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Her show might be WACK as all HELL but…

Posted by Media Outrage on October 13, 2008

At least she’s still working right? Raven Symone, Angie Stone, Cheryl Lee Ralph, Lorretta Divine, Kenny Lattimore, Kym Whitley and Omarosa all attended the 18th Annual Divas Simply charity event on Saturday. Raven’s show might suck major ballz, but, what it lacks in substance and humor, she clearly makes up for, with her $100 million bank account. How many of you watch her show?

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56 Responses to “Her show might be WACK as all HELL but…”

  1. Damn MO….

    There is about 23 miles of cleavage in all of these shots combined! Little Raven got titties bigger than her whole body when she played Olivia on the Cosby show. And I dont know whats going on with Kenny Latimore look but from that photo he looks like a sex offender from that pose. Get It together Z listers!!

  2. reader said

    Hell no i don’t watch her show! I hope no grown up does. MO i can just hear that ‘hatin’ b*tch Rocksee’s comments over all of these cleavage shots LOL. Your staff better get ready for a fucking novel from that broad. SMH. lol @ dt

  3. Udamnright said

    what did i miss? who has a problem with cleavage? i don’t so MO keep that ish coming! I’d rather drink infected piss than watch Raven’s show, but, she could get human cream of wheat sprayed all over them thangs.

  4. Loving the look on Moesha’s step momma…Raven, I am not quite sure what’s wrong with the child *Thinking*

  5. Lol… Yeah Udamright, there are some people on here who are offended at all the beautiful Nursery Feeding mileage that’s on this site. I think MO should do the right thing and tone it down a bit….(just as soon as central air is installed in HELL)

  6. w2m said

    DT you ignant, LOL.

  7. Lai'Lani said

    lmao!!!! @ “I think MO should do the right thing and tone it down a bit….(just as soon as central air is installed in HELL)” dt is hilarious! i stay close to getting fired because of yall!

  8. reader said

    Yo DT just call a spade a spade! IT’s not “some” people. It’s that fake ass b*tch Rocksee! F*ck that MO keep bringing what you bring! I bet if you started posting a whole bunch of Nelly pics with him in his draws no one would complain. So FUCK EM ALL! lol.

  9. Reader,

    Youre right. But some people do get offended with my crude humor and I want to apologize to all the A & B cup women out there because the Dickwell loves you too. Even if I Could iron my prada suit on your chest, The dickwell still loves you.

    Yes, in real life I would rather have a face over a body and a intelligent mind over all. Although my woman had big tits and every woman I ever dated has had big tits that dosent mean i wouldnt get with a woman who had mentos for tits. I love all my sistas..

    As long as your disease free and your twat dosent smell like used Rhinoceros diapers we can become one in a vision of love.

  10. Smurfette said

    Raven has a show?

  11. Cyndy said

    DT is off the chain! lmao!

  12. cupcakestl said

    Did i mess some between Reader and Rocksee???

    I don’t watch her show but i don’t stop by and check her out for a few seconds she is doing her thing and i and pride of her.

    Oh and glad she lost some of that fat back.

  13. 1coolazzchic said

    *whispering* i watch it sometimes. but hey to my defense, i have 5 kids. they love that show. sometimes its humorous. but… bad she couldnt pull it out wit the cheetah girls. she is mildly irritating…she def aint olivia anymore. but shit 100 mil is 100 mil

  14. @1coolazzchic LOL!

  15. Kristina said

    Ahaha I watch it too 1coolazzchic but I blame that on my niece, that show is so corny it’s brutal to sit through.

  16. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ Kristina

  17. Smurfette said

    Oh, yall talkin bout that’s so Raven! I thought she had a new show or somethin! My neice has made me sit through so many fuckin episodes of that dumbass show, I can’t even watch B-more play football for the fear someone might say the word Raven! And if I hear my neice sing that opening song one mo gin, ima choke the life outta her little azz!!!

