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Booty all in ya face…all in ya face!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 14, 2008

Serena Williams and Common were spotted kicking it in Hawaii. You can say whatever you want about Serena, but, there is no denying the seriousness of that azz. We’re sure Common’s probably whipped beyond belief, cause that’s one helluva ride.

For more Serena & Common on vacation

58 Responses to “Booty all in ya face…all in ya face!”

  1. Photogs would hate me and her together….Evry photo you would see my hairy ass because in front it would be me beating that thick phat azz like a 3 year old cussing in church.

    I dont know what common’s problem is but the only thing im surfing is that Chocolate mountain behind those rocks…..(these brothas need some pimpin in their lives)

  2. beach chick said

    Why MO is that the first thing that we see?


  3. Ms. E said

    I am getting sick of this..I am protesting MO yall are showing more tits and a$$ than anything else (I look at my own everyday and I am sick of looking at someone else’s milk duds)!

    What about the ladies?!! I ain’t a lesbo I am tired of looking at all the celeb mom’s with big A$$ titties filled up with milk…NEXT!!

  4. ucanb2 said

    Gone Ms E tell them…we haven’t seen no abs,pecs, or nothing..
    Show us the money bring on the brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ Ms E. and Ucanb2… We will keep that in mind. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Yea I Said It said

    Mo can you show alot of asses from T.I, Boris, and all of the Pittsburg Steelers squad? Add in Allen Iverson, And some full front view would go a long way in giving you props!

  7. MO,

    We need more ass and tits on this site…in fact just start showing tits, dick, ass , hoes,,fuck it just show the black porn and make everybody happy!

  8. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ DT

  9. Chrissy said

    dt is off the damn chain lol.

  10. cupcakestl said

    That is amazing how they got that shot.

  11. Rocksee said

    I just think ladies want to feel respected…

    Guys of our blog…love ya’ll…well…most of you anyway…

    I’ll get to the offender at a later date…

    …if you’re going to give defensive, disgusting feedback…let it go.

    Imagine you’re mother, sister, auntie, granny, baby’s mama, girlfriend, daughter…making a statement for feminism. That’s all this is. Read between the lines stupid.

    Do you feel where we’re coming from now?

    If you’re going to utilize nasty, discriminating, deploring, desecrating, degrading descriptors to make your point about these lady bloggers and how they feel…let it go.

    Better yet…MO…censor the comments. PLEASE. It will send a message to the abusive, low-life cowards who can’t express their feelings intelligently, yet feel that the only way to achieve a hard weenie is to put a woman on front street, by treating her inhumane like a dog.

    Just cause yo’ daddy did it to yo’ mama doesn’t make it right. And just ’cause you do it to the insecure women who have meandered into your pitiful little life…through some miracle (for sure)…doesn’t make it right either.

    MO…I put you to the task to defend loyal bloggers who come here for entertainment, fun, information and friends. Just like you pull the folks that make racist comments, pull the comments any fool who’s here to degrade our Lady bloggers. Oh…and while you’re at it put them on front street and let ’em know that MO doesn’t support that crap. My hope is that we’re on the same page.

    No person…especially a woman deserves to be attacked or called out of her name for exercising her first amendment rights.

    @Beach Chick and Ms. E —

    No matter how we’ve agreed or disagreed…I got your back always. You my girls.

    @the Gentlemen of this blog —

    DT…2020…Yes I Said it…Jan…and all of the other GENTLEMEN we have grown to love…keep doing what you do…no complaints here…it’s what you do and it’s what we come for.

    @MO — Keep posting what you wish…I find it all extremely entertaining…this is the only place I would get this stuff, so let it ride. I also appreciate you being respectful of our feedback. That’s all we should expect.

    In closing, it’s been brought to my attention before that certain people don’t appreciate the length of my blogs.

    Two statements:

    # 1 Don’t read it SUCKAS…and if you do, why validate it by leaving some trashed, unintelligent, illiterate, garble for the rest of us to suffer through. I read your stuff for entertainment…try reading mine for knowledge.

