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Nutz Strangulation: Life Time Member

Posted by Media Outrage on October 29, 2008

John Legend decided his nutz didn’t really have a say so when he threw on leather pants tight enough to take someone’s blood pressure. He stepped out to the premiere of “Soul Man” in NYC last night.

14 Responses to “Nutz Strangulation: Life Time Member”

  1. missdcakamse said

    This strangulation style pants is starting to become irritating!

    His pants tighter than the dam stockings I have on today!

  2. sweet_tea said


  3. Cut Up said

    Hey John, Put some clothes on that fit. “You got all your buisness out in the street”

  4. Yea I Said it said

    This is his gay radar tracking device. Tight pants says, let me show you what I’m workin with!!!!

  5. Rocksee said

    Well, his antennae is certainly up…

  6. Lai'Lani said

    lmao! @ Rocksee

  7. Lai'Lani said

    yea he’s definitely got a little bulge poking through them thriller pants

  8. To all the men out there:

    If you walk out the house with these type of pants or anything advertising the size of your wood then you are sweeter than Elton John eating skittles at Little Richards house!

    If you want to let the world know that you have more package than Fedex then just whip that shit out! Stop walking around looking like an extra in a Prince video.

  9. missdcakamse said

    DT..Boy you are crazy!

    One time I went to see a my bff and her younger brother (he is 19) was walking around the house with his DIC hanging out of his pants! I kept asking her if she saw it..and she kept avoiding it! I was so disgusted with that teen and then he was trying to hollar at me before I left!

    I had to say no..Ladies, his DIC was only 2 inches long (I ain’t joking about the size!)

  10. marathon_man said

    thats how my sh*t looks soft, come on John you’re better than that

  11. ucanb2 said

    LOL, Ya’ll are Krazy, but he needs to let his “family jewels” breathe.. SMH

  12. Smurfette said

    I like them pants on him! It shows who he really is! A sweeter than candy corn type of dude! Lol

  13. […] John Legend and girlfriend Chrissy Teigen were spotted in Beverly Hills over the weekend poppin’ tags. They both look care free and very happy. It’s just good to see John not rockin’ pants this tight. […]

  14. Daryl said

    Sorry I like it! John Legebd can wear those tight leather pants around me all he wants to! Yummy!!!

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