    Disclaimer: No children were harmed during the writing of this post. All references made to hurting a child is fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental

  18. keke said

    well when it did come on i did watch her show i like it she is doin her thang

  19. CC said

    Her eyebrows look awful.

  20. Rocksee said

    Love the That’s So Raven Show!!

    It’s what every actor on her level hopes for…Disney contract…spin-offs (the Cheetah girls)…merchandise…tween audience $$$…and of course syndication!!

    If she plays her cards right, she may not “have” to work again…

    Wish it could’ve been “That’s So Rocksee!!”

  21. ucanb2 said

    I agree Raven is doing her thing, she is one serious-minded young woman!!! Keep making the money..and she looks nice in that pic (even though her eyebrows need to be shaped)……

  22. Rocksee said

    @Ucanb2 —

    Yeah…Raven is a doll too and one of the nicest young ladies in Hollywood.

    Did I mention smart?…Drug Free…Drama Free…the whole nine.

    She’s the dream kid with ca$h!!

  23. Eric said

    I guess most of you all climbed from under a rock That’s so Raven stopped production 3 years ago. Thow are reruns Raven is the highest paid Disney actress ever Her brands worth is over 400 million, which puts her right at about 65 million which is about 35 under Britanny Spears . Remember the show was cheezy as hell , but was geared for 12 year olds lol

  24. JAD616 said

    Yea the show is WACK but what do you expect from the disney network? lol The kids that watch her show don’t seem to be complaining because the show stopped around 06/07 but it still plays. 100 million? Must be nice to be only 22 years old with that kind of bread.

  25. jnblaze said

    Raven is cute with a pair a tits that will make any man scream for her milk,but didnt they cancel her show awhile back? But hey she made tons of cash when ABC purchased the re runs,and she produces those boring Cheetah girl flicks

  26. Ms. E said

    YEAH..they cancelled that ish and the boy that played her brother got his own shoe (which is garbage too) called Cory in the House! I find more amusement in watching the Disney channel’s wack a$$ High School Musical movies than that ish!!

  27. w2m said

    LOL ya’ll a mess.

    I have to agree with Rocksee and Ucanb2. Yeah I confess I watched it. I thought it was a cute tween kid show. But for me thats normal because I grew up watching shows like “Square Pegs” “Degrassi High”.

    Raven has definitely become the young mogul and like what was mentioned she is drug and drama free. I watched an interview with her once a few months ago and she has been on her own handling business since she was 18. Paying her bills by automatic draft so she doesn’t mess up. Sounds like a smart young lady.

    I have heard she can be a bit of a diva and that there was stuff going on with the Cheetah Girls, but there are two and in this case four sides to every story.

  28. w2m said

    @Cupcakestl…”Did i mess some between Reader and Rocksee???”

    I was wondering the same thing myself. Guess thats what happens when I actually do some work.

  29. cupcakestl said

    Right, but if you go to Sunday’s Salma you will find it.

  30. reader said

    @ W2m

    It wasn’t anything major. I just addressed the fact that she expressed her displeasure with MO posting cleavage shots. Like who the f*ck cares? I read and never leave comments but pass time at work by reading all of your comments. Anyone who reads the comments knows that dt is a f*cking comedian, and most of the readers are funny and intelligent but I just have a low tolerance (which no one shouid give a f*ck about) for bull sh_t. And Rocksee just hurts my eyes lol sometimes with her bull sh_t comments, like she works in the entertainment industry and knows some of these people. And if she does BIG F*CKING DEAL! I personally know D Wade, does that statement change anyone’s f*cking life? No! But it’s no beef I just had to get that off my chest.

  31. w2m said

    Ok. I did read the comments in the Salma post. Alrighty then. Thanks Cupcakestl for pointing me in the right direction.

    @Reader, thanks for clearing that up for me. I have to say that yeah I do have a low tolerance for bs, I just ignore stuff that I find offensive. DT is straight comedy so him I can do nothing but laugh at…Hilarious. I too have seen the comments “1 cheeseburger away”, but I don’t get into that simply because everyone has their own opinion. I rep for the big girls, so in the end its about how I feel about myself.