    #2 Hooked on Phonics worked for me…I taught my pet cockatoo how to speak with the 1st CD…she’ll probably be blogging better than your lame ass by next week.

    Oh and by the way…I have addressed these comments to no one specifically.

    Only the defensive will respond…defensively.

    I’m giving you the hand…and my middle finger is in the air …pointing up towards your well lubed crack.

    Heard you like it like that anyway…

    I got your mic..and I dropped it.

  12. Real Talk said


    This is the funniest thing i have read all day!

    Rocksee got at r_ _ d _ r!


    Get him girl get him girl. NO comeback for that. oh shit i love this.

  13. mona said

    I agree with Rocksee %100!

    I understand everyone reads for fun but there is never a reason to go off on a tangent and verbally abuse another reader. Why use the words b*tch or ho to describe another female reader you disagree with? It only exposes your limited vocabulary.

  14. Yea I Said It said

    One correction Rocksee, I am a female. We have been called Bitches and Hoes on this site, from other females with mad crushes on women we check. Everyone has their opinion about everything posted and it is just that their opinion. Now I for one am very much into seeing the male body in all its raw material. MO if you show us women, show me the men. I don’t take any comments personal unless it is directed at me.
    @Rocksee I dig some of the knowledge you spit, so the post long or short are fine by me. Don’t let anyone grab your enegry.

  15. I believe that if more porn were shown on this site along with more intellectual topics we can fuse them together and make everybody happy.

    We can have like a woman reading a book and BAM a big dick pops out and we can talk about that on a intellectual aspect and discuss that….

    Or we could have a real cock desiel dude with a brook brothers suite on giving a speech and there is a woman giving him head on stage….there are 100’s of ways to satify everybody let’s just all get along…

  16. Rocksee said

    Thanks for the support bloggers!

    Appreciate cha’!

    @Yea I Said It —

    Sorry bout the miscall. I’m still keeping it all sorted.

    Yeah I know how we roll and believe me when I tell you I come here for the entertainment too.

    My concern came from a random male blogger who came out talking debilitating trash…just because he didn’t agree. The message that he sent about his own cognitive and emotional abilities was critical to say the least. What makes it even worse, is that he’s probably somebody’s daddy…twice maybe three times…with a slew of baby mamas to boot!! Passing his beloved legacy on…

    To allow that level of comfort is tacit acceptance and unacceptable.

    I don’t even know people that talk like that…especially to me.

    I can’t address the potential double standard…perhaps someone else will take it on.

    I just think there’s a line of caution / respect that shouldn’t be crossed…in key situations.

    Placing a lot of unconditional faith in the male “leaders” in our community comes at a risk sometimes. This example is a sad statement or what our future can hold…

    Behold the strength of your own branches…your tree will yield a fruit reflective of your own juices.

    It’s time for a change…

  17. Rocksee said

    @ Real Talk —

    Thanks for the love darling!

    There’s more…

    “Her show might be WACK as all HELL but…”

    Check it out…


  18. Smurfette said

    Well MO, I respect everyone opinion, whether I like it or not! But I for one have no prob wit all the tits and azz on here! If I wanna see some dick, I can tell one of my men to drop their pants! Lol I am bisexual so I love all the hot women u put up here! Keep doin yo thang!!!!! Lmao!!

  19. @ Smurfette,

    We (me especially) respect female bisexuality and I applaud you for stating that. Now let’s get a movement for all of the FEMALE bisexuals to come(cum) forward and profess their love for the women on this site too!!!

  20. Smurfette said

    I kissed a girl! And I loved it! (Well, a few girls)!! Lol

  21. Hey, I kissed a alot of girls too…we have alot in common…lol

  22. Smurfette said


  23. Udamnright said

    Yo Yo YO!!!!! I just happened to turn on the puter…what the hell have i missed?!?!?!

    I love kissing girls too!

    Smurfette me and you KOOL! lol.

    Damn I must say that Rocksee ATE that ass up READER! LOL! you gotta come harder partner. lol. Damn what the hell is going on up in here?

    But yo i love kissing girls! Love the bisexual girls lol. Just came back from the movies with one lol.

