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Is J-Lo’s donk trying to make a come back???

Posted by Media Outrage on October 24, 2008

Jennifer Lopez was showing off that nice figure last night, in a skin tight dress, as she attended the Fashion Group International’s 25th Annual Night of Stars at Cipriani on Wall Street. We all remember J-Lo in her In Living Color days when that donk was ri-damn-diculous! After the crazy club shootout with Diddy, it seems as if her people advised her to get away from his crazy ass and make that cross-over into the mainstream. We always wondered was that one of the reasons she slimmed down and lost the donk. We think so. We just want to know does it look like it’s trying to make a second showing? The donk that is… So all you donk analyst let us know your findings….

If the jury’s still out on whether her donk is making a comeback then proceed and analyze more evidence and Dr. Evil ( Designer Karl Lagerfeld) rockin’ the exact same outfit

4 Responses to “Is J-Lo’s donk trying to make a come back???”

  1. Random said

    She looks amazing!! I don’t know if it’s just me but her arse looks a lot smaller now…or maybe it’s the fact that we’ve come across too many oversized fart tanks..i.e. Deelish, Serena etc..
    that hers (which is avg sized) looks tiny..nonentheless she looks great!!

  2. ucanb2 said

    J-Lo and Simon-Bar-Sinister what a combination!!!!!

  3. Missdcakamse said

    I think it has a lot to do with her husband! I don’t think he wants Jen revealing her a$$ for the whole world to see! She probably made sure the designer cut the dress so enough material covered her a$$!

  4. Smurfette said

    She still looks great!

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