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some broad ass shoulders

Posted by Media Outrage on October 20, 2008

Raven Symone was looking very husky this weekend at the premiere of “Tinker Bell” in Hollywood. Raven is looking like a shoe in for a spot on the 49’ers.

24 Responses to “some broad ass shoulders”

  1. Smurfette said

    Leave that girl alone! She can’t help it!! Lol

  2. missdcakamse said

    MO yall need to stop!! You know Raven can’t control her QB looking shoulders!

  3. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ Ms E. QB looking shoulders.

  4. Random said

    Oh but she’s just a “Healthy size 12 Thick” chic..F*ck outta here with this heifer!!

  5. sweet_tea said

    What’s wrong with her boobs in the main pic? They look taped down…

    That dress isn’t the most flattering, but I still think she’s cute. Her hair & make up are on point. I’m just happy she’s reppin the sistas in children’s programming. I’ve had enough Hannah Montana…

  6. beach chick said

    MO Raven looks beautiful!

  7. Rocksee said

    Gotta give it her…she flew in dressed in Tinkerbell Green…now that’s the way you show people up on “Green Carpet”!!

    @ Random —

    You’re really good at this! Somehow “Healthy”…Size 12…and Thick don’t seem to make a happy-go-lucky formula. I agree with you…

    @Sweet_tea —

    Be careful chatting about boobs being off kilter…

    Writer…no…Thinker…no…Speaker…no…Suck…no…can’t – think – of – the – name…is real sensitive for some reason when boobs are discussed. I’ve drawn my own conclusions…to be discussed at a later date.

    @MO —

    Come on ya’ll be easy on Ms. Ray Ray… She’s the next best thing to Ms. Oprah in the making. She will always be chubber…unless she starts pushing away…

    In the meantime keep nursing the $400 million dollar brand Rayvn!!

  8. Random said

    Lol@Rocksee…yeah that whole “thick” bullcrap doesn’t fly with me..It’s just a hefty Chic’s excuse (if you want to call it that) for being overweight.

    And as far as her not being able to “control it/help it”..Of course she can..Eat Less..exercise’s that simple!!..Put that $400 million to good use!!

  9. missdcakamse said

    @ Random.. you are so right I come from an obese family! You can control your eating habits, physical activities, etc. I am proud that I have maintained my weight ( I am 31 and I weigh only 135)! I love my size everything is in the right place…but I once wore a size 12 and 14 and it was not fun..but dang my chest and arms ain’t look like Rav’s!!


  10. ucanb2 said

    Keep on going Raven, there is a plus sized girl out there that needs to see that she doesn’t have to be thin to be famous.. Don’t get me wrong I am about good health. But I not gonna dog her for being a big girl…Hell I was the skinny girl till I hit 40!! So just be healthy.

  11. Random said

    @Miss E

    I hear ya..I’ve been there..done that (gaining/losing weight)’s not easy..but anyone can do it if they’re willing to do it!!..Two Years ago I was actually a size 12 myself (and being that I’m a naturally curvy woman) most of the weight went straight to the hips/ass area..which I hated because as much I love my curves..I certainly didn’t like my “thunder thighs”…so, I decided to do something about it..stopped stuffing my face with unhealthy crap..started working out and voila..managed to get down to a size 8..and I didn’t stop because I lost the weight..I still work out and I absolutely Love it!! People are just Lazy and use every possible excuse in the book!! Raven’s YOUNG..”healthy” according to her..she can easily shed those extra lbs!!

  12. Random said

    If America stopped encouraging these “plus sized” women..maybe just maybe we wouldn’t have such an Obesity problem!! Big is not “beautiful” no matter what Mo’Nique says..(that heifer can barely breathe..but seriously though..there’s nothing ‘beautiful’ about her weight..I’m not saying she’s gotta look like an oversized toothpick either..but she could stand to lose at least 10-15 lbs..

  13. missdcakamse said

    I agree!!

  14. Man! she is scarring the shit out of me. I liked her better in the Raven days or better yet Fresh Prince

  15. Cyndy said

    Awe i like Raven and that she represents for the thicker women. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Some men love bigger women and refuse to date a size 6.

  16. Missdcakamse said

    Or some men want a woman that they can wrap their arms around..and someone that won’t run out of breath while they are getting busy! Although my man is 6 0 and looks like he could try out for the Washington Redskins as a running back he is healthy and sooo am I!

  17. cupcakestl said

    Why why would she do something so silly with her body type

    Wrong dress

  18. cutiewitbigbooty said

    I’m with you Missdcakamse, I need a strong nucca to FUCK the shit out of solid ass.

  19. cutiewitbigbooty said

    meant to say “I need a strong nucca to FUCK the shit out of MY solid ass”

  20. joneblaze said

    Its the dress she should have worn something tighter.She’s beautiful

  21. missdcakamse said

    @ Cutiewitbigbooty – you ain’t neva lied…that is the best d*ck you could ever have!!!!!!!!!

  22. […] Doesn’t Raven Simone look like the Hulk in this get up? Maybe it’s the cut of the dress…but she could be a linebacker, right?! Spotted @ MO […]

  23. ATL GIRL said

    All yall niccas is crazy…lol. She’s a RICH QB lookin broad though. Everybody aint meant to be skinny. She’s really not all that fat…just top heavy.

  24. Random said

    Tighter Dress? She’d be suffocating!!

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