  24. RubHer said

    DAMN! Serena
    It’s that cliche, those that DESERVE respect, get respect.

  25. joneblaze said

    Ahhh Serena If i was Common i would be looking for the pimples on that lovely booty

  26. Smurfette said

    @ Udamnright, u crazy like DT! Yea Rocksee been eating em up in here! I been on the sidelines watchin Reader get beat down eatin my popcorn!! Lmao!!

  27. Ms. E said

    @ Rocksee – Thanks for the uplifting message!

  28. Kristina said

    LMAO at the title

  29. 2020VIZN said

    @ r_ _ d _ r: Im here to tell you that you have fucked with the right one on thae rght blog. Let me educate you, We here on MO are a family and if you thought otherwise, somebody dun tol you wrong Puuuuuunk.

    Dont ever think about coming at the queens on MO sideways, and if you do You taking a big risk

    You are fucked because you have dissed my boo so now you have problems. I also want you to know that Im putting out a hit on your ass. Wnen I catch up with you Im gonna break your fingers and that will surely end your thuggin days….. you internet gangsta. So Im lettting you know, there wont be no hatertion or holleration in this dancery.

    Now if you will excuse me, Im gonna go home and put some water in r_ _ d _ r’s mommas dish. Good Evening!!!!!!

  30. Yea I Said It said

    LOL @ 2020

  31. reader said

    wow. lol I have to laugh.

    2020 you real sensitive aint ya? You all man or you %51 b*tch?

    That’s funny how you say it’s family on MO as if I haven’t been reading this site for a while. I just rarely ever leave comments so homie relax and fall back…way back.

    @ Rocksee, I used the language towards you because your nonstop complaining was getting on my nerves sis. What you were doing is something we in the hood like to call BITCHASSNESS. I’m not into arguing with women so glad you got all of that “intelletual jargon” off your chest.

    @ 2020- being a dick rider isn’t an attractive quality to women homie, so man the f*ck up.

  32. Random said

    It’s great to see two men getting along so well and having a dandy ol’ time!

  33. Smurfette said

    * still crunchin my popcorn

  34. 2020VIZN said

    Still internet thuggin I see…….You can beat your keyboard up all you want. Until you want to do something besides call name’s Keep ya dick holster shut?

    1875 N.W. 59th terrace Miami, FL. 33147. If you wanna play cowboy Im there all the time.

  35. Yea I Said It said


  36. Yea I Said It said

    @ 2020, don’t give out your address on any site. Don’t allow anyone to drive you there. Know what level you are on and stay above theirs, period.At the end of the day, nothing anyone of us says amounts to shit except trash talk. 2020, don’t engage it will never end. Its too much enegry. AS you said, “We got an election to win”

  37. 2020VIZN said

    @ Yea I Said ItYou are right, Im back to the task at hand. I dont know why people have major problems with other peoples opinions and bigger problems with people exercising their first amendment rights. Furthermore we come here to have fun and express views on certain topics that are important to us and the world. But thanks again, You are right we have bigger fish to fry.

  38. cupcakestl said

    I dont believe this man gave is address out.

    Now what if reader come over there with
    one car
    two condoms
    three nasty movies
    four cups
    five chairs
    six women
    seven gallons of patron (then what)LOL

    Ha dont do that shit again
    I am going to send you a molded block of cheese in the mail for getting off your square boy.

  39. 2020VIZN said

    I guess i would be fucked! LOL, but Like Cee lo said “I may be Craaaaaaaazy”

  40. 2020VIZN said

    Yall think Im crazy, thats a crackhouse down the street. You buy there you gotta smoke it there like the Carter on New Jack City. You dont, smoke you dont leave…………Ever!!!

  41. reader said

    I come to this site to enjoy and catch up on entertainment news, not exchange cyber threats with some clown. What clown you ask? lol just read the comments above this one that have 2020 before them lol.

  42. ucanb2 said

    Wow, that’s deep Smurfette I have a Coke pass the popcorn.
    @ 2020 “my hero” … sighs… continues to watch the novella unfolding….. SMH

  43. Rocksee said

    Save your energy Reader…

    I bet you’ll be too high, drunk, or lazy to get your “BitchAss”…excuse me “BitchAssNess” out to vote, yet you’ll spend time on this blog like you have nothing else to do.