    @Reader, I beg to differ with this statement “I personally know D Wade, does that statement change anyone’s f*cking life?” It would change mine if you wanted to introduce a sista 😉

  32. Ms. E said

    Hey Reader..tell D Wade I think he is sexy as hell!!

  33. reader said

    I’ll do that lol.

    Everybody goes to blog while they’re at work cause the sh*t is entertaining. I used to visit TMZ and Perez Hilton but not really into white celebs and their readers are racist as hell lol. So thats what makes me laugh when people take this stuff so serious when it’s just to keep us entertained. If you just want boring ass news hit up CNN. I used to read SandraRose but I just can’t take her hate. This lady must really hate herself because it shows in the way she hates on every f*cking body! lol. I think Rocksee is SandraRose lol.

    Mediatakeout makes up a lot of stuff but its funny and entertaining. So when i read comments of people really about to bust a blood vessel over some gossip i really crack up.

  34. w2m said

    I stopped reading SandraRose and Mediatakeout for the very reasons you stated. The racism at TMZ and Perez is rampant.

    M.O. is my even mix of CNN and Celebrity news all mixed up in one. Much love M.O.

  35. Ms. E said

    @ Reader..I am with you on that! I know people that get so offended over the dumbest comments about celebrities (like they know these folks)! I know I am on here to be entertained and I don’t take anything seriously every comment I post is for fun!!

    I tried NecoleB*tchi* and Concreteloop and it wasn’t the same as MO!!! I can’t live without reading this website!!

  36. w2m said

    Ain’t nobobdy like MediaOUTRAGE!!!, LOL.

    I like NecoleBitchie, but I just read and occasionally post. I often feel like an adopted child over there because the fam is already established. Over here all can come in a and sit a spell (who didn’t know I was country??) Paul & Jan even stop by every now and again. 😉

  37. reader said

    I like NecoleBitchie and Concreteloop. My girl put me on to these blogs lol. I read them more than she does. But reading certain sites are addictive. I read a few technology sites. I feel NecoleBitchie cause she keeps it all the way 100. Concreteloop is very informative. Bossip is just f*cking hilarious to me, they are disrespectful as hell but that’s good! lol. But with these blogs I keep my day passing pretty nice. MO keeps it nice and funny and disrespectful also lol love it. My girl put me on to this site also. She turned me into a blog fein.

  38. Cyndy said

    Ok we talking about favorite blogs?

    What i read everyday!


    Stopped reading MediaTakeOut a while ago. They make up too much stuff for me. Ahotmess used to be my favorite before they just shut down lol. Never read TMZ or PerezHilton.

  39. shonda said

    my fav blogs are:


    MO i like how you keep it funny!

  40. I love Mo as well. They give me a chance to vent my feeling and pornographic humor. And once again I apologize if I offened any female by me saying things like :blowing your back out” or serving the ladies hot Dick sandwiches because I dont mean to offend.

    I believe if a man tells you he wants to stab your guts or rip you up like an eviction notice, then he is secretly telling you he is interested.

    I know I wouldnt tell that shit to Ester Rolle from Good Times or Whoopi so if a brotha seems vulgar, he is really a shy brotha trying to get to know you…give him and love a chance

  41. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ DT

  42. w2m said

    SMH & LOL@DT

  43. Rocksee said

    @DT —

    You are the Hottest…Sexiest Mess…I’ve never known…

    …perhaps I would like to get to know…better…

    You crack me up!!!!!

  44. Rocksee said

    Never stated any “displeasure” regarding cleavage.

    Would be kinda like the “pot calling the kettle black”…if you know what I mean.

    …and it’s all natural…

    Merely was exercising my 1st amendment rights, addressing the question posed by M.O. and inquiring regarding the “shift” in the site. I’m not the only one who has commented or noticed.

    Closing statement:

    Riddle me this…Riddle me that…

    My what an ironic statement is made when one has a “name” that doesn’t reflect his cognitive / comprehensive abilities.

