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Endorsement Queen for Nassatall

Posted by Media Outrage on October 23, 2008

Rihanna was spotted on set of her newest video looking as if she were confused to where her @ss disappeared to. She might be a banger but that backside looks like a human ironing board. NO ASS AT ALL. SMH.

25 Responses to “Endorsement Queen for Nassatall”

  1. Can somebody kidnap her and take her to a gas station and pump that backside up with about 6 million PSI of air!!

    She needs about a 2 gallon drum of Bisquick biscuits to fill out that tailbone!!!

  2. Hovy's home said


  3. ucanb2 said

    OMG!!! Ya’ll are so wrong I looked at that title, figured it out and burst out laughing!!!! LMAO then I had to see the picture!!She wasn’t searching, it wasn’t never there!!! Remember your invisible playmate as a kid (Rhianna has an INVISIBLE ASS!! Hide and go see can you find it???!!!!)…. Keep counting til you find it: 5, 10, 15,20……

  4. Udamnright said

    I’d be scared to smash her, cause I’m certain that my 6’1 235 lbs frame, equipped with one of the longest and thickest love tools on the East Coast, would sever a few tendons and make that p*ssy bleed like Rocky in the 9th round.

  5. Lai'Lani said

    lmao!!!! @ Udamnright you got issues. Is it really like that? lol

  6. Jules said

    She has a very lovely and fine body. It’s almost as if Black women are required to have a monopoly on exaggerated behinds lest they be taunted and ridiculed. Michelle Williams, who is very pretty and has a nice and gentle slender frame, is always ridiculed (not on this site) for being “too” thin. Black women come in all shapes and sizes. Even when a Black woman does have a naturally exaggerated behind (Beyonce) they get ridiculed and accused of having implants. Only Deelishis has ever been given a pass for having an exaggerated behind (which is very gross because it sags and not in shape which is indicated by all the cellulite). I have even heard women say that Serena Williams has implants and that she looks like a man because she has such an awesome athletic build. Are you kidding me??? No way. She is hot.

    (Yes I am a heterosexual female that greatly appreciates the female form)

  7. Rocksee said

    Shame on you MO…

    Big Booties can’t rule all the time. She is size appropriate and very fit. I bet if she sashayed herself your way, you’d be the last one complaining.


    @ Udamnright — Love ya’ much, but not hardly….

    If a woman can handle the exit of a baby at 5 -8 pounds…10 + inches in length, handling the entre of anybody’s love tool is a piece of cake Suga’.

  8. Udamnright said

    LOL @ Rocksee

    let’s start at 12 + inches lol lets not be insulting here lol.

    You tell that to the list of women i’ve left in the “footlong’s” war path. lol

  9. Udamnright said

    Rihanna’s shape is cool. She just doesn’t have an ass at all. I’m more attracted to thick sistas with plenty of backyard.

  10. w2m said

    LOL@ M.O. and that damn title. Now that is funny.

    DT there is only one word…..HILARIOUS!!

  11. Rocksee said

    @ Udamnright —

    Oh my!!!!! Sounds like you got your own zip code going on down there…Oh my again…!!

    Question for you? If Ri was girl on the regular and the connection was there, would you pursue her?

    OBTW…(you know how I’ve got to try to have the last word)…

    12+ still inches shouldn’t be a problem for reasons earlier stated.

    Ok…now you’ve got me curious…are you saying that the women in your past have had issues “working with you”? And if so, how have you maintained a satisfying / normal sex life?

    Dr. Rocksee signing out…for now.


  12. Yasmine T. said

    LOL! Udamnright is so crazy.

    Now I’m waiting for this answer……..

    I declare I need to douse myself with Anointing oil before I type in in the mornings lol.

  13. Udamnright said


    check it, Rocksee i’ve messed with women with kids and it didn’t advert the pain/euphoria from the “twat” pounding I was giving. My sex life is cool. The ladies I’ve dealt with enjoy the 2hour oil drilling that “Godzilla” dishes out.

    lol @ Yasmine. I need to start anointing my head with oil for some of the things you ladies say on here lol.