    Having a great time harassing anonymous strangers…standing up to somebody (…sigh…finally…), by exemplifying slave mentality, while proudly calling people out of name?

    …ooooh you’re a real example of a man…

    You should be ashamed of yourself.


    Intellectual Jargon?

    Please….not hardly…

    I worked hard to “dummy” down my post, so that you would have a fair chance of following along.

    Taking the Mic…

    … to another post…


  44. Rocksee said


    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    2020…Thank you Sweetie for placing my honor on the podium…

    You are my hero and I appreciate you being empathetic towards my feelings.

    The measure of a true man is is own ability to stand up for what he feels is right.

    I will remain indebted…

  45. Smurfette said

    *passing popcorn to Ucanb2.

    *still watching to see if Reader come back in here to write down 2020 address, or give Rocksee a shout out

  46. Rocksee said

    @Smurfette —

    Umh. Pleaese.

    Reader can’t hang with this…

    The best thing about it is…

    …he knows it!

    It shows in his pitiful little tired pathetic responses.

    He went to 3 syllables though with BitchAssNess!

    I’ll give it to him there.

    Way to go Reader!!! You’re a true champion!!

    Speaking of shout outs…

    …want to give one to Mona, for her show of support!

    Thanks girl!

    Mic in hand…

  47. reader said

    Goodmorning all,

    On thing I will say is it’s nice to come to work turn on the puter and still see that some people want to keep this going lol. Entertaining. Let’s see if Rocksee were a character on the show “A Different World” she’d definitely be “Freddy”, you know the annoying ass chick with all the hair? lol. And 2020 needs his own show as well called “Captain Save A Ho” LOL. Honorable? Ha! In the hood we call them type n*ggas “Resthavens.” lol. 3 syllables, that actually made me laugh. Somebody seems offended and really affected by a few words typed on a computer screen. First “Freddy” is complaining about MO (who she supposedly loves so much) showing pictures of women bearing beautiful cleavage, as if they went out and took the pics themselves lol. Then she’s saying the site is going in a new direction, and gets offended when another reader such as my fly ass self, calls her on some of her nonsense. Let me see, I have been reading MO just about everyday since ummm….January I believe. All who read this site and dare tell the truth have read a many of post where Rocksee aka “Freddy” attempts to wow us with her alleged “Entertainment Connections” *wink* *wink* (wrote wink cause that’s something Freddy would write). During one argument with another poster, she told that reader that if they knew who she was their jaw would drop right after they dropped to their knees. LOL?!? So just tell us for our own entertainment…who are you Rocksee? ARe you really Freddy? lol. That’s the kind of bull shit I was referring to. No one else is on here saying “yo by the way I was chilling with Jay-Z last night” like who cares right? LOL gotta love it though. thats why i come here everyday to be entertained.

  48. reader said

    Awe shucks…I done F*cked up. I can hear Captain Save A Ho ironing his CAPE right now! LMAO! For all you MO readers 2020’s new name is CAPTAIN SAVE A HO! I ain’t gone lie ol’ CAPTAIN be dropping some serious knowledge throughout the day, but he just needs to focus on that and leave that pink CAPE at home. HOmie you got to let a “ho” be a ho man….I know it hurts lol, but listen you can’t save them all! Ha!

  49. reader said

    As I type and the rest of you laugh, Rocksee aka “Freddy” is probably on the phone with Al Sharpton right now, trying to persuade him to throw the juice in the hair and make up a couple of picket signs that read “MO doesn’t censor it’s male readers that disrespect women!” lol. MO yall in some trouble this morning! On one hand you got ol’ CAPTAIN SAVE A HO ready to fly his ass through every hood in search of any man doing wrong by ANY WOMAN, and then you got Rocksee, who might be the same woman that tried to get Joe Clark fired in “LEAN ON ME” LOL TRYING TO GET YOUR SITE SHUT DOWN FOR IMPROPER LANGUAGE LOL LOL LOL! HOPE YALL GOT SOME GOOD LAWYERS. LOL

  50. Cyndy said

    wow lol what did i miss???


    still lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you all need to stop but still lmao!!!!!

