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The Dream Team

Posted by Media Outrage on October 20, 2008

This thing is starting to look like The USA Basketball Dream Team with Jordan, Magic, Larry, Malone, and Barkely. Alley-oop after alley-oop! Turn around fade-away after turn around away! This is looking like Michael Jordan’s Bulls that won 6 Championships in 8 years. Yesterday Colin Powell declared his support for the BEST candidate, Sen. Barack Obama. Barack responded to this ground breaking news by letting the public know that Powell will have a place as one of his advisors. (Somebody tell John McSame to just throw in the towel because he’s getting his 72 year old brains beat out of his dome piece. We know it’s not over yet and are merely expressing our elation in a humorous way. We know from the 2 George W. stolen elections that ANYTHING can happen.) Barack Obama killed the game this month by raising a RECORD $150 million! He’s really killing the game. Most of the celebrities have endorsed Barack because no one believes in McBush or Palin’s non existent foreign policy. Here’s what this is starting to look like

9 Responses to “The Dream Team”

  1. shonda said

    It’s something when you have well respected Republicans jumping ship. lol @ the video.

    Go Barack!

  2. Yea I Said It said

    @ MO: Sen Obama did not mean in his cabinet. He said Powell is one of his advisor and if he wanted a place in his adminstration they would talk about it to see where he would fit and can best serve….. Don’t make it sound as if Powell is on board and already has a slot, you know thats all the repbulican need to stir up more lies and claim he endorse Obama because he was promised something. He was not and is not going to Washington with the Senator.

  3. RubHer said

    LOL @ “The Dream Team”.

  4. Rocksee said

    @ RubHer —

    I agree with you…I’m not sure what to think about it all.

    I smell Benjamins Baby…

  5. Smurfette said


  6. missdcakamse said

    A lot of Republicans that I know are switching parties due to the Bush Administration’s failure to provide a stable economy for the U.S. and Barack’s campaign put the icing on the cake making 90% of these faithful Republicans turn their backs on their own party!

  7. beach chick said

    Obama ’08!

    History in the making! I love the fact that he will be on 106 and Park tonite reaching out to the younger people! As much as I hate that show, I will watch tonite to check him out!

  8. ucanb2 said

    Sounds good the young ones have a vote and need to exercise their right. Obama needs every Democrat vote he can muster, we are down to the wire. Look for some “dirty trick” to discourage the voters.

  9. RANDOMNESS:Colin Powell looks like my grandpa (R.I.P) sheesh!

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