    Closing suggestion:


    Brush up on your State Standards in Education.

    Main Idea…Drawing Conclusions & Inferencing…

    You can pull up basic activities on-line, that even a 3rd grader will enjoy…

    …I’m sure you will too.

    It will help you up your game.

    I’m passing the mic…


    I dropped it.

    Now sit on it…

    …’cause I heard you like it like that.

  45. @rocksee…..

    You are getting vulgar like the dickwell and….DAMN keep up the good work!!

  46. Rocksee said


    Thank you DT!!!!!

    The ultimate compliment!!!

    I am learning from the best…and that is you!!!

    Please enjoy more of work:

    “Booty all in ya face…all in ya face!”


  47. Smurfette said

    Yall silly! I love comin here, cuz I feel I fit in! And MO has welcomed me with open arms! I am usually up at 7am and the first thing I do is check to see if a new story has been posted! I know, Im a nerd! Lol
    But my favorite blogs are :

    1) MO
    2) Mediatakeout
    3) Bossip

    In that order! And I don’t comment on any of them except MO! Me and my people used to run MTO but its a lot of hatin over there so I left! I like it better here and will be here a while!!!! I love u, MO!!!!


  48. beach chick said

    MediaTakeOut is full of ish but the stuff is funny…

    Nothing like MO…Love ya MO!

  49. Udamnright said

    Damn Rocksee ATE THAT ASS up like NAS ATE JIGGA’S ASS UP ON ETHER…(im instigating my ass off lol) nah but every body on this site seems mad cool. I be at work tripping. I got everyone in my damn call center pulling up MO every morning, Im a damn trend-setter lol. I check this site like 40 times a f*cking day lol.

    I’ve been on MediaTakeOut a few times but it’s weak to me. MO keep that funny sh*t coming all day. I feel the comments that people be spittin out. I think me and DT must got the same pop or something lol cause that n*ggas hilarious sort of like myself lol.

  50. Helen said

    When I first wandered on M.O. I was a bit offended by some of the material, until I read their disclaimer lol. I learned that they do this to entertain. I appreciate it. What i really like is the way they treat the site and material like a forum by always asking for our feedback. I had never read a site which shouted out the readers like Mediaoutrage does. I don’t leave a lot of comments as my job doesn’t allow me the time to really compose the thoughts I want to. I really enjoy reading everyone else’s comments, especially DT! His humor is as entertaining as the stories posted lol. This is the only entertainment blog I read.

  51. noneofyabizness said

    SandraRose is not a HATER. She is very informative. She doesn’t make up lies just to provide news for readers. She hates Beyonce lol but not everyone else. I think she dishes out good news. I just started visiting this site last week and am still going through the archives to see what it has to offer. I like it thus far. Keeps me laughing. Theybf is another excellent black blog.

  52. Random said

    Raven looks Horrible!! She might be making that money but it couldn’t hurt to use some of that to fix herself up a bit (starting with those brows)…Hitting up a Local Gym could only HELP..When you’re neck starts to sink into to the rest of your’ve got a problem!! But she’s young…don’t listen to Mo’nique!!

  53. Real Talk said

    oh sh*t lol funny as hell “When you’re neck starts to sink into to the rest of your’ve got a problem!! “

  54. Random said

    YOUR*** what’s wrong with me today!!

  55. Rocksee said

    Just in case loyal you missed it…

    Save your energy Reader…

    I bet you’ll be too high, drunk, or lazy to get your “BitchAss”…excuse me “BitchAssNess” out to vote, yet you’ll spend time on this blog like you have nothing else to do.

    Having a great time harassing anonymous strangers…standing up to somebody (…sigh…finally…), by exemplifying slave mentality, while proudly calling people out of name?

    …ooooh you’re a real example of a man…

    You should be ashamed of yourself.


    Intellectual Jargon?

    Please….not hardly…

    I worked hard to “dummy” down my post, so that you would have a fair chance of following along.

    Taking the Mic…

    … to another post…


  56. Brown Eyez said

    lol @ the title.

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