  51. reader said

    Oh and how could I forget that CAPTAIN SAVE A HO HAD A FEW assistant SUPERHERO’S ON HIS SENSITIVE TEAM.


    This is the funniest thing i have read all day!

    Rocksee got at r_ _ d _ r!


    Get him girl get him girl. NO comeback for that. oh shit i love this.


    Yo Yo YO!!!!! I just happened to turn on the puter…what the hell have i missed?!?!?!

    I love kissing girls too!

    Smurfette me and you KOOL! lol.

    Damn I must say that Rocksee ATE that ass up READER! LOL! you gotta come harder partner. lol. Damn what the hell is going on up in here?

    But yo i love kissing girls! Love the bisexual girls lol. Just came back from the movies with one lol.


  52. Rocksee said


    This is a true testimony to what happens when a Mic gets twisted up a well-lubed, unsuspecting ass in waiting…

    @ the Man of the Moment…aka Reader —


    You’re just so sensitve…

    Try the heated AstroGlide next time…less booty warts to worry about and not so darn “tacky”…

    That’s a synonym…I mean…for…(aw shucks…those silly 3rd grade Academic Standards again)…”sticky”…


    By the way…

    Looks like you’re REALLY enjoying your .15 seconds of fame!

    I’m sure your kids will grow to be very proud of you!!

    You’re truly the foundation of what communites are built on!!

    Handle your business “Strong Black Man”!!

    Yeah Right…

    Taking the Mic…

    I’ve done my work here.

  53. Rocksee said

    @2020 —

    Let it be love. Meet me on the next one.


    I read on another blog that The Pookie and Rae-Rae Pimp Squad set up shop and are now selling one of your specialities…

    “Reader’s Mama’s Stew”…

    It’s the current best seller!!!

    It’s slated to be “The Stankiest Piece of Twat in a Cauldron!”

    Isn’t that catchy?


    I imagine you’re royalties will be significant!!

    I say you and I meet up in Hawaii to celebrate….that’s where the whole thing started anyway!



    Mic still in my hand…

    …why you playin’?

  54. 2020VIZN said

    Captain Save a ho huh, well I will accept that title if you make a slight adjustment and say that I Captain save a sista. For the longest we have been and are still plagued by the Willie Lynch teachings. If you dont know what that is, Slave owners were schooled by Lynch in how to control salves through piting every black generation, gender, skin tone, and sex of blacks against eachother. Most African Americans dont know that we are still suffering as a race due to the residuals of these tactics.

    We are Americans with the right to have a view or opinion an speak on it. You are attacking a sista who is excercising her right. Her opinion should not be subject to attack by anyone. With that being said, as we speak we are suffering the effects of lynch because you are a brother who is attacking a sister with no other apperant reason than a difference in opinion. Her opinion is hers. You dont have to agree, but at the same time, this is a black man attacking a black woman, and why? She didnt insult you so why attack her and refer to her as a ho? Hos spread their legs, she is only spreading her view.

    Break out of your chains and walk with your sisters. We need sistas an they need us. Until then we are making Lynch a legend. Until we love sistas and sistas love us back we will be devided and a devided group has no power. Accusations of Bitchassness and “keeping it real” will only keep us devided, band together or perish…….Put that in your blunt and smoke it.

    Good Evening!!

  55. reader said


    hold on while i get out my harmonica and play “WE ARE THE WORLD”

    He went from gangsta gangsta to Fredrick Douglass lol.

    Nah it’s all good this is just fun that’s all. I’m not offended 2020. I was merely speaking my opinion about Rocksee ooops I meant Freddy. Its all love on MO. @ Rocksee…just let us know when the Sharpton/Rocksee march is…ok?

  56. Ms. E said

    @ 2020 – I want to be like you when I grow up 🙂 !!

  57. Rocksee said

    Beautifully written 2020…

    Thank you.

  58. Smurfette said

    Well all my popcorn gone so Im glad yall settled down up in hurr!! Lol

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