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Birthday Girl

Posted by Media Outrage on October 15, 2008

Ashanti celebrated her birthday at Area in West Hollywood on Monday night. Ashanti is keeping that frame nice and thick for you. A whole gang of D-Listers hit up her party to get their pictures taken. Meagan Good, her sister Lamyia who looks nothing like her, video jump-off Dollicia Bryan, Shakur, Yung Berg, Tamala Jones, Brian White, and mark ass buster Raz B all popped up for the festivities.

To see a little more of Ashanti, Meagan Good and her sister

38 Responses to “Birthday Girl”

  1. Ms. E said

    So this is important news because..Ashanti’s career is more busted than America’s economy!!

  2. Smurfette said

    Hittin the snooze button on this story….. zzzzzz

  3. w2m said

    I’m just laughing at the scrawl on Raz B.’s picture. M.O. y’all is crazy, LOL.

    I CAN NOT stand Yung Berg. uggghh!!

  4. Random said

    Everytime I see these D-List get togethers I get a kick out of it…I mean, it’s bad enough these has-beens (or in Most cases..never HAVE beens…or barely there..etc)’s bad enough they’re known for bimbo-ish ways..Must they look the part too? It couldn’t hurt to add a touch of CLASS to their wardrobe..just a smidge!!

  5. Random said

    Ashanti looks presentable but what’s with the matching shadow..and those God Awful earrings!!

  6. I know that the photog who took this was like:

    ” Jesus, those fuckers at Wireimage better have my check this time because My trash man is more famous that these losers!!!”

  7. Random said

    Meagan should really give those shoes and jacket a rest!!

  8. Ashanti looks gorgeous! Love her vocals!

    She is the second best singer out after Beyonce, vocally of course.

  9. Udamnright said

    Ashanti’s looking like “Footlong” bait as usual.

    Note to Ashanti:

    If Nelly’s not blowing that back out the right way then switch teams. You’d love the Udamnright service…f_ck your brains out and then perform miracle surgery by placing them back in your head. ANd you’d love my cream of wheat special…you just might have to throw a little bit of sugar in it.

  10. Random said


    Name explains it all..

    What are you on?!


  12. Udamnright said

    LOL! Yo Random I was in the midst of writing the same exact thing!

    Ashanti Fan stop snortin that sh_t

  13. @ Random,

    She is on whatever drug Janet Jackson was on for dating Jermaine Dupri. I mean, we all would give Ashanti cream of wheat special with Extra sausage, but Vocally she sounds like a pregnant YAK!

  14. That’s just my opinion. Have you ever heard her sing live? If not then you might not share the same opinion.

    Beyonce is in my opinion the best singer out.

    Ashanti is way better than:

    Keyshia Cole
    Celine Dion
    Mary J
    Jennifer Hudson- ill
    Jazmine Sullivan- weak
    need i go on?

  15. Boo! Seriously, Go to the Police station and register as a complete lunatic so you can collect some benefits if you think Ashanti sounds better than Jen Hudson or Mary J…Seriously sweetie!

  16. Random said

    Lmao@at the list..yeah, you’re definitely on something..must be some strong sh*t too!!

  17. Lai'Lani said

    lmao!!!!!!!!!!!! dt is hilarious!

    ashanti fan you can’t be serious?

    shanti can’t sing sorry!

  18. Even I wouldnt make up that list…and Im a registered licensed ASSHOLE!

  19. Udamnright said


    did he/she just say ashanti sings better than J-hud? Jazmine Sullivan? Keyshia Cole? and then hit us with the need i go on??? LOL!

    Yes you need go on and keep on smoking that ish but don’t forget to pass it….

    puff puff pass

  20. Helen said

    Better than Celine Dion? They’re playing…

  21. Ashanti_Fan said

    Why do I have to be on some drugs because I like Ashanti? I have heard the girl sing in person and her voice is melodic, trust me. She has a very strong voice. When you have sites like this and others that do nothing but BASH her vocal skills all day, then you get “brain washed” readers like yourselves that simply write what you hear continuously. How many of you have heard her sing in person? @ Udamnright I don’t use drugs honey sorry.

    I am a she not a he. Helen Celine Dion is ok but not better than Ashanti, come on now.

  22. I’ve seen Ashanti live in Atlanta in 2002 when Her And Ja were hot…she sounds like My girlfriend screaming when Im ramming her with the Wood Staff…

    She has the vocal ability of a 6 year old sweetie…sorry

  23. @ Dickwell Thrust:

    That is your opinion honey.

    I believe %80 of the world are followers, so once a few start chanting something the rest of the “weak” minded masses jump on the bandwagon.

    Trust me she could easily out sing Jennifer Hudson, or the scream machine Fantasia.

  24. w2m said

    LawdHAMMercy (country for Lord have mercy)

    Ashanti_Fan I don’t knock your opinion, but I question what you are hearing. Ashanti can’t sing without digital help in the studio.

    Your list is laughable at best. You actually think that Ashanti can sing better than J-Hud??? Have heard anyone on your list sing period…not just live, but have you bought a CD??

    You provide good entertainment though. SMH…and LHOL!!

  25. Random said

    This site has nothing to do with her sounding like a broken record..Comparing her to legends like Celine Dion you’ve gotta be on something..maybe not “drugs” but definitely on “some other other sh*t”…I’m sorry but come on now!!

  26. Random said

    @Ashanti Fan…Funny you mention Jennifer Hudson..She outshined your fav. singer Beyonce and you actually think Ashanti can outsing her..give it a rest already!!

  27. w2m said

    ahahahahahahahahaha *breath* ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha *bend over to catch my breath* ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    this is the worst case of stanning (is that a word??) I have seen in a long time. Lawd!!

    ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  28. Yasmine T. said

    Ashanti_Fan, I heard her in person in DC a few years ago and was not impressed. She doesn’t sound anywhere near melodic. You definitely need another word to describe her vocals. She can’t out sing anyone you named on your crazy list. Jhud? Celine Dion? are you serious?

  29. Yasmine that is your opinion. I just have to wonder what concert this was? I agree to disagree with everyone. She looks nice in these pictures.

  30. MO – yall wrong for the Raz B jokes! You know Chris Stokes did those little boys wrong!

  31. cupcakestl said

    I think i was about to have a heart attack reading through this trash

    If you love Ashtang fine good great

    You must be either Ashtang or an American Idol reject that thinks you your self can sing!!

    They call that illness tone deaf.

    She is so busted all the way around. I am not on a bandwagon by the way chk all my post on Ashtang. They are the same.

  32. w2m said

    LOL@Cupcakestl….”Ashtang” Hilarious!!

  33. Lio said

    I understand your a fan and that’s great..but I’m a fan of music, and Ashanti is no better than the persons you named on your list. Her vocals are ok, thanks in part to the voice enhancer 3000 in the studio, but let’s be real now, better voice than Mary J or Celine Dion,, Come on now , come on SMH

  34. ucanb2 said

    Sorry Boo I must agree, Ashanti is attractive, but SING she can-not!!!!!

  35. Ms. E said

    Whatever Ashanti_Fan been smoking..anyone know where I can get some of that??? I sure need it right now so I when I sing with my MP3 player I can sound as good as Beyonce!

    @ Ashanti_Fan – Email me the place where I can get some of that good stuff at

    Good looking out!

  36. Lai'Lani said

    lol @ ms. e

  37. queen of stars said


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