic said

    lmao@yes i said it….u said it. cant stand her.

  5. ucanb2 said

    What a tangled web we weave….never forget who you are and where you came from!!!! SMH

  6. 2020VIZN said

    @ Yes I Said It: I know exactly what you mean, I worked at MIA on concourse C (for two years). You learn who are idiots when you work at an airline or airport real quick. Just to name a few.

    Don King, Dion Sanders and Outkast – Cool as a fan

    Lisa Raye, Shabba Ranks and Missy Elliot – Fuck dem motherfukers

    Most of the white celebs act like they are regular people and keep it petty level headed. Its always a brother or a sister that treats you like you have titty on ya forehead.

  7. Yea I Said It said

    Bernie Mack, Cedric The Entertainer, Patty Labelle,Omarion, Bruce Bruce,Michale Eapps,Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan,Reginald Bell. Down to earth talk to anyone that talk to them gave out autographs very nice to meet.

    Dianna Ross,Steve Harvey, Whitney Houston,Luther Vandross,Oprah,P Diddy, Keshia Cole,Kimmberly wanna be Lock, The Rock,All some of the biggest BITCHES have nasty attitudes, won’t say hello. even has been Ginuwine had the nerve to put his diva cap on….Natalie Cole,I saw how they act when fans approach them for an autograph. Michael Jackson with his child licking ass had American Airlines red coats escort him to his gate alone with a police officer, and the thing is no one knew it was him until they saw all the folks with him. Jesse Jackson is as fake as they come he does not speak unless theres a camara around. Oprah buys both seats in first class so no one will sit next to her and talk. She also requires someone sit next to her until the flight is fully boarded, then they leave. She told me once on a flight make sure she was not disturbed. I was so close to saying Bitch i don’t work for you.Alot of times these people forget who made them especially us.

  8. 2020VIZN said

    Yes I Said It: I have run into some of the same folks and you couldnt be more right.

    I dealt with Jessee Jackson through work and an ass he is.

    I didnt want to make my post too long but I know you are speaking the truth. But that dude, Lester from 227 and Jackee are also some ignant asses also and thats a shame because they are D listed.

  9. cupcakestl said

    Wow i love the info in the 304’s. (hoes)

    on the positive note Bruce Bruce is so cool i was walking in the club and he was coming out and

    he had to chicken plates and i asked him for some he told me hell no i will buy your ass one

    i’m not given nobody none of my damn chicken. He was super cool.

  10. nanci said

    who cares is Oprah is disturbed no one should watch her show, they go to much extreme to get ratings and then act like asses in public, besides she have her own plane why is she flying in public, as for star, she dont like her ex now? I rememeber when she was getting married to that fake ass guy, she con all the networks so she can get all the most expensive gifts, the gifts is still around but not the love, guess the guy could’nt put up with her ranting and raving and expected so much attention. I thought I was watching the marriage of the century when Star got married, oh my god she really over did it, All those celebrities they hate the general public but need out money to keep their shows going, the public should wake up and ignore their asses so they will wind up poor like us. I cant believe Oprah saying make sure she is not disturbed, but that’s the best when it comes to what other celebrities say about john public, they think they so great, it’s only the money that have them to this high status, minus the money and they are nothing.

  11. nanci said

    star talked about her wedding too much and made it into this fairy tale event, one thing she miscalculated is that she should’ve married to a real man, the guy is nothing, yes he have a good job, but when the night falls he’s not a man anymore, the sky will open in amazement when you see what some of these guys that are married does in the dark, money and big mansions wont get you no where you have to be real, star on the other hand tries to pretend what she is not, now she got an idea that if you dont give the network what they want, they will dump you , they dont care how much education you have and how much your mother wanted you to be a star, who cares.

  12. nanci said

    as for angelina jolie, she claim she wants all this privacy but showing off her breasts in public, she is the same person as anyone else, why is the public so facinated about angelina, she cant act and most of her movies such big time. She needs to put on some weight and look like a woman in her 30’s she looks like 58 years old. She is plugging her movie and no one should watch it, I wish it tanks.

  13. Rocksee said

    @Yes I Said It —


    You don’t have to convince me…I’ll believe your word. What has anybody got to gain or lose coming on this site perp-ing?

    I bet you see a lot of interesting dirt!! Hilarious dirt!

    Your post made me laugh, because it felt like you were sharing top secret information, that is now officially out of the bag!!

    Talk to me ANYTIME!! I may some interesting stuff to share too…

    I’ve got an inside connect…Wink!!

    @ 2020 —

    My love…

    A titty on the forehead?!!?


    I can officially start my day!

    That’s too much Boo!!

  14. Ms. E said

    I don’t care for Star..or those women on the view..SO NEXT!!!!

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