  14. cupcakestl said

    RiRi looks smashing love the legs.

  15. Rocksee said

    …Oh my…

    @Udamnright —

    Looks like the off-shore drilling business is alive and well here in the States!!

    Even though your answer was graphic and somewhat crude, I was impressed with your ability to maintain a respectful grace with me, as you stood behind your answer. Free Speech rocks doesn’t it?!! As you well know, things can get kinda live around here. I just appreciate you being nice.

    You know…I have another assignment I want to consider you for…keep on blogging. I’ll be in touch.

    Hey…you didn’t address the Ri-Ri question…would you date her?

    @ Yasmine — I’m sorry love…I hope we didn’t turn it out too much…you knows how we gets sometimes…



  16. Udamnright said

    @ Rocksee-

    Oh yea if I saw her on the street and she wasn’t a star, I would still try and holla at her. She’s very purrrty. I don’t only date thick women. That’s just what I prefer. Like some women tell me they don’t rap to husky men.

  17. lio said

    she got nice fucking legs man!! DAMN

  18. Smurfette said

    Yea, she has no ass, but that works for her! But im more interested in what Udamnright dishing out! That shit sound good right about now! 12 inches? Dam! Okay, I gotta go call my boo! Be back later!! Lmao!!

  19. Danielle said

    Yeah, I don’t know why in the hell Jules going all off the deep end. I don’t understand how these black women have these thick ass thighs and flat asses.(Ashanti)

  20. Jules said


    Because we are all different and have different viewpoints and different personalities. I don’t take myself too serious. I just have a certain way of getting my point across. It is quite ok to have differing viewpoints and conveying them differently.

  21. Rocksee said

    @ Danielle —


    Your best strategy is to absorb…learn…embrace…or ignore.

    Jules hit it clean on the head, we all have different views, unique ways of expression and the right to share how we wish. Jules is entitled, welcomed and appreciated.

    Ok…now for a brief anatomy / physiology lesson…

    Ass, thighs, boobs, heck…hair and nails are hereditary components. Chances are, if you’re Mama didn’t have any of the above, neither will you. I you’re Mama had a lot of the above, well…then I hope things were distributed to ones advantage. Cause if not it’s a killer…both figurativley and literallly. Currently 64.5 % of the Nation is ranked as being “obese” with African Americans, particularily females leading the pack. How does 69% of that sound?

    Ri has “no ass”, because her “ass” works out…trains…body sculpts and she watches her diet. Trust me you’re not going to have legs like that snacking on Popeyes, Twinkies and chips. She got one the best overall bods in Hollywood…healthy…proportionate…and natural…

    What can you say? Don’t hate appreciate…or ignore the post and get back to the news.

  22. Missdcakamse said

    She has another single or she is about to release an album?!

  23. @Danielle, Gurl, if it were only that easy. It’s genetics. The way it usually works is those of us “blessed” up top are not so blessed below and those with badunka dunks usually are rockin’ A cups. That’s just been my experiencen and what I’ve seen at large like the, JLo’s, Beyonce’s, and Alicia Keys’…Now there are exceptions like Serena and Keyshia, but for the most part, you only get “blessed” in one area. My two cents.

  24. Random said

    She’s got a decent bod..I don’t agree with the comment of her lacking ass because she’s on a strict diet and she constantly works out..Jessica Biel (just using another hollywood figure) is extremely fit and she’s got an ass..Rihanna just happens to lack in that dept.

  25. Rocksee said

    Hey Random —

    You had to read between the lines on this one.

    That comment regarding the workout doesn’t apply to everybody…

    …Just to Ri Ri in this situation.

    Look at Janet, J-Lo, Serena, Venus…Halle…fit with lots of booty.

    My comment still holds…

    “Ri has “no ass”, because her “ass” works out…trains…body sculpts and she watches her diet. Trust me you’re not going to have legs like that snacking on Popeyes, Twinkies and chips. She got one the best overall bods in Hollywood…healthy…proportionate…and natural…”

    Goes right back to the intro…genetics.

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