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Please take my career out of “ICU”

Posted by Media Outrage on October 15, 2008

D.L. Hughley will finally be able to remove his career off of the ventilator machine. It seems that CNN has struck up a deal with Mr. Hughley to launch his own news show. This is good for D.L. cause the career doctors were rushing to his room screaming “CODE F*CKING BLUE!!!”

Via AHH:

CNN is teaming with comedian D.L. Hughley to produce a weekly news-based comedy show in an attempt to capture a younger demographic.

According to Variety, Hughley’s show will lampoon current events as well as the reporters covering and breaking various newsworthy stories from the pop, sports, politics and entertainment worlds.

“D.L. is a very thoughtful, well-informed guy with unpredictable views, and I’ve always admired his comedy,” said CNN U.S. President Jon Klein. “The basic premise of the show is, what if a guy like him was let loose in the CNN building for a weekend after the lights went off?”

CNN has refused to divulge the name of the show, which is set to begin airing on Saturday’s at 10:00 PM.

Hughley revealed that his show would be much different than Comedy Central’s popular shows “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report.”

“I’m a big fan of both of those shows,” Hughley said. “But I’ve got a different skill set. I’m not going to parody a news show or a news anchor. My show will reflect my views on things just as their shows reflect their views…There have been six movies with a black man as the president, and in all those movies, the world was coming to an end. If this election isn’t art imitating life, I don’t know what is.”

Still, the comic appears to be enthused about the upcoming show, which will be taped in front of a live studio audience in New York.

“It’s like getting to drive my father’s Mercedes to school. I’d like to know what Jesse Jackson is going to do for a living if Obama is elected,” Hughley told Variety. “I’d like to know what Sarah Palin is going to do if she doesn’t get elected. Ever notice that she does all the things a good waitress does when she wants better tips? You know, wink and smile.”

Mediaoutrage– That statement about Jesse is pure comedy!

11 Responses to “Please take my career out of “ICU””

  1. w2m said

    I hope he does well cause he bombed big time when he hosted that award show.

  2. Ms. E said

    another comedy news show..I hope it works out..cause last time I checked my 87 year old grandma was funnier than his a$$

  3. Smurfette said

    Yea, he is not funny at all! And if he keeps up wit the racist jokes that show will be off the air quicker than Monique can inhale a ho-ho! Lol

  4. Lio said

    Love the guy but the show will be canceled with 3 weeks..if CNN think they can compete against comedy central’s Colbert ..they better think again…the only comedians that CNN should hire : CHris Rock & Dave Chapelle.

  5. Lio said

    Love the guy but the show will be canceled In 3 weeks..if CNN think they can compete against comedy central’s Colbert ..they better think again…the only comedians that CNN should hire : CHris Rock & Dave Chapelle.

  6. 1coolazzchic said

    i actually like dl. he is funny but he is intelligent. and the things that he say actually make sense. he doesnt really have to be funny per se. perhaps witty, but we dont always have to be funny for it to make sense……think about it.

  7. ucanb2 said

    He is so “not funny” to me…He is a (DNR) Do Not Resuscitate
    that dead career.!!!!!!!

  8. 2020VIZN said

    I hope his show takes off and flys like an eagle. I will watch it if I have time.

  9. George said

    Talk about a bomb..DL is just not that funny. His bufoonery was only ecliped by his ignorance. I’m sick and tired of this ignorant Sh&*T. I writing on every blog today, emailing CNN. Don’t make me start my own blog about this shigity.

    ATL G.

  10. Tony Freeman said

    Not to get religious on ya fam but like Judas, who betrayed Jesus for a purse of silver is representative of what we see with various black “media appointed” leaders and celebrities. Having worked in Public Relations for more than 12 plus years, I am witnessing more than ever before, this fight or flight attitude within the ranks of our, “media appointed” black brass. This group gained it’s wealth and status because they were willing to be sell outs. We were forced to just sit back and take it, while they feasted upon our misery. The media continues it’s attempt to “brand” us by giving exposure and forums to those that represent us least or reflect a “clown” like image, designed, to paint us as clowns. Obama, has raised our image so fast that this “niche” so many used for gain is closing. Like Judas, they will leave behind a legacy of betrayal. D.L. Hughley, Damon Wayans, Jesse Jackson, Tavis Smiley, and so many more are media fed brats and are soon becoming a fading breed. Let’s not take back the silver they were given. It’s theirs they earned it.

  11. satire said

    I am from old school, when white folk didn’t let niggas on television, Back in the day when niggas still had a soul, and black men and women had to get married to each other because by law they were animals and animals were not allowed to marry white folk, so when bufoons like D.L. Ugly, Dave Shittel, Chris Buck tooth rock appeared, proud niggas disapproved, so the man started paying these bufoons big money to clown niggas and now the bufoons are worshipped, lighten up niggas, get paid, that is all that matters,

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